Friday, April 30, 2010

Travel Internationally with Your Timeshare Exchange

Timeshare exchanges, and even timeshare rentals, are becoming more and more popular as a means of vacationing all around the globe. If you own a timeshare in Florida and want to see China - exchange it!

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has just released figures showing that international tourism is rebounding, especially in the Africa and Asia markets. That's good news for those of you who have been toying with the idea of a timeshare exchange or rental in South Africa for the World Cup this June. Read See China Through Timeshare Exchange for might more information on traveling to that exotic destination.

The UNWTO figures show that travel to Africa grew 7% in the first months of 2010. Travel to Asia and the Pacific was up 10% during the same time period. International travel to the Americas and to Europe was up 3%, at least reversing the previous downward trend.

UNWTO predicts a further 3-4% growth rate in overall international travel, despite the recent closure of the European airspace due to the ash cloud crisis. UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai said: “Economic results have improved significantly in recent months with a positive impact on tourism demand."

Rifai added: “The economic recovery is being driven mainly by emerging economies, while growth is still sluggish in most advanced ones." This might explain why the largest international travel rebound is in Asia and Africa, while the U.S., Canada, and Europe travel numbers are behind, although they are showing improvement.

Here's a chance for you to have a great international vacation, and do your bit to help improve the international economy at the same time! Timeshare exchanges and international timeshare rentals are real bargains, cutting down significantly your overall vacation budget requirements. Do yourself a favor and hop on board the International Travel Express - for a vacation of memories that will not only last a lifetime, but might even spur you on to even more world travel!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Timeshare Rental is the Perfect Wedding Gift!

PhotobucketWedding Season is coming up! Are you wondering what perfect wedding gift to give the happy couple? Consider the gift of a timeshare rental vacation. There are many timeshare rentals available all over the country and in the Caribbean and Mexico as well. Book a week at one of their favorite resorts, or at a destination where they've always wanted to go, and wrap it up with a big, pretty bow. Timeshare rentals are so budget friendly that this can really be an affordable gift.

Many couples just starting married life find that penny-pinching is a lifestyle, at least at the beginning. That means that next year's vacation may have to take a back seat to the mortgage. And that's where a timeshare rental wedding gift comes in. Imagine the look on their faces when they open your gift and realize that they have a real vacation to look forward to! Sure beats having to take back ten toasters.

A timeshare rental in Las Vegas, off the Strip, can start as low as $50/night. Include with your gift a list of all of the free things to do in the "Entertainment Capital of the World," and this gift will be a real hit. There's nothing like spending the afternoon soaking up the sun by the pool, then as night falls strolling along the sidewalk to watch one free show after another. From the dazzling dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio to the volcano in front of the Mirage that erupts and spews "lava" a hundred feet into the air, there are so many free activities and events in Las Vegas that a cup of nickels for the slot machines will be the big expense.

Or how about a gift of an Orlando timeshare rental? Here you can find resorts that have so many on-site activities that your couple will find no reason to even think of going to the theme parks. Of course, Orlando does have the highest concentration of theme parks of any where in the world. From watching trained whales at Sea World, to riding a Hippogriff at Universal Studios' "The World of Harry Potter," to all things Disney, your couple might just enjoy visiting the theme parks, too. This is where you can partner with other wedding guests who can contribute theme park ticket gifts to your vacation idea.

There are plenty of budget-friendly timeshare rentals for tropical beach vacations. Florida has sugary sand beaches, South Padre Island, Texas, is as tropical as you'd ever want to get, and San Diego beaches are perfect for everything from sunbathing to surfing. You can find timeshare rentals at luxury resorts in these places for real bargains.

So think out of the box, and give the happy couple a wedding gift that comes with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plan a Hot Air Balloon Ride on your Timeshare Vacation

Taking a hot air balloon ride is one of those extravagant adventures many people have on their list of “things to do!” And, as you plan your timeshare rental vacation this year, you can experience "the romance and adventure of balloon flight," (as one balloon company describes it) as you hop into a wicker basket, to be carried aloft into the peace and beauty of a different world under a beautiful, billowing balloon.

The hot air balloon is the world's oldest successful "human-carrying flight technology," remarkably originating over two hundred years ago. Today's balloon companies have come up with some mighty poetic descriptions of what it's like to rise above the earth on a hot air balloon ride. To wet your appetite, consider these: "Your nature walk in the sky." "Gently leave the bonds of earth." "…depart on the winds of space." And "Free of the earth and all your cares, you will soar as if by magic to places where only your imagination has flown before."

