Monday, November 30, 2009

Timeshares are a Purchase and Not an Investment

When you buy a timeshare, you're making a significant upfront investment guaranteeing an annual vacation with your family. Because of the additional space and amenities, timeshares are a great way to vacation. You can build family bonds and memories in home-like accommodations and unlike your typical rental home, there’s no need to pack sheets and towels. But, as a wise buyer, you must realize that you should not buy timeshare with the sole intent of reselling it or that it will be a financial investment.

Timeshares are simply pre-paid vacations at wonderful resorts you love and want to visit every year. They do not appreciate in value. While many timeshares are considered deeded real estate, they should not be thought of as a money-making investment. If the timeshare you’ve chosen to buy is deeded, you are buying real property, with the option to treat this property in a variety of ways: give it away, will it to your heirs, rent it out, resell it, and so on, but this is not the same as buying a home which most likely will appreciate in value over the years.

Due to the upfront costs, and the fact that the majority of timeshares do not appreciate like normal real estate, the cost savings is in future vacations. You pay a one-time purchase fee that entitles you to a one week vacation every year at a resort. The savings come when you calculate how much you would have spent renting hotels for the same amount of time every year, considering hotel room rates increase every year. With timeshare ownership, you experience long term savings and guaranteed vacations and that is the reason timeshares are a vacation purchase and not an investment.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rent a Timeshare in the Exotic South Pacific

If you're thinking about a trip to the exotic South Pacific - Fiji and French Polynesia currently has just three timeshare rentals left. Who will be the lucky people to have a dream vacation of a lifetime? Imagine staying on an alluring south sea island for as little as $86/night at Club Bali Hai see photo)!! Better reserve your timeshare now!

In Nadi, on the western side of Fiji's main island of Viti Levu, you can rent a timeshare at the Worldmark South Pacific Club for $142 that sleeps six. Bring a group of friends, split the cost, and you have the rate down to less than $25/night!! Nadi International Airport is just outside the city, and is served by major airlines such as Korean Air and Air New Zealand. There is plenty of scuba diving, golfing, boating and watching sunsets from the beach. Plus, there are unique sight-seeing opportunities in Nadi, as well. The Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple is the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere. "Well worth the visit - beautiful temple and beautiful people," says one member.

Spend Christmas in the WorldMark Fiji Resort where you can drift above coral reefs and mingle with manta rays on Denarau Island. Or, visit The Garden of the Sleeping Giant, which takes its name from a nearby mountain, is an incredible plantation of over 2000 different types of orchids, thick with their delicious fragrance, started in 1977 by the late actor Raymond Burr, of Perry Mason and Ironsides fame. Another member tells us, "There are plenty of benches when the view is just overwhelming and you need to sit down to appreciate it."

French Polynesia
French Polynesia is best known for its popular bustling island of Tahiti. But for a more tranquil vacation rent a budget timeshare at the Club Bali Hai resort on neighboring Moorea Island, just a ferry boat ride from Papeete, Tahiti's capital. This resort is located on Cook's Bay, one of the most stunningly beautiful tropical bays in the world, and offers free Tahitian dance shows and complimentary evening activities. Besides relaxing on white sand and black sand beaches there's also scuba diving and parasailing. Island fun also includes horseback riding, lagoon excursions and glass-bottom boat cruises.

Staying at the Club Bali Hai is best summed up by this member: "I'm a major Type A personality. By the time I left the Club Bali Hai, I was so loose and relaxed you could have poured me into a gallon container and shipped me home. It was magical, the most relaxing, stress free, laid back vacation I've ever experienced!"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

National Family Week and the Importance of a Timeshare Vacation

This week kicks off National Family Week, an event organized by the Alliance for Children and Families. “Children do better when their families are strong and families do better when they live in communities that help them succeed,” is what the Alliance proclaims. During this week, they are encouraging everyone to participate in activities that build strong families.

