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Timeshare Video Clip: What is

If you are new to, we’ve prepared this quick video to help timeshare owners and vacation travelers understand how, the largest online marketplace for timeshare resales, rentals and exchanges, works. is a do-it-yourself (DIY) web site that can be used by timeshare owners and vacation travelers. You are always in control of the transaction whether you are renting or buying a timeshare from an owner or you are an owner who is posting their resort for rent, sale or exchange.

The web site is available as a vacation portal. We allow members to post their resort for rent, sale or exchange for nominal fees. For those searching for budget travel accommodations, the site is available to you for free as a vacation planning tool. Once you are ready to make a transaction, an annual $14.99 membership fee applies. There is no middleman, we do not take commissions and there is no sales pressure to buy or rent. With our service, you can save hundreds of dollars just by doing it yourself.

Take a look at this video with more details:

At, we have no bias towards any resort. In fact, we openly allow members to post their own reviews of the properties so anyone can see the pros and cons of each resort. If you are a timeshare owner looking to rent out your unused weeks or ready to sell a timeshare you are no longer using, see how can help. If you are a traveler looking for a deal on accommodations, then you’ll want to see how timeshare rental with can save you money.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video Clip: The Benefits of a Timeshare Vacation with

Vacation planning time is in full swing as summer is right around the corner. The kids are almost out of school and you may be thinking, where should we go for our family vacation? Look no further than to help you find great accommodations and stretch your vacation dollar. There are so many benefits to planning a timeshare rental vacation with Let’s take a look:
  • Save Money and Get More
    When you rent a timeshare, you can pay the same price or less than a hotel room and get so much more! Bigger units, multiple bedrooms, a living area, full kitchen & dining room, and even multiple bathrooms. Great for family travel.

  • Great Locations
    Timeshares are located in prime locations, often near popular attractions, beaches, golf courses and theme parks, so, there will be a wide variety of fun things to do. With over 5,000 resorts to choose from worldwide, there is sure to be a destination that is just perfect for you.

  • Timeshare Owners Set the Price
    Ever wonder why you can save thousands of dollars on your resort rental over a hotel room? Because the timeshare owner sets the price on the weeks they are not using. It’s is their unit and they can offer it to you at any price they like. Some will even negotiate from the asking price listed on

  • Easy to Find a Resort
    It’s easy to find the perfect resort for you. You can browse for free and see the resorts and their availability. When you are ready to contact an owner to rent, you pay a nominal $14.99 membership fee. Plus, unlike competitors, is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, so, you can feel safe and secure about your transaction.
Take a look at this video with more details:

Be a bargain travel shopper this year and make your vacation dollar go further by renting a timeshare from

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travel to a Kauai Timeshare and Explore the Four Regions of Kauai

Hawaii isn't just one big vacation destination, but instead is made up of several distinct areas, each island being unique unto itself. The same thing can be said about Hawaii's island, Kauai. Stay in a Kauai timeshare rental and explore Kauai's four special regions of East Side, West Side, North Shore, and South Shore.

East Side Kauai
East Side is known as the Royal Coconut Coast and was once the home of Hawaiian Royalty. Highlights of this region include the Wailua River, the only navigable river in the entire state of Hawaii, which you can explore by kayak. Just south of the Wailua River is Lydgate Beach Park with two lava rock-enclosed ocean pools, great for little keikis (children). See Kapaa timeshares.

West Side Kauai
West Side is defined by stunning scenery on a grand scale. Here you'll find one of Kauai's biggest attractions, Waimea Canyon, known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." This massive canyon provides grand vistas that seem to go on forever. It also provides 40 miles of hiking trails. Kalalau Valley Lookout is at the end of Waimea Canyon Drive. A must visit for photographers, this 4,000-ft high overlook spreads the Kalalau Valley out before you, clear to the horizon, where the majestic Napali coast starkly rises up out of the sea. See Lihue timeshares.

North Shore Kauai
North Shore is perched between mountains and sea, and is made up of historic sites and quaint towns. Ka Ulu 'O Laka Heiau is a historic temple dedicated to Laka, the goddess of the hula. You'll find the temple remains draped with leis and see hula dancers who come here to practice. Enjoy a self-guided tour of the Limahuli Garden and Preserve, a botanical garden which showcases Hawaiian culture as well as beautiful native plants on gleaming agricultural terraces. See Princeville timeshares.