Ready to go? Well I should say! A Napa timeshare rental in California, will give you not only a wonderful adventure through world-famous vineyards, but when you take a balloon ride you'll float high over the rolling vineyard hills and stands of giant redwood that create the patchwork of colorful hues of California's beautiful Wine Country.

Rent a Palm Springs timeshare in California, and with a hot air balloon ride you'll soar above a desert that is also surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. The rich green tapestry of the many golf courses, the landscaping of the resorts, and acres of feathery date palms, is a remarkable scene from high above.

An Arizona timeshare rental in Phoenix or Lake Havasu, will give you the chance to take a hot air balloon ride above a different kind of desert terrain - soft desert colors, sandy arroyos, patches of twisting mesquite. You might even be able to see quail, roadrunners and coyotes running across the ground below you.

Just an hour's drive from your New York City timeshare is a Tewksbury, NJ, balloon company that will take you flying over "lollipop green" hills. Rent a timeshare in the New England area (Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Connecticut) and take a hot air balloon ride from one of its many balloon companies for a spectacular view of autumn foliage like you've never seen before.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

RCI Offers iPhone App for Timeshare Travelers

Resort Condominium International (RCI), one of the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies, is offering an iPhone® and iPod touch® device application for timeshare travelers. Those who download and use the tool can enhance their timeshare vacation experience by taking advantage of the following features:
  • Capture and Share
    By using the RCI SnapBook™ option, users can capture pictures, videos, audio or notes from their vacation and easily share those experiences with family and friends on the web site

  • Geo-Tagging
    From your iPhone, each time you captured photos and videos, the content can be time and geo-stamped. By doing this, users can easily track exactly when and where their vacation memories took place.

  • Interaction with RCI TV
    The RCI TV feature give users the ability to view and share location-specific videos from RCI TV. The videos highlight activities and characteristics that are unique to the vacation destination and can really get you excited about a planning your next vacation.
Initial feedback from users shows that improved functionality is needed. Users want to be able to manage their personal RCI account from the tool. The ability to search for timeshare vacations and make a timeshare exchange reservation directly from the application, round out the top requests.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rent a San Diego Timeshare for a Vacation that Has it All

San Diego, California, is an amazing place. It sports fabulous beaches for everything from sunbathing to major surfing. A tour around the beautiful harbor will show you every kind of boat from dingys to yachts to nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. An hour's drive will take you to see the Anzo-Borrego desert in spring bloom, or up into mountains for an autumn apple festival in Julian. Rent a timeshare in San Diego and you have it all, any time of the year.

Not the least of which is the incomparable San Diego Zoo. At this world-famous zoo, fully 95% of the employees have a degree in zoology. The zoo exhibits over 800 animal species; almost double the number of most other zoos. "We pride ourselves on having the most diverse collection of animals of any U.S. zoo," says Richard Farrar, director. "We also loan out over 2,000 animals to zoos around the world for breeding programs."

San Diego is the only American zoo to successfully breed, birth, and rear healthy giant pandas (see photo), and it's one of only four zoos in the U.S. to have them on exhibit. The entire family will thrill at seeing the antics of these animals that define "cuteness." Three giant pandas, including Mei Sheng, are on exhibit in San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo pioneered the concept of creating habitats rather than steel bar cages, and now most major zoos provide the same natural-type settings for their exhibits. In San Diego, for instance, the "Tiger River" exhibit "re-creates a rainforest in south-east Asia with a lush treetop canopy and waterfalls that pour into a gurgling stream."

One of the most visited southern California attractions is San Diego Zoo's sister facility, the Wild Animal Park. Located in San Pasqual Valley, this free-range animal exhibit is less than an hour's drive from your San Diego timeshare. The 1800 acre park houses over 3,000 animals of 400 species. And the Park is rightly proud of its world-renowned exhibit of 3,500 species of rare plants. It also has the world's largest veterinary hospital.

Add to your San Diego vacation the original Sea World, the Old Globe Theater (which won the first Broadway Tony award ever given to a regional theater), Balboa Park with its myriad things to do including hiking and biking trails, and the many other San Diego activities too numerous to list, and you'll want to take up permanent residence in your San Diego timeshare!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Support Earth Day! Rent a “Green” Timeshare

Today commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day! Founded in 1970 as an environmental teach-in, it is now celebrated annually through-out the world as a way to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. As a timeshare owner and traveler, you can support Earth Day any time you stay in a “Green” timeshare! Take a look at these resorts that have gone green:

Because of Florida’s Green Lodging program, you’ll find many Florida timeshares who’ve gone green. They are participating in the program by conserving energy, reducing water consumption, and reducing waste.

