Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spend the Holidays in a Timeshare

With the holidays approaching, many people are making travel plans to visit family, but not everyone can get back home. The solution? Make the holidays special right where you are! Rent a timeshare at and see what timeshares are available right near where you live. Whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can still "travel" and have a "holiday vacation", even in your own backyard.

You can share a timeshare with friends for a very inexpensive week "get away" as many of them cost less than $100 per night. If you can’t get away from work during the holidays, but would still like a break from your normal routine, you could find a resort that is close by so that you could drive to work, but then, come "home" to a resort! You'll enjoy the many resort's amenities on your days off or in the evening - soak in the hot tub, float in the pool, play tennis, stroll the golf course, or head out for cross-country skiing.

The kitchens allow you to make your own meals as you would at home, especially if you still want to cook a traditional holiday meal, but you'd be eating the meals out on your deck, or beside your fireplace, which might be quite a change from the way it is in your own home or apartment. Plus, many resorts have special holiday events to make a holiday resort vacation very special.

So, take the family, or share a timeshare with some friends. No matter what your situation is, you can still travel and have a wonderful holiday vacation, even if it’s close to home.


  1. Okay - this is a terrific idea that I'd never thought of before! I was feeling bummed because I can't get home (across country) for the holidays this year, so why not treat myself?! I've got some friends also interested - I think we'll take a holiday trip just outside the city! We've looked at, and we can get a resort timeshare with 2 bedrooms for just $98/night - fantastic! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    We did this very thing. The resort treated us like royalty and we felt we were a world away from home.

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    We actually did this for my parents - gave them a timeshare rental as a gift, in a golf resort fairly close to them. They didn't have to do a lot of traveling to have a great vacation.