Friday, June 25, 2010

Marriott Vacation Club Launches Timeshare Points Program

Marriott Vacation Club just launched its new “Destinations” timeshare points program in North America and the Caribbean. Marriott states that the new program offers greater flexibility, further personalization and more experience opportunities for timeshare owners through the use of the Vacation Club Points system.

"After a quarter century of providing unforgettable vacations, we are excited to announce the most significant program innovation in our history: a new product offering that is easy to use and will provide our Owners unparalleled flexibility," said Lee Cunningham, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Marriott Vacation Club.

This program is available to new customers and current Marriott timeshare owners will also have the opportunity to enroll in the program, which does not affect any of their current rights and privileges of their existing ownership.

Those participating in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program can travel within any of the four Vacation Collections they offer, by redeeming travel points:
  1. Marriott Vacation Club Collection: Travel to more than 50 luxurious Marriott Vacation Club resorts in North America and the Caribbean and enjoy: check-in on any day you choose, variance to the length of your stay, a wide variety of room size options, and more choices for your travel season.

  2. Marriott Collection: Your vacation experience includes a list of over 3,000 hotels.

  3. Explorer Collection: This collection is focused on cruise offerings and travel packages.

  4. World Traveler Collection: You’ll have access to over 2,500 resorts in more than 75 countries worldwide through Interval International.
How the Program Works
Once a year the participants of the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program will receive an allocation of Vacation Club Points. These can be used to customize their own getaway experience. Points can be banked if not needed for that year or, additional points can be purchased or borrowed to reach the vacation they choose. There is even a Vacation Ownership Advisor available to assist in travel arrangements within any one of the four Collections.

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  1. Anonymous5:19 AM

    not sure this new program is as good as marriott suggests. some flaws in that the owners cannot realize the benefit of unit appreciation when/if one decides to sell. also the maintence fee is lower under the new program which puts some current owners at a financial disadvantage. lastly this is socialized timeshare ownership....there is no advantage of owning in more desirable areas (e.g. islands) but current owners still pay more in maintence fees.

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    plus, as an owner of floating time you could miss out on booking your home property is enough premier plus people try to book your property at the 13-month point.

  3. This program is off to a very rough start so buyers beware! I enrolled yesterday and was told I could be transferred immediately after payment to a "destinations specialist" who could
    make my reservations. Wrong! The "destination" specialist did say she would put my requested unit on 48 hour hold until I could get the required e-mail from Marriott which needs to be returned to actually be enrolled and get your points posted. (payment doesn't get you there). Less than 24 hours later, I got a "courtesy" call that they were cancelling that 48 hold until the e-mail could be returned. Meanwhile I have not received the e-mail and asked them to resend it. Further conversation with MVC reveals they have somehow gotten the wrong e-mail in the system. I have had the same e-mail since I bought my first unit almost 10 years ago. A supervisor refuses any responsibility for this mix-up delay on Marriott's part nor does he acknowledge I have been lied to about the 48 hour hold even though he is looking at the e-mails both confirming and cancelling that transaction. According to him, the "Destinations" program is not responsible for what the MVC salespeople say to sell the program nor are they responsible for their staff making mistakes. Unfortunately, this is not the Marriott I have known and dealt with the past 10 years. Very disappointing to say the least. Make sure you understand what you are getting for your $700 - likely a lot of frustration and bad information. Jeri Johnson, Owner Maui Ocean Club and Ko'Olina

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    NOT JOINING MVC New Vacation Ownership: NOT FLEXIBLE at all, TOO COSTLY and eventually FORCES us into joining.

    First of all, let me say that we love our current Marriott platinum timeshares at Barony Beach in Hilton Head. Our children and their children love them too.
    We use them every year and occasionally trade. We have had disappointing bookings with II when we have exchanged for other Marriott vacation sites. Last summer we booked our vacation through II, we learned that Marriott has a pecking order and viewed us as outsiders and not Marriott owners at our Marriott vacation destination. Because our reservation came through II, they placed us in a "crummy" villa overlooking an empty lot in beautiful Hawaii.