Orlando Timeshares
Two Orlando resorts that are certified by the program are the luxury Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort, and the family-friendly Sheraton Vistana Resort.

Daytona Beach Timeshares
The powdery sand beaches and NASCAR can all be enjoyed in Daytona Beach when you stay at the Daytona Beach SeaBreeze Resort.

Panama City Timeshares
Enjoy "The Most Beautiful Beach in the World" and rent a timeshare at Marriott's Legends Edge at Bay Point resort.

Key West Timeshares
Choose from a Key West timeshare rental at either the Banyan Resort or the Coconut Beach Resort.

Marco Island Timeshares
When traveling to beautiful Marco Island, stay at the Marriott's Crystal Shores.

Disney Timeshares
All Disney timeshares at Walt Disney World in Florida are green! Whether you rent a timeshare at Disney's Boardwalk Villas or Disney's Old Key West, you'll know you're doing your part to help the earth while enjoying the fun of Disney to boot.

Happy Earth Day today and every day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Kid Friendly Timeshare Search on

Just in time for summer vacation planning, has added a new kid friendly timeshare resort search feature! A new addition to RedWeek's Timeshare Features and Attractions section on our Home page, the "Kid Friendly" search link is a great place to start your research on some of the best places to take kids on vacation.

For many of you the main activity of summer is the family vacation. Looking back on fond memories of trips you took with your parents back in your childhood can be a great inspiration for vacation planning. A family vacation offers a great opportunity for special bonding and making memories and of course when you're thinking of traveling with kids, spacious, comfortable - and even budget-friendly – timeshare accommodations are a must.

With our new Kid Friendly Timeshare resorts search feature, you can easily narrow down destinations and resorts that are great for kids with pools, kids clubs and family focused activities. Get destination ideas and read reviews from our members so you and your family will know what to expect.

RedWeek has also partnered with for expanded information on travel with kids. Trekaroo is a family fun web site "dedicated to exploring and traveling with kids." It is chocked full of tips, suggestions and reviews by its members who are family-oriented and kid friendly!

You can browse through Trekaroo's many kid-friendly destination reviews, which are all written first-hand and with honest discussion by real parents. Then go to and match a timeshare rental with your vacation plan.

Simple. Fun. Budget-friendly. Kid-friendly. With the help you'll get from RedWeek and Trekaroo, this is going to be the best summer vacation for your family yet!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Video Clip: How to Rent a Timeshare Resort Condo from a Timeshare Owner

Ready to save hundreds on your next vacation? Rent a timeshare resort condo from a timeshare owner on and you can not only save money, but, enjoy the luxury of more space than a typical hotel room. Timeshares have all the amenities of a hotel resort such as: kids programs, pools, gyms plus they also include kitchens and laundry facilities.

Maybe you’ve heard of timeshare rental before or been referred by friends who rent timeshares but have never tried it for yourself. It’s time to take a look at and see what over 1.4 million registered users are talking about! The web site is easy to use and renting a timeshare from an owner can really add up to cost savings on your vacation this year, especially if you are traveling with a large group.

Take a look at this quick video clip that outlines the process:

It’s free to become a guest of the site to browse destination locations. Once you are ready to contact an owner, there is a $14.99 annual membership fee. You will then be able to contact the owner directly to verify the resort you are interested in and even negotiate the price. The transaction takes place between you and the owner, so, you are in control of the entire process. Visit to see why smart travelers are renting timeshares for their vacation getaways.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Family Reunion in a Timeshare

PhotobucketSummer is almost here! And what will a lot of you be doing this summer? Attending a Family Reunion, of course! And the best way to plan a family reunion, hands down, is by renting timeshares.

There are many family-oriented resorts where you can rent as many timeshare units as you need to accommodate your family group. Keep in mind that a normal timeshare rental will sleep a minimum of four, in separate sleeping areas, and you can go up to usually a maximum of 8 in a single unit. How much better is that than trying to get a lot of cramped hotel rooms lined up for the party?

Since each unit also comes with a separate living room, often a dining room, always a kitchen, and frequently the bonus of an in-unit washer and drier, you have to admit that timeshare rentals is a great way to accommodate a large group of people. On the business-side of things, a single unit is almost always less expensive than a hotel room, and if a couple of families share one unit, splitting the cost makes the timeshare rental so affordable - how could you pass it up?

And, we've saved the best news for last…the timeshare rentals are attached to luxury vacation resorts. Not just a hotel sitting on cement in the middle of an urban area, with maybe one dinky swimming pool. Instead, your timeshare rental will put you smack down in the middle of vacation heaven. Swimming pools, water slides, hot tubs, tennis courts, arcade game rooms, activities such as line dancing lessons and ice cream socials and arts and crafts and culinary lessons and golf and the list just goes on and on.