South Shore Kauai
South Shore was once the main port of entry to Kauai. Take the 10-mile Koloa Heritage Trail, which allows you to explore relics of local history. The town of Koloa was Hawaii's first sugar plantation, and retains much of its old charm. Po'ipu Beach Park, one of the most popular beaches in the entire state of Hawaii, is in this region. See Koloa timeshares.

With essentially one main road on Kauai, it's easy to explore all four of Kauai's fascinating and individually unique regions. A Kauai timeshare is a perfect hub for day trips, and affords you all of the time you need to immerse yourself in this lush, tropic isle.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Visit Central Park on a New York City Timeshare Vacation

PhotobucketThinking of a trip to New York City for a summer vacation with the kids? It's an exhilarating idea for sure. But it can also be an expensive endeavor. Unless, of course, you rent a timeshare. Stay near Central Park to be in the middle of the action for an attraction that is not only affordable, but often free, and can keep every member of the family happily occupied for your entire New York City stay.

Central Park is in the middle of Manhattan, and attracts over 25 million visitors a year. Its 840 acres stretch for 2.5 miles, and a full half mile wide. It was opened in 1859 as a response to the growing need of the city's burgeoning population for a public park. Up until that time the citizens of New York City could only find peace and out-door relaxation in the city's cemeteries!

Although Central Park looks as though it is covered with natural woods, meadows, lakes and ponds, it is a completely landscaped-designed outdoor space. It has extensive walking tracks, biking and hiking trails, bridle paths, two ice skating rinks (one of which is a swimming pool in July and August), a wildlife sanctuary, the Central Zoo, and the Central Park Conservatory Garden. The open air Delacorte Theater presents the popular, and free, "Shakespeare in the Park" summer festivals. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2010, the Central Park Summerstage offers a series of free performances including music, dance, and film presentations. Numerous grassy areas invite you to spread a blanket and pull out a picnic basket.

Natural glaciated rock outcroppings scattered through-out Central Park attract rock climbers known as boulderers. The two most popular spots for boulderers are Rat Rock and Cat Rock; others include Dog Rock, Duck Rock, and Rock N' Roll Rock. At 22 acres the Lake in Central Park offers "one of the most peaceful and bucolic settings existing at the center of any city in America." Rowboats are for rent mid-April through October.

Central Park has to be one of the most kid-friendly places in America. With a whopping 37 different playgrounds, each distinctly unique, your children will be happy spending the entire week in Central Park. Master puppeteers put on children's shows at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater. Other programs just for kids range from children's yoga to modern art classes and even wind chime making classes. See all New York City timeshares.

So rent a budget timeshare, walk to Central Park, and enjoy an affordable family vacation - just for the fun of it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Timeshare Scam Implies a Connection to RCI

If you are an RCI subscribing member, you should have recently a letter from RCI North America President, Gordon Gurnik informing you of a new timeshare scam. Entities that are not connected with RCI are contacting timeshare owners and incorrectly stating or implying that they are. They then proceed to offer to assist in the sale or rental of the owners’ timeshare interests for an upfront fee. They may even invite the owner to attend an informational dinner to discuss updates to RCI timeshare exchange programs or request their execution of a power of attorney to sell the owner’s timeshare.

These companies are not working on behalf of RCI or are affiliated with them in any way. Please exercise caution if you are contacted by anyone claiming to be related to RCI and call RCI directly at 800-338-7777 with any questions.

This is not a complete list of the companies in question, but can be helpful to review regarding companies who may have the intent to commit fraud: Global Destinations Consulting, Inc. (aka: GDC); A+ Advisors, Inc. (aka: RCI Management or World Points Management); RCI Acquisitions and Rentals, Corp; Equity Marketing Corp (aka: Resort Equity Marketing); RCI Financial Management, LLC; Timeshare Relief, Inc.; and APEX Professionals, LLC.

The best way to protect yourself against timeshare fraud is to be educated and use reputable businesses with safeguards for your protection. Learn more at and read their timeshare resale advisory guidelines.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marriott Surpassing Projected Earnings

In April, 2010, Marriott International saw its stock prices begin their long-awaited recovery. Marriott shares shot up over 5 percent on the New York Stock Exchange, the largest percentage jump of any stock since January. The stock prices of most companies all over the world tumbled during the global financial crisis, with the travel and lodging industries being especially hard hit.

