Monday, June 15, 2009

No Surprises with a RedWeek Timeshare Rental

You’ve heard the stories. Someone you know goes on vacation and when the return you expect to hear about how great their trip was, when all they can do is complain about the accommodations. And what was the problem? They were surprised when the resort's location, facilities and amenities were not what they expected.

That is not a problem for those who rent a timeshare with Our online service eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty, because each listing has a wealth of information about the resorts you are interested in. You won’t have to wonder what the resort looks like because most of our listings have not just one, but numerous photos of the property. You won’t be surprised at what to expect because our extensive member reviews will tell you first-hand what previous renters experienced.

Plus, most every resort has its own individual forum where you have the opportunity to ask specific questions of other owners and renters. Find out what they liked and didn’t. Ask them what they like to do when they stay at the resort. Have them tell you about their favorite amenities, restaurants and local attractions. Visit and start your search today for a timeshare rental that will provide you with a great vacation with no surprises.

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  1. Boy, you're not kidding that renting a timeshare can have its surprises. A friend of mine came back from what otherwise was a good trip to Hawaii, but all I heard was how old and shabby the timeshare was, and that it smelled like fish - that the previous occupants had cooked! I set him straight right away about I told him the only "surprise" he'll have here is how perfect things can actually be!