One of the best ways we know of to grow and nurture family bonds is to take an annual timeshare vacation. People know that taking time to unwind is an important health benefit, but, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, some people are skipping their vacations this year. Relieving stress and re-connecting with the family on vacation helps everyone grow closer, as well as providing a great way to re-energize and offering a break from the daily grind.

Why is a Timeshare Vacation Better?
Vacationing in a timeshare offers a better family vacation because everyone has a place to unwind and activities to participate in. Timeshare units are larger than hotels, so, there is more space for everyone. Full kitchens allow families to eat in as much as they want to save money. And, the resorts are filled with great amenities and activities for all ages, many included in the price of the unit.

Plus, when you travel to the timeshare you own, there are no surprises about the room. And, those who own a timeshare are much more likely to go on vacation and use it! No excuses. The great thing is that for those that do not own, timeshare rental is available for everyone on sites like With more than 5,000 resorts in 100 countries, the possibilities with a timeshare vacation are endless.

So, help your family stay strong and connected and plan your timeshare vacation today!

Monday, November 23, 2009

There’s Still Time to Win a Free 1 Week Vacation, the largest marketplace for timeshare rentals, resales and exchanges, wants you to know that there’s still time to enter the contest to win a free 1 week vacation!

To enter, just visit the Need a Vacation page of and choose any of the banners and widgets located there. Post one of them to your blog or Web site, then, email with a link showing the page where it is posted before Nov 30, 2009 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

Where Can I Go on Vacation?
The winner can choose from any destination listed on the "Last Minute Exchanges" page of You’ll see destinations such as: Hawaii, Canada, Florida and California, just to name a few. (Locations and resorts will vary depending on the date you decide to take the vacation, which can be redeemed up to 1 year from 12/1/09.)

Legal Details
This is a week's vacation giveaway — no strings attached, not a timeshare "tour" offer. Accommodations only. Airfare and car rental are not included. The winner is responsible for any local taxes or fees, as well as all incidental charges incurred at the resort during the stay including telephone charges, tours or activity fees, cleaning services, and any similar fees charged to your room. Prize may not be redeemed for cash. Winner may not transfer or sell this week.

All entries must be received by Nov. 30, 2009, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. RedWeek will select a winner at random on Dec. 1, 2009, and contact the winner via the email address provided at the time they entered the contest.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Timeshare Industry Stats

This year, Ernst & Young conducted a survey of 1,629 recognized timeshare resorts in the United States. This information was compiled by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) to provide an overview of the state of the timeshare industry in the United States.

The 1,629 timeshare resorts in the United States, represent a total of approximately 182,100 units available for vacationers. Each resort, on an average, holds 112 units. Regarding unit sizes, 5% are studio units; 22% one-bedrooms; 64% are two-bedroom; and 8% have three or more bedrooms.

The top states that have the most timeshare resorts are: Florida, California and South Carolina. Those three states represent 39% of all U.S. timeshare resorts.

It’s not too surprising that beach destinations are the top category for resort location at 23%. This was followed by country/lakes resorts at 18%, golf resorts at 11% and ski resorts, also reported at 11%.

As a timeshare owner, it’s great to learn more about the industry and see how your resort compares to the 1,628 other timeshares available for rent, resale and exchange.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vacation in a Puerto Rico Timeshare

If you want everything in one beautiful Caribbean package, visit Puerto Rico. Splashed down in crystal blue waters, Puerto Rico is composed of an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands.

Rent a timeshare and spend a happy family vacation with all there is to do and see in Puerto Rico. This tropical volcano island has a myriad of natural activities to please every member of the family. Enjoy everything from rock climbing to cave exploring, from leisurely walks along white sand beaches to serious hiking through dense rain forests.

Snorkeling and scuba diving range from a shallow reef teeming with tropical fish at Angel Reef, to the exciting dive area of Black Wall "a sheer wall draped in black coral trees" that begins at 60 ft and drops to 200 ft.