Some ideas for fantastic Family Reunion timeshare destinations include: Orlando, Florida (the theme park capital of the world), Walt Disney World, Florida ('nuff said), the Harborside at Atlantis resort in the Bahamas (what a treat that would be, and budget-friendly, too), the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki (a great family-oriented resort), the Villa Roma Resort in the New York Catskill mountains (one of the top-rated family resorts in the country), Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, South Carolina, resorts (world-famous beaches), Pigeon Forge, TN, resorts (for family-friendly Dollywood), and of course Las Vegas (so affordable and there's something for everybody, even the little ones).

Here's to happy Family Reunions, lots of Family Fun, and the best - special Family Bonding that will last a lifetime.

(Photo of the Mickaela family reunion from

Friday, April 16, 2010

How Travelers are Learning about Timeshares from Tweets!

Twitter. By now almost everyone has at least heard of it. And did you know that this "social networking behemoth" grows 600% every year? That means that a lot of you have not only heard of it, but use it, and on a regular basis. Companies, businesses, and even entrepreneurs, are also discovering the awesome power that a little "tweet" can have.

Twitter was made to order for the travel industry. Hotels, airlines, theme parks, and yes - timeshare companies - have found a great niche in the global Twitter community. A recent survey by travel-research firm PhoCusWright found that 60% of travelers and vacationers who are internet users now use Twitter to access travel information and to buy online. And the big news to the travel industry is that fully 90% of tweeting travelers say they’ve written online reviews. That's how information goes global (or "viral"). loves Twitter. In fact, we have several Twitter accounts, each with its own unique focus. Our mainstream account, @RedweekTravel, tweets about budget timeshare rental deals, gives basic travel tips, describes wonderful vacation resorts, and offers vacation destination ideas, with the added bonus of connecting you to blogs about activities, things to do, festivals to experience, parades to watch - a real travelogue of information to help you plan and design your own special timeshare vacation.

We have two dedicated Twitter accounts. For specific information on timeshare resales, follow @RedweekResales where you'll find suggestions, tips, and "how-tos" to help you in making the exciting decision to purchase a timeshare on the resale market. Our other dedicated Twitter account is @RedweekRentals. Tweets from this account give the vacationer who prefers to rent timeshares, instructions, ideas, and suggestions on just how to go about finding the perfect resort and timeshare rental for a memorable family vacation.

RedWeek's newest foray into Twitterland is our @TimeshareAmbass account. For fun, fanciful, and still chocked-full-of-information tweets, follow RedWeek's newest member of the team, the Timeshare Ambassador, Seymour O. DeSytes. Every week Seymour posts his own version of a travelogue and offers his own quirky look at the wonderful world of timeshare vacations. And just to keep the pot stirred, once a month Seymour tweets about his "Where's Seymour?" game - if you know you could win a prize!

And remember that Twitter is an interactive medium. Not only can you read interesting and informative tweets, but any time you want to share information with us, ask a question, give us a review, or simply need a matter attended to, tweet us directly. We always enjoy a twittering conversation with our fellow tweeters!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Disney Timeshare is the Perfect Mothers Day Vacation Destination

Having a hard time deciding where to take Mom on her Mother's Day timeshare vacation? Or, more likely it's a matter of how expensive airline travel is these days. At Walt Disney World in Florida, Mom can experience any number of the world's great places to visit. And an Orlando timeshare or Disney timeshare rental makes a trip like this truly affordable.

Think about this: would you like to take her to the Florida Keys? Try Disney's Old Key West Resort. Or would Mom enjoy the romantic boardwalk of Atlantic City? Take her for a stay at Disney's BoardWalk Villas. You want Mom to enjoy the Rocky Mountains of the West? Head to Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Has Mom always wished to experience an African safari? How about Disney's Animal Kingdom?

Disney's Old Key West Resort
Disney's Old Key West Resort is a tropical getaway in the quaint Key West motif of the early 1900s. Charmingly picturesque, the brilliant green landscape, Victorian buildings and pastel colors all add to the romance and adventure of this turn-of-the-century Key West experience. And Mom will certainly be glad to know that in 2007 this resort received designation in the Florida Green Lodging Program, a certification program that identifies facilities which have implemented continuing programs to conserve natural resources.