However, this spring has brought indications of recovery, and even growth. Marriott has also projected second-quarter and full-year earnings that would surpass analysts' expectations, indicating that demand for lodging is growing. "The recovery is clearly occurring faster than we anticipated," Chief Operating Officer and President Arne Sorenson said. This is good news for those of you who plan Marriott timeshare vacations.

Marriott had its beginnings in 1927 when J. Willard Marriott and his wife, Alice, opened a root beer stand in Washington, D.C. Today Marriott International is the largest U.S. hotel company by market value, with over 3,000 lodging properties in the U.S. and 67 other countries and territories. Marriott International brought to the lodging industry a respect for the consumer which has culminated in innovative lodgings and quality service.

For example, in 1997 Marriott was entrusted with a national treasure, Boston’s 150 year-old Custom House. Following a multi-million dollar renovation, the city’s historic architectural icon reopened as Marriott’s Custom House, becoming the first-ever branded metropolitan ownership property of its kind.

Marriott was honored with the 2007 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and intends to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gasses by 6% per guest room by 2010. Restaurants at more than 2,300 Marriott hotels throughout the U.S. and Canada no longer use partially-hydrogenated oils, a primary source of trans fats.

Marriott Vacation club International celebrated its 50th resort when Marriott's Oceana Palms opened its first phase in January, 2010, in Riviera Beach on Singer Island in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida. "We are thrilled to open our 50th resort and welcome owners and guests," said MVCI president Stephen P. Weisz. "We couldn't be more pleased to open our second resort in this beautiful coastal setting."

From Boston to Palm Beach, from Hilton Head to Park City, from Aruba to Thailand you can literally follow Marriott's rising star around the globe. Timeshare rentals, timeshare exchanges and timeshare resales are all there to give you the distinctive excellence of a Marriott vacation experience.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Tour Idea for your Father’s Day Timeshare Vacation

Father's Day will be here before you know it. And isn't he just about the hardest one to find a gift for? Well, let's forget the ties and the socks and think - what can we get him that's "Fantastic!" A timeshare rental vacation is the perfect Father's Day gift for every great Dad out there!

Need some ideas for a Father's Day timeshare destination? How about a city where there is a "Hop-on-Hop-off" Tour? These tours allow Dad to create his own tour of a city, which comes complete with "lively" tour guides to keep the family entertained and informed.

A timeshare rental at the Manhattan Club in New York City will put Dad and the family in the perfect location for the Tour of this fabulous town. Here you'll all be riding the distinctive red double-decker buses, and you can choose from several different tours. The Downtown Loop includes stops at the Empire State Building, Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza. The Brooklyn Loop will take you to the Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Antique Furniture District, and much more. For a different spin on the tours try the Night Loop. See the "glittering lights of the city that never sleeps," along with a stop in Brooklyn for magnificent views of Manhattan's night skyline.

A San Francisco timeshare rental will give Dad the opportunity to design his own itinerary of the City by the Bay. The Hop-on-Hop-off tour here covers the beauty and the culture of the bay area, with stops at Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, and Chinatown, among many others. It even includes a ferry ride over to Alcatraz.

A Washington D.C. area timeshare rental will allow Dad and the family to create an itinerary that is sure to please everybody, and in this city the tours take place on a fun trolley. The "Orange Loop" will take you to the National Mall, with stops at all of the Smithsonian museums, as well as stops at every memorial and monument. The "Green Loop" travels uptown through fascinating Embassy Row, to the National Zoo and the National Cathedral. Or choose the "Red Loop" - a shuttle to Arlington Cemetery where you can see the eternal flame on President John F. Kennedy's grave, and watch the precision Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Boston Hop-on-Hop-off Tour is the easiest way to get around this fascinating city. Rent a Boston timeshare and the family can visit this very historic town by getting off the trolley at 17 different stops, including everything from the Boston State House and Boston Commons to Fenway Park.

Go ahead - give Dad some socks. But hide an announcement of the timeshare rental trip down inside, for a surprise Father's Day gift Dad will always remember.

(Photo provided by

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Packing Tips for your Timeshare Vacation

Packing Tips is a hot topic right now, so says flight attendant @Heather_Poole in Twitter, and she should know. The airlines are tacking on more and more extra fees, many related to the bags - size, weight, checked, carry-on. This is one aspect of extra fees that you, the airline traveler, can control to some extent. As you plan your timeshare vacation, take some packing tips from the experts. Consider "Packing Light" and doing it all with one carry on bag. Savvy travelers say it can be done.
  1. Make a list. Check it twice. Then cross off at least half of it.
    A lot of items that we think are essential are simply not, and a lot of other items can be purchased at your destination.