Puerto Rico is known as the "Golf Capital of the Caribbean," and sports an amazing 23 golf courses, so no matter what your handicap you'll enjoy a day on the links. At night Puerto Ricans know how to party and the night life will have you literally dancing as you learn about Puerto Rico's amazing native music that showcases its Spanish, African and Taino Indian heritage. If you're looking for night life that's a little slower than the beat of the Salsa, try a midnight boat ride on the dazzling bioluminescent bay at Parguera.

Since Puerto Rico is a self-governing territory of the United States, Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, the currency is the American dollar, English is one of the two official languages, U.S. citizens do not need a passport to visit, and there are no customs duties on articles bought in Puerto Rico and taken to the U.S. mainland. All of this makes Puerto Rico a very easy vacation destination for Americans. So, don’t wait! Rent a Puerto Rico timeshare for your next vacation!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Joys of Timeshare Exchange

Let's say you own a timeshare in Gatlinburg, TN, in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. You love timeshare ownership and have enjoyed your week there for years. But, now you'd like to vacation somewhere else. That’s the joy of timeshare exchange. You have the choice and flexibility to exchange your week for someone else’s and visit somewhere new!

The best way to exchange is to use an online service like We provide a free timeshare exchange valuation of your week and then assign it points. You get all the information up front, and you can view the exchange choices BEFORE deciding to deposit your week. Once you are a member, exchange fees are just $125 per week you want to exchange, for domestic or international locations.

Looking for a real deal?
We have great timeshare exchanges on sale for November and December 2009 priced from 30% to 80% off! It’s a great time to take a vacation!

Maybe you want to take the kids to Disney World in Florida - Check out the Vacation Villas at Fantasy World in Kissimmee, FL, just a shuttle ride away from breakfast with Mickey - 51% off - just 739 points!

Or how about something really different - a family trip to historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Stay at the Wyndham Partriots' Place - 54% off - just 469 points!

These are just a few examples of the many timeshare exchanges on sale now through And the best part is you get to "Keep the Change." All of the left-over points you saved with the sale are yours to keep, and apply to another exchange! Happy traveling!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Owning a Lock-off Timeshare Unit

When a timeshare condominium has a middle door that can “lock” the unit in half, this is referred to as "lock-off." There are many advantages to owning this type of unit, also known as a lockout. Because it can be divided into two separate sections, the owner has several options if they decide to rent out their unit:

Lock-Off Rental Options
  • Rent the entire unit to one party

  • Stay in one half of the unit themselves and rent out the other half

  • Rent out both halves to two different parties
While the complete timeshare unit may have a full kitchen and laundry facilities, the lock-off portion will likely look more like a hotel room - with one room, a bathroom, and possibly a small kitchenette. If you are considering renting a timeshare lock-off, make sure to have the owner confirm the unit size and amenities that will be included in writing so you know how large your rental is. If you are considering renting your lock-off, please be clear in your rental posting as to what is included and which half of the unit is for rent.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rent a Timeshare at the Sheraton Desert Oasis

The Sheraton Desert Oasis is just that - a tranquil oasis in the middle of the bustling desert that is Scottsdale, Arizona. Next door to Phoenix, Scottsdale is an up-scale tourist destination which the Sheraton Desert Oasis epitomizes. If you're a budget traveler, just rent a timeshare at this resort (starting at the incredible low price of $78/night) and join in the fun!

The resort sits on 10 acres of lush tropical landscaping with splashing water features. The main swimming pool is a huge 4,000 square feet. The hidden "spray pool" offers quiet relaxation and cascading waterfalls refresh the spirit.

The Sheraton Desert Oasis is all set up for family vacations and retiree getaways. A separate children's play area, and cribs on request, make staying here easy for parents with small children. For older youngsters there is the Kids Club at the main clubhouse.

Each Sunday evening the Sheraton Desert Oasis resort invites guests to a welcome party held by the pool, with complimentary hot dogs from the grill and discounted cocktails. On Tuesday night you can enjoy the complimentary wine and cheese party.