Disney's BoardWalk Villas
Disney's BoardWalk Villas harkens back to lovely Sunday afternoons spent strolling along boardwalks in New York's Coney Island and New Jersey's Atlantic City. Give Mom the gift of the same relaxing ambience along this waterfront. Renowned architect Robert A.M. Stern envisioned Disney's BoardWalk as a "village across the water," a respite for tired tourists who wanted some time away from the frenetic pace of the theme parks. Sounds perfect for Mom!

Disney's Wilderness Lodge
Disney's Wilderness Lodge is so authentic that Mom will smell fresh pine and embracing mountain air through the timeshare's open windows. Inspired by the grand lodges built in the National Parks in the west at the turn of the 20th century, this resort celebrates the majesty of the unspoiled wilderness. The eruption of Fire Rock Geyser will give Mom a taste of Yellowstone National Park, and a bubbling spring that flows into a mountain stream (and then into a swimming pool) will make Mom feel like she's truly mountain wilderness.

Disney's Animal Kingdom
For a real change of pace, take Mom on safari to Disney's Animal Kingdom. This 500- acre themed resort is about the exotic animals of Africa and Asia, and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Kilimanjaro Safaris simulates an open-sided safari ride through the savanna of East Africa. In "Asia" Mom can take the Maharaja Jungle Trek. If she's really up for excitement Mom will love Expedition Everest, a roller coaster ride through the Himalayas!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Timeshare Exchange Can Show you the World

Article written by guest blogger: Jeff Nelson, a real estate agent who owns and writes about investment property.

Have you ever been interested in a timeshare program, but worried that going to the same destination year after year will become tiresome? Worried the kids will outgrow that trip to Disney World each summer? Or are you reaching your retirement years and heading to the Vegas Strip just isn’t what it used to be? Perhaps it’s time you considered a timeshare exchange program, where you can “deposit” your timeshare vacation time, and for a minimal fee trade with other timeshare owners to travel around the world.

Timeshare exchange allows you to trade with other resort units in different locations, so it’s good to explore this option before buying real estate, like an investment property in Orlando. Timeshare exchange companies, like, can enhance that perfect vacation experience by helping put you in touch with other timeshare owners who also want to exchange their time in the resort they own and you will know up front what resorts are available to you before you choose to exchange.

Using for your timeshare exchange has additional benefits such as their timeshare forum where you can talk to owners directly about timeshares and resort reviews where you can see what owners really think (good and bad) about timeshare resorts they own and have stayed in.

If you haven’t used before to exchange your timeshare, membership is just $14.99 per year and the cost to exchange is a flat fee of $125 for the week you want to exchange. On you’ll find pictures and descriptions of thousands of resorts throughout the world (including Orlando vacation properties). Browsing the web site is easy as you can search by location, resort name or use the Timeshare Companies Directory.

If you are considering timeshare exchange, keep the following in mind: Your week must be a full week (7 nights), not committed to another exchange company or individual, and at least 90 days away. Timeshare exchange is a simple and effective way to leverage your timeshare into a different dream vacation year after year, so, start exchanging and see the world!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dream Timeshare Rental Vacations for Mothers Day

Mother's Day is a time for Mom to dream, and for you to make her dream come true. This is easy to do with timeshare rentals and timeshare exchanges around the world. And in case you need help with your dream magic, we've compiled a few Mother's Day Dream Vacations to get you started.

New York City
Rent a New York City timeshare and give Mom a shopping trip. Whether she's shopping on up-scale Madison Avenue, or in the bargain-friendly Lower East Side, Mom is sure to get a kick out of her chance to "shop 'till you drop." She can take a private New York City Shopping Tour, or the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets bus tour. And wouldn't she just love the Wholesale Designer Showroom Shopping Tour! (photo shown is Rockefeller Center)

Rent a timeshare in England, and Mom can go theater-hopping in London. London's West End theater district is on par with New York's Broadway and offers the highest level of theatrical experiences but is often easier and less expensive to attend. Since London theater actually began with the Globe Theater where Queen Elizabeth I attended Shakespeare's first-run productions, London does know a thing or two about theater and "the play's the thing." While in London Mom can even go to the Globe itself, either on a guided tour, or to attend the Globe's 2010 Theatre Season's production of Macbeth, which opens on April 23rd. (Photo shown is Tower of London.)

Napa Valley
What could be more decadent than a Mother's Day wine-tasting trip to California's amazing Wine Country? A Napa timeshare rental will put Mom in the heart of the world-famous Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino wine-producing area. In the spring the beauty of Mother Nature is everywhere with blossoms bursting on grape vines that cover miles of rolling green hills. Walking through a fragrant vineyard when it is in full bloom is a unique experience that will give Mom the opportunity to answer the question "What does a wine grape blossom smell like?"