    Plan your outfits around your shoes, and pack only one pair (probably your good shoes for going out to dinner or the theater). Pack flip-flops only if you really have the space - otherwise they can be bought inexpensively at any Wal-Mart type store at your destination.

    Mix and Match. In other words, 4 pieces of clothing should yield 8 outfits. For example, every shirt should match at least two pairs of pants; every pair of shorts should match at least two tops.

  2. Stuff that bag.
    Use the space inside your packed shoes to stuff socks and underwear. Since you're cramming a lot of clothing into one bag, the new "in" way of packing basically wrinkle-free is called "bundle wrapping."

  3. Let your body work for you.
    Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane, such as tennis shoes or hiking boots. You'll want to take a sweater or hoodie, and maybe even a coat. Get creative - You can wear the coat, and tie the sweater around your waist, or wear the hoodie and carry the coat - getting both on the plane without taking up packing space.

  4. Time to buy a new bag?
    Some airlines are now charging a fee for the roller-type carry-on luggage. Check with your airline. And consider using a 22-inch soft-sided bag.
Make "Pack Light" your mantra. Not only will you save money from extra fees, but you'll feel truly liberated by taking the "lug" out of all that luggage. Your timeshare rental is your friend in this endeavor, with washers and dryers and irons and complimentary shampoos to help out.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Dream of a Hawaii Timeshare Vacation Can Be Yours

Most of us at one time or another has dreamed of going to Hawaii. The good news is that there are so many really great, truly "budget," timeshare rentals available in Hawaii that the dream these days can become a reality for the entire family. But "Hawaii" isn't just one big destination; it's several small ones, each with its own personality, charm, and distinctive flavor. We can help you choose the perfect Hawaii timeshare vacation just for you.

At the top of the Hawaiian Island chain is the island of Kauai. This is the oldest and most northern of the islands, and is distinctive for its extraordinary natural beauty. The lush tropical vegetation has earned Kauai the nickname "The Garden Island." Kauai highlights include stunning Wiamea Canyon, known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," the Napali Coast with its spectacular sea cliffs, and Wailua River - the only navigable river in the entire state of Hawaii. See Kauai timeshares.

Next down the chain is Oahu, home to Hawaii's state capitol, Honolulu, and most of Hawaii's population. Oahu is a mix of scenic wonders and cultural events including art and entertainment. Oahu highlights include Waikiki Beach, that iconic beach destination known the world over, Pearl Harbor with its U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, and North Shore, birthplace of giant wave surfing. See Oahu timeshares.

Maui is the second largest island, and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the "windsurfing capitol of the world," and some of the best whale watching in the world. Other Maui highlights include watching a spectacular sunrise from the top of the Haleakala crater and driving a breathtaking scenic route to the charming little town of Hana. See Maui timeshares.

Hawaii's Big Island is larger than all of the other islands combined, and is vast enough that it amazingly holds 11 of the world's 13 climatic zones. This means that the things to do on this island vary immensely, from basking on sandy beaches to hiking above the timberline on snowcapped mountains. Highlights of the Big Island include Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with a view of Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes, dazzling waterfalls along the Hamakua Coast, and tours of coffee plantations where world-famous Kona coffee is grown. See Hawaii timeshares.

So as you can see, like a delicious smorgasbord Hawaii offers a wonderful variety of flavors for every taste, and it's all yours when you rent a Hawaiian timeshare for the dream vacation of a lifetime.

(Photo shown is the Kona Coast Resort II)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Have You Seen the New Facebook Page for Timeshare Search?

This week launched a new “About RedWeek” page on their Facebook site. We’re very excited to add this page to our Facebook site because it gives us a chance to explain more about how is top site for “By Owner Timeshare Rentals and Resales” and allows travelers to do a quick timeshare resort search. Those who are not already fans of our page (or are not logged in to Facebook) will see this new page when they visit

If you are already a fan, and logged in to Facebook, you will automatically see the page of our wall posts with great content and articles about wonderful timeshare destinations to travel to. We’ve even added a new graphic to that page too! But, you can see the new page any time by simply clicking the “About Redweek” tab while on the RedWeek Facebook page.