In the City of Scottsdale, there's plenty of local golf courses from which to choose, including the well-known Scottsdale Tournament Players Club, which hosts the PGA’s Phoenix Open. Priding itself as "The West's Most Western Town" western activities and events abound. Since 1955 the internationally famous Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has been attracting thousands of tourists for a look at over 2000 stunningly beautiful horses.

Beginning in February, the month-long Scottsdale Jaycees Parada del Sol offers Scottsdale visitors real western entertainment, from the nightly PRCA rodeo events to the Parada del Sol parade. With over 150 horse-drawn entries, this is the largest horse-drawn parade in the world.

If piston engines are more your style, every January is the Barrett-Jackson Auto Show. This week-long event attracts auto enthusiasts and collectors from around the world. Luxury automobiles, exotic motor cars and historic vehicles are all on display.

When the sun goes down, adults of all ages will find plenty to rave about with the swinging nightlife in downtown Scottsdale, named by the New York Times as one of the "hippest and most happening" places in the country.
See all Scottsdale timeshare resorts.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Interval International Adds Dubai’s Royal Club to Timeshare Exchange Offerings

Interval International (II), a global provider of vacation services announced it has added Dubai’s Royal Club at Bonnington Tower to their timeshare exchange offerings. The 40-story, five-star Bonnington Tower is located in the heart of Jumeirah Lakes Towers, one of Dubai's most prestigious residential and commercial communities.

Royal Club at Bonnington is a 40 story tower, consisting of 30 spacious one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments furnished in five-star luxury. The resort includes six onsite restaurants and bars, 24 hour concierge service, and a host of amenities including a Leisure Deck with infinity pool, and a state-of-the-art exercise facility.

“Interval International has worked with Royal Club in Dubai and its marketing partner for many years, and we’ve developed a relationship based on shared respect for quality product and service excellence,” says David Clifton, managing director for Interval International timeshare exchange.

Interval International has been a recognized leader in the timeshare exchange industry for more than thirty years.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rent a Timeshare at Sheraton Mountain Vista and Ski Colorado

Avon, Colorado, is a small town in the heart of big skiing. Spread along the shores of Eagle River high up in the Rockies, it is home to the world-famous Vail Resorts, which owns and runs the popular Avon ski areas of Beaver Creek and Vail, as well as the other popular Colorado ski resorts of Breckenridge, Keystone and Heavenly.

Beaver Creek offers great cross-country ski trails, downhill skiing, and regularly hosts the Alpine World Cup skiing event. Vail is the second largest ski mountain in North America, after Whistler/Blackcomb in Vancouver, B.C. Rent a timeshare at the Sheraton Mountain Vista resort in Avon and enjoy world-class skiing to your heart's content.

The Sheraton Mountain Vista is a 5-star resort where you can actually rent a timeshare for as little as $129/night that sleeps four people. Talk about a first-class vacation with budget prices!

Each unit comes with a kitchenette that has a microwave/convection oven, dishwasher, disposal, and a refrigerator with icemaker, perfect for making snacks and easy breakfasts. Each unit has a fireplace, perfect for cozy apr├Ęs ski relaxation! Each unit has a balcony with its own natural gas BBQ, perfect for quick brats-on-the-grill! Your unit's dining table doubles as a game board - perfect for family bonding!

Other amenities include a heated underground parking garage with plenty of room. Leave your car snuggly parked and jump on the frequent zero-fare shuttles that will take you not only to the ski lifts, but to the grocery store, as well. Swim in the heated outdoor pool even when it's surrounded by piles of snow! And don't forget to sign up for the restaurant discount program offered through this resort - you'll save 10-30% when dining out at the area's restaurants.

Your stay at the Sheraton Mountain Vista resort will get you hooked on renting timeshares, on Colorado skiing, and on budget vacations with a champagne flavor! See other Colorado timeshares.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Timeshare Resorts Can Win Green Award from RCI

Resort Condominium International (RCI), one of the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies, recently launched their “RCI Going Green Award” for its affiliated timeshare resorts in the Pacific.