For Mom's pure pleasure rent a timeshare in Sedona, Arizona, and send her on a spa vacation. The warm sun, quiet stillness and relaxing atmosphere of this famed red-rock area will do her a world of good. There is a wonderful selection of different spas around the town, and Mom can enjoy taking nibbles from different offerings. She can have a body massage here, a mud facial there. Let her indulge in soaking mineral waters and pedicures. In between she can wander through unique shops, beautiful boutiques and the many art galleries that will take her worlds away from her daily life. After all, isn't that what a Mother's Day gift is all about?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Have You Met Our Timeshare Ambassador? now has a Timeshare Ambassador named Seymour O. DeSytes. He describes himself as a “serial vacationer” with over thirty years of timeshare experience and know-how. We’re very excited that he has joined our team and we will be sending him on weekly road trips to sniff out the best deals on timeshare rentals, resales, and exchanges. While he’s on the road, he’ll be spreading the word about the benefits of timeshare travel, and report back to us every Monday with a story about where he went, the timeshare he stayed in and all the fun he had!

Want to read about Seymour’s travels? Just visit his blog at: So far he has visited New York and Virginia. And to make it fun and interactive, we want you to get involved! Once a month Seymour will post a photo called "Where's Seymour". The first person chosen at random who can correctly identify his location will win a free prize. This month Seymour is giving away a one year membership to, a $14.95 value.

To play the Where’s Seymour? game, visit The Timeshare Ambassador blog and cast your vote. You must be a registered guest or member of in order to vote. Guest membership is free and if you are not already a guest, you can become one quickly on Seymour’s blog when you cast your vote. And, while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to Seymour’s posts via RSS or Follow him via Google Friend Connect. You’ll see both those options on his blog.

Thanks for helping us welcome Seymour to the RedWeek family!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Video Clip: How to Rent Your Timeshare on

Welcome to, the largest online marketplace to rent, sell or exchange your timeshare. If you’ve had some changes come up and you are unable to use your timeshare this year for your annual vacation, why not consider renting it out. Take a look at this quick video clip that outlines the process for How to Rent Your Timeshare on

By watching this video, in less than 2 minutes, you can easily see what steps you need to take in order to post your timeshare rental on You are in control of the entire process and can make changes at any time to the listing. Here’s an overview of how it works:
  1. Review your ownership papers to determine if your resort allows you to rent your unused weeks.

  2. Contact the resort to confirm that timeshare rental is allowed and see if they require any paperwork or fees to be paid to them.

  3. Go to and create a timeshare rental posting. membership is required which is $14.99 per year. To find your resort, use the search or browse feature.

  4. Click “Sell or Rent My Timeshare”. Click “Timeshare Rental”. Then in just a few minutes you can click to easily list all the details of your unit that you want to promote.

  5. A timeshare rental posting is just $24.99 for 6 months. Interested members contact you via email to learn more.
Plus, unlike other online competitors, has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so, you can feel confident that you are listing your timeshare with a reputable company that cares about its members.

See the video now:

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Is Buying a Timeshare Cost Effective?

If you take a vacation every year, you may have wondered if buying a timeshare is right for you. When considering buying a timeshare, you must look at the numbers to determine if it is cost effective. The best way to do that is to use the following assumptions provided by Steve Danishek, President of TMA Travel, which outline costs spent on the average timeshare, then compare that to the prices you usually pay for nightly hotel accommodations.

Timeshare Cost Assumptions:
  • $15,000 money down
  • $750 annual maintenance fee
  • For 1 week, over 20 years
Total cost per night = $186

Paying $186 per night for luxury resort with amenities included, kitchens, washer/dryers and extra living space looks pretty good. As you review these numbers, let’s dig deeper into the pros and cons of timeshare ownership:

  • Buying a timeshare locks in the price you pay for a vacation, even when prices rise over 20 years.
  • You can exchange your week for another destination, worldwide.
  • If you buy a timeshare resale from an owner, and not retail from a developer, your money down costs can be even less or $0 – saving even more money.
  • Some resorts are All-Inclusive which includes the price of your meals.
  • If you have 2 weeks of vacation and want to stay longer at your destination, you may have to purchase additional nights at a higher rate somewhere else.
  • Reselling your timeshare can be challenging if your financial situation changes.
  • Special assessments costs (on top of maintenance fees) change every year and are hard to factor into the above equation.
For 7 million people, timeshare ownership is right for them. They enjoy the security of having a prepaid vacation and the flexibility of knowing they can use timeshare exchange to travel to another destination. Timeshare ownership can be a vacation dream, but only if it’s right for you.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

KCTS “About the Money” Reports on Timeshare Resale Tips

Josephine Cheng, from the KCTS “About the Money” program, recently aired a great segment on timeshare resale tips and options. With 7 million timeshare contracts in the United States, timeshare ownership can be a vacation dream for many. But, with the challenging economy, defaults on maintenance fees are rising every quarter which means the timeshare resale market is flooded. She interviewed several timeshare and travel experts to get their insight on options for those who need to sell their timeshare.