You may want to visit this page for a quick and easy way to search timeshare resorts. You can search by location or resort name and when you click “Find” a timeshare, you’ll be taken right to to complete your search. It’s free to browse over 5,000 timeshare resorts with a guest login. And, if you are already a member, you can easily login to view resort ideas for your next vacation.

So, visit us on Facebook and if you haven’t already become a fan, click the “Like” button and show us your appreciation for, the largest online marketplace for timeshare rentals, timeshare resales and timeshare exchanges. A dream vacation is affordable at It’s a secret that’s too good to keep, so, don’t forget to tell your friends.

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Disney Vacation Club Timeshare Sales Reported Stable

It was recently reported that, "Disney Vacation Club timeshare sales were essentially stable in a year that was anything but." Given the economic downturn over the last couple of years, and how hard-hit the travel industry has been, this is good news for those of you who are Disney fans and who are thinking of timeshare ownership. DVC's president, Jim Lewis, described 2009 as "a challenging year" but added, "Despite this, our business proved to be very resilient and our sales actually held up quite well."

If you have been dreaming of joining the Disney family timeshare owners, who know that every year they'll be vacationing at a Disney-related resort, read on. And remember that if the economic times are still having an impact in your life, you can find affordable Disney timeshares on RedWeek's list of timeshare resales. Check out that list first before considering buying retail from the developer.

Lewis points out that the Disney brand is extremely powerful, associated as it is with a "family friendly" concept, and high service levels. Disney's reputation for the latter is what most probably helps people decide to be an owner in the Disney Vacation Club.

Yes, the Disney brand has become an American icon and the product is associated with theme parks, movies, TV, and specialty shopping, which undoubtedly contribute to the consumer's interest in Disney timeshare ownership. But it’s the quality of the brand that truly makes the difference. "Even if a consumer has some trepidation regarding vacation ownership, the Disney name and its reputation is powerful enough to overcome these doubts, because people trust Disney and what it stands for," Lewis stated.

Jim Lewis attributes his company's ability to ride out the economic storm in such good shape to, among other things, employee commitment, high consumer satisfaction, and creating consumer trust. Disney's employee loyalty is rated at the top of the industry, and it is supported by the company with a strong emphasis on communication and training, and treating the employees as family within the company.

Consumer satisfaction is heavily monitored by an internal survey sent out annually by Disney. Disney is also monitored externally through an independent hospitality research firm, Market Metrix, which consistently ranks Disney #1. Also each year compiles a "Top 25 List of Timeshare Rental Resorts" chosen by its users, on which various Disney resorts are always listed.

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a Disney timeshare resale, or just want to experience the quality, great service, and just plain fun of everything Disney, and think of renting a Disney timeshare for your next vacation. You'll learn first hand what commitment to quality is all about.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Timeshare Vacation Family Travel Tips

PhotobucketSummer is Family vacation season. That means you'll be having some wonderful bonding time, and making plenty of life-long memories as you travel to your timeshare. To avoid the trip turning into a stressful time for the parents, we wanted to share with you a few tips from Parents Magazine regarding traveling with younger children as you fly or drive to your timeshare rental.

Flying to your Timeshare
Sitting in the bulkhead seat, although it offers more leg room, does not have room for stashing carry-ons under the seat. You'll need seats where you can have easy access to toys, snacks, drinks and wipes.

If your child gets restless and throws a tantrum on the plane - stay calm. The last thing you want to do is escalate your child's behavior by showing frustration yourself. Do what you do at home to soothe a tantrum: Walk around, hum a favorite lullaby, or distract with a toy. And do apologize to your fellow passengers. A simple "I'm sorry" will show them consideration and most likely put them on your side.

Driving to your Timeshare
If you can, leave at night so your children can sleep part of the way. During the day, book reading, playing with toys, and watching a portable DVD player are all great distractions. And if there's a problem with car sickness, have your children play games that require them to look out the window, such as the "ABC" game, the license plate game, and the "I Spy" game.

Limit your driving time to two-hour stretches. A break every couple of hours will give your children a chance to get some fresh air and run off some of that excess energy. As Parent Magazine stated, "You may have a longer day of driving this way, but it's better than a shorter one with a cranky kid."