Developed in conjunction with Dr. David Weaver, Professor of Tourism Research at Griffith University, RCI’s Going Green Award will focus specifically on timeshare resort operations. The program was modeled after some of the top green certification programs and awards currently running in the tourism industry.

“I am absolutely delighted to be working on this initiative with RCI,” said Dr. Weaver. “I expect an award program such as this will really raise awareness of and participation in environmentally-friendly best practices within the sector.” Dr. Weaver specializes in the fields of sustainable tourism management and ecotourism.
Winners of the inaugural Gold, Silver and Bronze RCI Going Green Awards will be announced at the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council annual conference in September of 2010.

RCI is promoting and encouraging sharing of environmental sustainability best practices in the tourism industry through its Green Council. WyndhamGreen by Wyndham Worldwide is working to manage energy consumption as a part of the company’s overall green strategy.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Rent a Timeshare in Rhode Island and Vacation in the Ocean State

It's time to pack up and head to Rhode Island for a vacation. The smallest state by area in the U.S., Rhode Island has more to do than you can shake a lobster claw at. Rent a timeshare in Newport, Jamestown or on Block Island. It doesn't matter where - you're close to everything in Rhode Island!

A fascinating little state, Rhode Island is full of historical firsts. It was the first colony to declare its independence from England, the first proposal of a Continental Congress was made at a town meeting in Providence, Newport had the first streets to be illuminated by gaslight, and Rhode Island's capital building was the first building in the U.S. to be built with an all-marble dome (today that dome is the fourth-largest self-supporting marble dome in the world).

Rhode Island's official nickname is the "Ocean State" and for good reason. Half of this state consists of over 30 islands scattered throughout Narragansett Bay. With over 400 miles of ocean shoreline, maritime life permeates Rhode Island's culture. Take a drive along its picturesque coast to view magnificent waves crashing against rugged rocks. Since you're visiting the "Sailing Capital of the World" you might want to charter a sailboat for the same sight-seeing excursion from the water. Or simply choose between relaxing on the beach in the sun, or a leisurely walk by the shore.

Exploring the mansions along Newport's coastline is a popular excursion for tourists. By following the "Newport County Gilded Age Trail" you'll be able to see what once were the glittering summer homes of wealthy families such as the Astors and the Vanderbilts. Many are open for tours.

The "Providence Heritage Trail" invites you to sample the many colonial and Revolutionary War sites that made Rhode Island such an important player in America's fight for Independence.

Rhode Island is also proud to say "Welcome to Foodie Paradise!" Of course fresh seafood is in abundance - from clam shacks to lobster houses you'll get your fill! There are even gastronomy delights that you can only find in Rhode Island such as gaggers and snail salad and clam cake. From grinders to pizza strips to Clams Casino if you certainly won’t leave Rhode Island hungry! See all timeshares in Rhode Island available for rent.

(Photo shown is Wyndham Inn on the Harbor)

Florida Attorney General Seeks Injunction for Timeshare Resale Fraud

It’s been reported by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), that the Florida Attorney General’s Office moved to seek an emergency injunction against a West Palm Beach timeshare operation for resale fraud.

Creative Vacation Solutions, a timeshare resale company located in West Palm Beach, Florida was charging nearly $2,500 in marketing fees to their clients, but did little or nothing to sell their timeshares. Hundreds of people were affected by this fraudulent activity.

Although there are many reputable timeshare resale companies, like, that provide resale services on the secondary market, the system is unregulated. Because of this, dishonest companies using unscrupulous tactics are being formed with the sole purpose of taking advantage of timeshare owners looking to resell.

We at appreciate the efforts of the Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and his ongoing investigations into dishonest companies whose actions give the timeshare industry a bad name.