Lisa Ann Schreier, the Timeshare Crusader, reminds people that vacations are good, especially if you are under stress. But you must remember that a timeshare is not an investment. Those who need to sell in this market should not expect more than ¼ of what they paid for the unit.

Stephen J. Cloobeck, Diamond Resorts International CEO says you should hang up on timeshare companies calling you to solicit you with offers to sell your timeshare fast. Anyone asking for money up front or telling you they need a payment for a web design fee is a scam. If you don’t want to try and sell it yourself, you can call your developer or homeowners association to see if they have any interest in buying it back. If you do end up selling it yourself, he advises that buyers use an escrow company to handle the transaction.

Steve Danishek, president of TMA Travel in Seattle, told Josephine that there are exceptional deals out there. And, there is no need to buy a timeshare resale right away when you can try it out by renting a timeshare first. He mentioned as a great source for timeshare rentals direct from the owner.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Discover Upcountry from your Maui Timeshare

Everyone knows that the Hawaiian island of Maui has beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, and is the windsurfing capital of the world. But plan a timeshare rental vacation on Maui and discover a part of the island where pine trees replace swaying palms, and where the scent of lavender replaces the fragrance of orchids. This is Upcountry Maui, and it defies all of your expectations of Hawaii.

Warm days, cool nights, rolling green hills dotted with groves of Eucalyptus trees, pastures with grazing horses and cattle, even a forest of flourishing redwoods, all with spectacular views of Maui's central valley and its North and South Shores…Upcountry Maui is its own unique form of paradise.

Upcountry Maui encircles the majestic Haleakala Crater, beginning below the cloud layer, and going up to about the 3,000 foot level. Pukalani is the largest town in Upcountry and its here you'll find Upcountry's golf course at the Pukalani Country Club.

Makawao is a quaint and friendly place, nestled on the border of the wetter Haiku area. Up from Makawao is Olinda Road where you'll drive through peaceful farms and ranches. Rainbow State Park is also up Olinda Road and is a perfect spot for a picnic.

The community of Kula "is like an enormous flower basket." A number of gardens, including Enchanting Floral Gardens and Kula Botanical Gardens (see photo), offer walking tours. The combination of rich volcanic soil and the ideal climate associated with Kula's elevation have also made this area one of Maui's true breadbaskets. Kula will surprise you with a number of crops that one does not associate with Maui. Kula is famous for its sweet Maui onions and farm produce as diversified as strawberries, avocados and corn. Grapes are grown here for wine making, and Kula coffee is gaining a foot-hold.

Poli Poli State Park is a thick forest canopy with a wide variety of imported trees, including giant redwoods that were planted a century ago. The park offers refreshing mountain walks and is also a popular place for horseback riding where your guide will pick mangos right off the trees for a refreshing treat on the trail.

The two largest ranches of Upcountry are Ulupalakua Ranch above Wailea, which is 30,000 acres, and the 20,000 acre Haleakala Ranch in the Makawao area. Ulupalakua is where you can have fresh Maui beef for lunch while sipping a glass of Maui wine made at Upcountry's Tedeschi Winery. And be sure to attend the Makawao rodeo - the season starts each spring and culminates in an exciting massive rodeo on the Fourth of July.

Amazing Upcountry Maui is yet another reason to plan a fun-filled Hawaiian timeshare vacation. It'll truly be a different Hawaiian experience that the entire family will talk about for years. See all Maui timeshares.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Hilton Hawaiian Village Plans to Double Timeshare Capacity

Hilton has announced plans to double the capacity of timeshare units at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort, located in Honolulu. In addition to the seven towers that make up the resort, two more towers are now in the planning stages. Construction will begin in 2013 and be completed in two years.

The president of the Waikiki Improvement Association, Rick Egged, stated that the project "will bring more visitors to Waikiki, which will bring in more investment and tourism dollars."

Predictions for the stabilization of the economy and the number of Chinese visitors expected to visit the United States, is what helped Hilton make the decision to add onto the property. The University of Hawaii Research Organization claims that visitor arrivals will increase by 2.9 percent this year. Chinese tourists visiting the United States is expected to increase by 15 percent, says the Hawaii Tourism Authority, reaching more than 550,000 visitors, and Hawaii is a prime destination.