As you know, timeshare rentals for a family vacation, is a great way to travel! There are so many fun family activities at the resort available to you to please toddlers to teens. Plus, the spaciousness of a timeshare will make an enormous difference in how relaxed your overall vacation feels. The separate bedrooms will work wonders when you have children to put to bed early. Parents and teens can still enjoy late night movie watching or game playing without disturbing anyone's sleep. And, of course, the timeshare kitchen is a life-saver when trying to keep your constantly hungry kids fed.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beautiful Festivals at Your Kauai Timeshare

It sometimes seems as though Hawaii is just one big beautiful festival. And Kauai, the lush "Garden Island," is no exception. Plan your next family vacation in a Kauai timeshare and enjoy the wonderful festivals Kauai has to offer. There are numerous budget timeshare rentals available in luxury resorts through-out the island, in the principal towns of Kapaa, Koloa, Lihue, and Princeville.

Whether you're interested in Hawaii's special island music, in Polynesian culture, or in the paintings and sculptures of Hawaii's talented artists, there is a festival for you. The problem is how to choose, since Kauai has an amazing array of festivals and they are scheduled all year long. Kauai's festivals range from the celebration of native Hawaiian ceremonies to lei making contests to reenactments of historic Hawaiian events. You can enjoy hula demonstrations, art shows, and concerts featuring both traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music.

For example, in June, 2010, the festivals are as diverse as the food and drink festival, "The Taste of Hawaii," to the Hawaii Healing Garden Festival, "a festival celebration of Hawaii's health and wellness, green sustainable living, and multi cultural healing arts." In August you can enjoy a two day celebration of Tahitian dancing and drumming at the Heiva I 'I ia Orana Festival, or attend the exciting Kauai All-Girls Rodeo.

To help you choose the perfect festivals that will immeasurably enhance your Kauai timeshare vacation experience, the Kauai County Tourism office, through the Office of Economic Development, has designed a delightful, and informative, web site to promote Kauai's special events.

"An appealing new feature of the web site," states George Costa, director of the OEC, "are the video clips and photos taken at events around the island, showcasing Kauai's abundance of unique cultural activities." Designed to be a one-stop source for things to do on Kauai, the web site not only gives you a glimpse of the actual festivals, but lists the events in convenient month by month categories, along with descriptions and specific information.

Here’s just one of the videos on the Bonsai Exhibit and Demonstration for Koloa Plantation Days coming this July 17 – 25, 2010.

So have some fun surfing through the lists of the many festivals and cultural events that Kauai has to offer, choose the time for your travel, and then match the dates up with a budget timeshare rental. And your Kauai vacation will be greater than the sum of its parts!

(Photo provided by

Monday, May 10, 2010

Take your Pet on your Timeshare Vacation for National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month! Hooray for the furry critters we all know and love! National Pet Month "celebrates the benefits of pet ownership and supports pet adoption." This month is the official time to "celebrate the joy your pet brings to your household." For those of you who have pets and love them as the members of your family that they are, you don't need a "national month" to be reminded of what those little dears mean to you, but it's always fun to have an excuse for a celebration and a great time to think about including them on your timeshare vacation.

Since those of you who are among the over 82 million pet owners in the U.S. really celebrate National Pet Month every day of the year, you'll be glad to know you can consider taking your cat or dog along with you when you vacation, by staying in a pet friendly timeshare. has a special "pet friendly" link under its "Features and Attractions" section, where you'll easily find timeshares that allow pets.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) numbers indicate that the pet industry continues to defy the current recession. America’s spending on pets has grown despite the recession, with a 5.4 percent increase in 2009, and the APPA projects another increase of nearly 5 percent in 2010. In honor of National Pet Month, here are some more fun statistics.
  • 90% of pet owners surveyed say they consider their pet a member of the family.

  • 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners surveyed said they give their pets presents at Christmas.

  • 36% of dog owners give their pets presents on their birthday, as do 20% of cat owners.

  • 64% of surveyed pet owners said they include news about their pet, and 36% include a photograph, in their holiday cards.

  • About a third (37%) of dog owners and a similar proportion of cat owners (31%) have their pet's picture prominently displayed in their homes, and 14% and 10%, respectively, display it at their place of work.
In the U.S. over 43 million households have at least one dog, and over 37 million households own at least one cat. That represents a lot of vacationers - and who wants to go off and leave Fido or Fluffy at home alone? Many timeshare rentals and timeshare exchanges are pet-friendly. Check them out!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Enter the “Where’s Seymour?" Contest from the Timeshare Ambassador

Have you met our Timeshare Ambassador named Seymour O. DeSytes? He posts new timeshare travel adventures every Monday about great destinations he visits. He’s quite a character and his travel blogs are very funny. We really enjoy his sense of humor here at He keeps us quite entertained at the water cooler. Plus, once a month he holds a contest! Want to play?