Friday, November 06, 2009

ARDA Timeshare Conference Comes to a Close with Keynote Speaker Dana Perino

Today was the final day of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) Fall Conference in Washington DC. ARDA is the professional association that represents the timeshare vacation ownership and resort development industries. The general session breakfast honored ARDA Chairman League members and featured Keynote Speaker Dana Perino, Former White House Press Secretary. Ms. Perino brought her unique viewpoint from her time inside the White House, providing the insight into the current political climate. She is only the second female press secretary in U.S. history and a most widely respected members of President Bush's senior staff.

Her first remarks Friday morning mentioned thoughts and prayers for the victims and families of those caught in the gunfire tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas. Her comments also extended good wishes to President Barack Obama who, as a result of this tragedy, now faces more challenges as he deals with the healthcare vote, Afghanistan troop decisions, and raising jobless rates to mention just a few of the pressing larger issues. As a former White House press secretary, Ms. Perino could identify with juggling the day to day White House plans and being faced with an unexpected crisis that weighs additionally on government leadership. She shared many stories of the President Bush's work style, his patriotism, and her personal struggles when dealing with negativity during election time. This very sharp and spunky speaker helped put in perspective the issues facing business and industry segments as well as world issues in comparison to the inner-conflicts of doing one's job.

Those who were present from the timeshare industry enjoyed a wonderful talk to conclude fall the conference.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

ARDA Timeshare Conference Talks of Resales

We have representatives attending the American Resort Development Association Conference (ARDA) Conference taking place this week Nov 4 – 6 in Washington DC. ARDA is the professional association that represents the timeshare vacation ownership and resort development industries.

Yesterday was the first day of the conference and there were many committee meetings, as well as an opening reception. The hot topics for several of the committees was, and lately always seems to be, timeshare resales. There were many discussions on what to do and how to regulate and help stop unscrupulous companies.

In an effort to help clean up a few companies and tactics, ARDA has put together a Resales Task Force to proactively establish suggested legislative language to clarify and standardize resale activity. There are many complaints and unhappy consumers in the resale market as some businesses lack honesty and integrity. Timeshare scam companies hurt not only consumers, but, other reputable businesses in the secondary timeshare market industry. ARDA and those of us acting ethically for consumers, like, want to eliminate these deceitful ways and those who would practice them.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

High Demand Timeshare Weeks

Every timeshare resort has what’s called "high demand weeks". This is what is considered their peak season. If you are looking to buy a timeshare resale, you should consider a purchase during the high demand period. You will have more trading value for your week in the long run. Resorts determine their peak season based on their geography. Resorts that offer snow skiing will be more in demand during the winter, whereas those with beach front property are more popular in the summer.

Here are a few examples to better explain high demand timeshare weeks for your next resale purchase. You should always check with the resort to confirm their peak season before you buy a timeshare resale.

Hawaii is one of the locations that is always in demand. Due to their tropical climate and great weather, it’s always a great time to visit Hawaii. No matter what week you choose, Hawaii timeshares are always in peak season.

In the winter when the snow is falling and you are waxing up your skis, Colorado timeshare resorts will be in high demand. Summer is considered mid season because there are still plenty of outdoor activities to participate in. Low demand weeks would be during the Spring and Fall when it isn't cold enough for snow and not warm enough to do be outdoors. In mountain regions this time is often referred to as "mud season”.

Desert Resorts
If you are looking for a Palm Springs timeshare or Arizona timeshare resort, the Winter season will be in demand. Other areas of the country are cold and a vacation in the desert is a great way to stay warm in the nice 70 – 80 degree weather. But, a visit in June through September brings 120 degree temperatures that are too hot, so, this would be the low season.

Disney Vacation Club
In addition to a resort being in demand based on geography and weather, location can also play a part. All Disney timeshares are in high demand year round. Vacations to the Magic Kingdom are always popular for family travel, so, no matter what time you choose to visit, it’s peak season.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Timeshare Terms Defined

Are you new to timeshares? Are some of the terms confusing to you? Here’s a short list with a few definitions to help you understand the timeshare terminology.