"Hawaii's economic recovery has begun," the UH economists declared last week. "Employment is stabilizing and many sectors will begin to add modest numbers of jobs as the year progresses."

Set on the soft sand beach of Waikiki, Hilton Hawaiian Village is a destination unto itself boasting the perfect location for timeshare travelers. This resort offers guests cozy studios and spacious one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas that are equipped with a full kitchen and air conditioning. Each floor has it’s own washer and dryer. Perfect for families or honeymooners.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Casa Dorada Timeshare Resort in Cabo Gets Rave Reviews

Casa Dorada at Medano Beach Resort, located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, gets rave reviews from RedWeek users and makes it to the Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts list. This luxury resort sits on 5 acres of pristine Medano Beach shoreline, includes a private beach, spa center and gym, and boasts unobstructed views of Cabo's famous Land's End and the Arch. An intimate alternative to the more crowded Cabo San Lucas hotels, you can enjoy a timeshare rental vacation here starting at just $171/night.

Casa Dorada offers more than just majestic ocean views. Besides two infinity pools both with swim up bars, there is a private beach club complete with plush day beds and limitless water sports, and the "best swimmable beach" in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo's finest restaurants, world-class shopping, and exciting nightlife are all just a stroll from your Casa Dorada timeshare, saving you taxi fare. Also just a short walk will get you to Cabo's yacht and fishing marina.

The elegantly appointed one, two and three bedroom suites and magnificent penthouses feature private terraces, dazzling ocean views, Jacuzzi-equipped marble bathrooms, and upscale furnishings by celebrated designer Adriana Hoyos. You'll also enjoy a fully equipped kitchen in your timeshare, as well as outdoor fire pits and barbecues. Family-friendly features such as outdoor Jacuzzis, a Kids Club, and a 7,000 sq. ft. spa and fitness center are just more of this incredible resort's many amenities. Complimentary wireless internet access is also available in each suite.

Read what RedWeek reviewers have to say about Casa Dorada:
"We just spent two weeks at this Resort with our two young children 7 and 10. The staff at the Resort were great coming around the pool and asking us for input on the music that we would like to hear, bringing cold towels and we never had an issue getting a good lounge chair or seat around the pool anytime of day. The Ocean was absolutely magnificent to swim in. We ate a little around the pool but for the most part either cooked in our room or walked within 10 minutes of the Resort which included more restaurants than we could mention with everything and anything that you can think of."
"The place was AMAZING! The rooms are fabulous and have a magnificent view of the arch."
"This resort is A+++."

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Need an Aruba Timeshare? Visit the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

"The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino is a hotbed of activity from morning until night." No wonder it was listed by RedWeek users on the Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts list. Located in the heart of Aruba's capital, Oranjestad, this luxury resort (with timeshare rentals that start at an incredible budget-friendly $100/night) is quite a unique vacation destination. Its one-of-a-kind layout includes resort grounds that are located on both sides of the capital's main street, and a private island for its guests.

The private island, known as Renaissance Island, is an astounding 40 acres of private beach (the only private beach on Aruba). Spend your days relaxing and basking in the sun on an exclusive beach that is the envy of other vacationers on Aruba. Renaissance Island also has a tennis court.

This resort boasts 15 restaurants, 3 pools, 6 cinemas, and the Crystal Theater with the popular live show "Let's Go Latin!" The 4-acre Wilhelmina Park has jogging trails, and the Kid's Club offers an award-winning children's program. World-class shopping is just steps away in downtown Oranjestad. But if you don't want to leave the resort, there are 130 shops on the premises for your shopping pleasure.

The Renaissance is home to what is considered the best casinos, and nightlife, on Aruba. It has a total of 6 lounges, and the Crystal Casino and Seaport Casino both offer 24-hour gaming.

If you're still looking for something to do, head down to the full-service marina, or spend time in the resort's two fitness centers and two spas.

A RedWeek member's review says it all:
"We stayed at the Renaissance Week 52 on New Year's Week and LOVED it. We had maid service early every day and found the units to be very clean and perfect for our family of four. We liked staying in a place that is big enough to make us feel like we're part of a community but small enough that we got personal service. We rented a car but found we didn't need it because there are so many fabulous restaurants, shops and sights within a 5 minute walk. Best of all is the Renaissance private beach island with the flamingos -- not crowded and very pretty. We think this place is special and unique. If you rented the same unit as a hotel guest you would be talking about $600 a day."