Every month, Seymour will be shown standing in a photo. To play, all you need to do to is guess his location! Last month Sandra correctly identified Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, as the location for April. For being the first correct answer chosen at random, she won a Membership!

This month Seymour is giving away a Leather Luggage Tag from Saddleback Leather Company, a $14.00 value! To play the “Where’s Seymour?” game, visit The Timeshare Ambassador blog and cast your vote. You must be a registered guest or member of in order to vote. Guest membership is free and if you are not already a guest, you can become one quickly on Seymour’s blog when you cast your vote.

While you’re there, read about Seymour’s travels. He just got back from Pacific Grove, California where he stayed at the Pine Acres Lodge just 2 blocks from the beach! He was in search of butterflies! Read more at and good luck on the contest!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Put Your Face with Your Name on for Timeshare Reviews and Forums

Ever wondered who you are talking to in the timeshare forums? Want to see their smiling face? has recently integrated photo images, through the use of Gravatar, as part of your RedWeek profile. If you haven’t set one up yet, consider visiting to upload your own photo image that identifies you. Once you do, the image / icon / picture you’ve uploaded will accompany your forum comments and timeshare resort reviews on

What’s nice about the Gravatar technology is that you only have to upload your avatar (or image) once, and then it is automatically posted on every site on the internet in which you want your avatar seen. "Gravatar" stands for G-lobally R-ecognized AVATAR. It is attached to your email, so whenever you sign into a site and list your email address, your avatar is "globally recognized" and will show up. And, you can add more than one email addresses and different images for each address as well.

Gravatar is a free service, and it's easy to use. To add a Gravatar to your RedWeek profile, simply login to and visit the Change Your Profile page. You’ll find simple a simple link to where you can upload your photo. Just be sure that the email address you use on is the one to add to gravatar in order for you image to show up on our site.

It’s nice to put a face with a name. We look forward to seeing your smiling face on RedWeek next to your forum comments and resort reviews.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Your Timeshare

Cinco De Mayo Pictures, Images and PhotosIt’s Cinco de Mayo! And that means it’s time to party as this festival day is being celebrated all across the U.S. “Cinco de Mayo” translates to “Fifth of May” in Spanish, and commemorates the Mexican army’s surprise victory over French forces in 1862.

Although it is an insignificant holiday in Mexico, basically celebrated only in the Mexican state of Puebla where the original battle took place, in the United States it has become a popular day to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride. In cities that have large Hispanic populations, Cinco de Mayo celebrations can actually last several days, with parades, dances, music, and of course great food.

When you plan your vacation for next year, think of renting a timeshare where you can join in the happy festivities. A southern California timeshare rental will allow you to experience special events such as the Baile Folklorico and Mariachi demonstrations held at the Plaza del Pueblo Los Angeles near Olvera Street in Los Angeles. And at San Diego’s historic Old Town there’s live Cinco de Mayo entertainment on 3 stages at Bazaar del Mundo.

In a Phoenix timeshare, you will see Mexican dancers that symbolize the color, fun and heritage of Cinco de Mayo, while the celebration here also includes outdoor performances of Spanish rock, Latin jazz, salsa, ranchero, and Chicano rock music. The Cinco de Mayo Festival held near your San Antonio timeshare in Texas, includes concerts and other commemorations at historic Market Square. And around your San Francisco timeshare the Mission neighborhood goes all out, offering a joyous Cinco de Mayo celebration that includes free all-day cultural entertainment and tours of historic Mission Dolores.

While staying in your New York City timeshare, you’ll find that NYC puts a real kid-friendly spin on its Cinco de Mayo celebrations that occur in various venues. On Staten Island kids can build their own piñatas (candy is included!), and at NY Kids Clubs, you parents can sip a Corona while your little tykes learn Mexican dances.

Adults only are invited to join the celebration at the Hard Rock Café's Pink Taco when you stay in a Las Vegas timeshare, where you’ll get drink specials to sample a number of different brands of tequila.