Accelerated Use:
A right-to-use program that allows the member to accelerate usage of the time purchased. For instance: you have a 10-year right to use one week per year at a resort offering accelerated use. Instead of using one week every year, you may choose to use two weeks every year for five years or five weeks per year for two years (based on availability).

Depositing a week into an timeshare exchange company's "bank." If an owner does not use a week in a particular year, they are generally allowed to bank it and use it at a later time.

Timeshare ownership of two or more weeks at the same resort during a calendar year.

Lockout/Lock-off Unit:
Some timeshare condominium units are referred to as "lock-offs." A lock-off, sometimes called a lockout, is a unit that can be divided into two separate sections. The owner of a lock-off can choose to rent the entire unit to one party, stay in one half of the unit and rent out the other half, or rent out both halves to different parties. The lock-off portion will likely look more like a hotel room - with one room, a bathroom, and possibly a small kitchenette. Before renting, make sure to ask whether you are getting a lock-off, and confirm the unit size and amenities in writing (an escrow agreement is the most secure way to do this).

Points Clubs:
A system where owners hold timeshare points which entitle them to use a period (varying from a few days to a few weeks) every year from a choice of resorts. Sometimes points are backed by an actual deed.

Time Division:
A system of establishing the value of a timeshare week typically based upon season. For example: a week 3 (Mid January) purchased at a New England beach resort would not hold the same value as a mid-summer week at the same resort due to the fact that the season in January is not conducive to vacationing on the beach. Time divisions are expressed as high demand or prime time, white time or medium time meaning medium desirability, or blue time or low time meaning the least desirable time. Some resorts, in locations such as Hawaii, consider all weeks as high demand since their tropical climate permits pleasant vacations throughout the calendar year.

See our full list of Timeshare Glossary Terms on our web site.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Five Tips for Your Next Orlando Family Vacation

If you travel with your family and your children are still young enough to love theme parks, a vacation to Orlando will most likely be in your future. Here are 5 tips to make the best of your Orlando theme park vacation experience.
  1. Decide Ahead of Time What Parks to Visit
    Orlando is a mecca of wonderful theme parks and attractions. Make sure you decide (before you go) on which parks to visit. With six Disney parks, three Universal parks and three SeaWorld experiences you will certainly not be able to see everything on one trip, and with so much to choose from, you’ll want to have a game plan before you arrive. And remember, you don’t have to visit 1 park per day. Take time to just explore the Orlando area (and even the pool at your timeshare) as well.

  2. Rent a Timeshare has a large inventory of timeshare rentals and exchanges available in the Orlando, Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee area. Renting a timeshare is the way to go when traveling with family. There’s so much more room to spread out and with the kitchen in your unit, you can save on meals when you are not in the theme parks. Plus, the resorts have so many amenities geared for family travelers, the kids can have lots of fun without ever seeing the theme parks at all.

  3. Take Food Into the Parks
    Since you’ll be renting a timeshare, you’ll have your own kitchen, so, you can prepare a few sandwiches to take into the park. This will save you in many ways. Time: Lines at theme parks can be quite long during the lunch rush. Money: Theme park food is expensive. Taste: Even a homemade peanut butter sandwich probably tastes better than the cardboard hamburger the parks offer.
    And don’t forget to pack plenty zipper bags of snacks with raisins, goldfish, cheerios, and even granola bars. You expend a lot of energy walking all day, and you can’t always find a concession stand when the kids are starting to melt. Bring in your own water as well.

  4. Don’t Forget the Rain
    Florida gets its fair share of rain, even when it’ looks like sunny skies! Pick up a light weight poncho from a drug store before you get to the park and pack it in your stroller or back pack to be prepared.

  5. Manage Your Children's Expectations
    Discuss beforehand what rides they REALLY want to ride or characters they must meet. Then set expectations accordingly. You know you can’t ride everything in one day and some lines are much longer than others for attractions. Not all characters are out for the whole day, or every day. Be honest with our kids about what can reasonably be achieved so no one is disappointed.
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