And, of course, the most "authentic" celebration of all can be found in a Mexico timeshare rental. Your timeshare kitchen will be handy for creating Mexican dishes, and make sure you have plenty of tequila and mescal on hand. Add a strand of red chili pepper lights for the finishing touch! After all, it’s a Fiesta!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Summer Fun at the Slopes on Your Timeshare Vacation

Late spring snows this year are keeping some of the ski resorts in the west open later than usual. You can still plan a ski timeshare vacation in Colorado, Utah and Lake Tahoe, California. But did you know that once the warm summer days melt the white stuff, there is still lots of family fun at the beautiful ski resorts around the country? Think "summer fun at the slopes"!
  1. Park City, Utah
    Rent a Park City timeshare at a mountain resort and discover all that there is to do at a ski resort in the summer. The 2002 Winter Olympic Games were hosted here, and a visit to the ski museum at Olympic Park will get you up close and personal to those special games that were held just months after 9-11. At the museum you'll want to get tickets for a freestyle show. The entire family will get a thrill out of watching Olympic hopefuls practice amazing acrobatic ski and snowboard jumps - landing in a 750,000-gallon "splash pool." Your teens will love the 70mph "Comet" bobsled ride (see photo) with a professional driver. For kids under 14 (and wimpy parents) the tamer, but still exciting, alpine slide ride might be in order.

  2. Smuggler's Notch, Vermont
    Rent a Smuggler's Notch timeshare and experience one of the top-rated family resorts in the country. Known for its kid-oriented winter snow activities, Smuggler's Notch is just as kid-friendly in the summer. This is a fun vacation destination that encourages all visiting families to mix and mingle with pot-luck picnics, bonfires, and family karaoke get-togethers.
    Special activities your kids will enjoy include overnight campouts and theater classes, and especially the resort's four water parks, complete with eight pools and four wild slides. There are also six playgrounds, two teen centers, and a childcare facility called Treasures (ages 6 weeks to 3 years).

  3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    A summer timeshare rental in Jackson Hole puts your family in good position to visit two of America's most popular national parks. The incomparable Grand Teton National Park will be right out your front door where you can hike, bike and horseback ride through stunning scenery. An easy drive will take you to fun and fascinating Yellowstone National Park where your kids can have close-up encounters with shooting geysers and bubbling mud pots.

    Just to remind you that you are in the real west of Wyoming, nightly "shoot-outs" are staged in Jackson's town square. Exciting Wild West rodeos are held in Jackson twice a week through-out the summer.
So, when planning your family summer vacation, don't forget ski resort timeshare rentals - for some great summer family fun.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Timeshare Rental Vacation Makes a Great Graduation Gift

PhotobucketIt's college Graduation season! And the big test question is - What do you get the college graduate in this day and age? A pretty pen just won't do it any more. Test question answers that garner high marks often come from thinking outside the box. So here's a suggestion: a great graduation gift is a timeshare rental vacation. You can either send the graduate (and family, or a group of friends) on a much deserved rest or to a destination that ties in with the subject of that hard-earned degree.

For example, an art major would enjoy getting to stay at the Manhattan Club in New York City and spending time in that city's many art museums. The Guggenheim Museum, world famous since its opening in 1959, might also appeal to an architecture major. Not only does this museum house some of the world's most revered paintings, but its iconic building was the last major work by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

A Washington, D.C., area timeshare rental would allow the art major to see paintings in the National Gallery that are so well known that most American children have seen them in textbooks since grade school. What a thrill to see them in person! Washington, D.C., is also a great destination for both history and aeronautics majors.

American history majors would certainly enjoy staying at a timeshare in Boston. Walking the "Freedom Trail" definitely brings the beginnings of America up close and personal. And from Boston America's real start can be seen in Plymouth, just an hour away. Or send the history graduate to the Historical Triangle in Virginia, where a timeshare rental in Williamsburg also gives access to Jamestown and Yorktown.

If the graduate just needs a break, how about a timeshare trip to the Caribbean? There are so many budget Caribbean timeshare rentals on their many islands that you're bound to find a good fit. Remember that Puerto Rico does not require a passport. San Juan is known for its nightlife, and the island's white sand beaches alongside azure blue waters are as relaxing and beautiful as anywhere in the Caribbean.

From the west coast send the graduate to a Hawaii timeshare. Each Hawaiian island has its own distinctive personality, and each has timeshare rentals easy on any budget. The miles of beaches along beautiful coastlines, soft trade winds fragrant with the scents of orchids and plumeria blossoms, and stunning sunsets - all will work wonders on any graduate.