    I believe the situation will get worse for those of us who choose not to participate in this new program. In my opinion, the Marriott database at II will become smaller for the NON-JOINERS and that hidden pecking order will prevail. I believe we will be forced to join, if we want to trade where we want to vacation. My only solution is to buy a timeshare where I want to vacation and rent through when I am not using it. Instead of spending $9,400 for $1,000 points a year, I can apply that money to a timeshare where I want. I don't need the points. I can use it or rent it for real dollars.

    POINTS: The value of these points is going to change. If you don't use them within the two year limit, you lose them. Further more, if you convert them to your regular Marriott points, you only 65% of the [MVCD] points can be converted into legacy Marriott Rewards Points.

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  7. Anonymous11:53 PM

    We have been owners at Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Desert for over 10 years. We

    also were an owner at Marriott's Kauai Beach Club, but eventually sold it to raise cash

    and to stop paying the ever-increasing maintenance fees since we could never afford to

    fly our whole family there to use it and we weren't using our other time effective


    We recently traded our Palm Desert through Interval to stay at Ko'Olina and Interval

    kept giving us the run around about having to wait several months on a waiting list, but

    assuring us that we'd probably get a spot. Eventually, they said we didn't get a spot.

    We complained and made a stink about it and they somehow pulled out a nice 2 bedroom

    villa for us at Ko'Olina out of their rear. We just returned from there last weekend

    and really enjoyed it.

    While at Ko'Olina we sat through a timeshare preso but spent our time going through the

    new points program with the Marriott rep. He explained the program and we discussed

    some of our initial concerns, which were (and still are)

    - If we don't join, Interval's available inventory of other Marriott properties will be

    next to nil, so if we want to trade into other Marriott's we will have to join the new

    system since Marriott will control the inventory.

    - Under the new plan our maintenance fees will increase 30-40% over our current rates.

    Palm Desert is worth 29,900, or 2,900 points. Your maint fees are $0.40 per point, so

    that's under $1,200 a year. I think our last maint bill was just under $900/yr, though

    they go up every year. FYI, when we first got our timeshare over 10 year ago the fees were about $350/year.

    - You have to pay a $500+ enrollment fee to join the new program.

    - Your points expire. You can't bank them. The only way is to combine 2 years worth of points if you book a year in advance. There's a way to do it, I don't remember how.

    - In Palm Desert we can "lock off" the 2 bedroom unit and bank two weeks of use, but with the points there is no concept of "lock off".

    The other thing that has bugged me in general about Marriott is that while Marriott's

    room rates have been going down because of the economy, our maint fees have been going

    up. It's getting to the point where our maint fees are converging on the price of just

    booking a room for ourselves, so the advantage of ownership has dwindled over time.

    The main advantage of the points program is you will know exactly how much trading power

    your property has. Some of us may have had an over-eager sales person tell us how

    wonderful it will be to trade our timeshare for destinations like Hawaii or Europe.

    However, the laws of supply and demand require that if you have a timeshare in a swamp

    in Alabama, it's going to be hard to trade into Hawaii. After purchase, you'd just get

    the run around or never get the trade you want. With the new points program, you know

    exactly how many points your share is worth up front. For example, our Palm Desert

    would be 2,900. If we wanted to trade back into Ko'Olina again, we'd have to come up

    with 4,900 points! So basically we were lucky to get there last week because it looks

    like we'll never be able to trade into there again unless we buy more points. It seemed

    like there were many domestic US destinations were 2,900 a week (Newport Coast, Park

    City, etc) but Hawaii is almost twice as much.

    The other advantage is that now you don't have to rent entire weeks, you could rent 3 or

    10 days, and checkins don't have to be Fri, Sat, or Sun anymore.

    Despite these advantage, we're just not very happy the direction Marriott is heading. It just seems to get less and less of a good deal. With that said, we love staying at the resorts, just not the ever increasing costs.

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  9. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I appreciate your thorough discussion. Too many bloggers have an edge of conspirational paranoia, however, even they give you pause before you jump in. I've been a timeshare owner for 18 years and have found the program generally to have gotten better, though some of that was simply getting more educated and experienced in the program itself.

  10. BigGene12:13 PM

    Aug 17th, 2010. Went to sales pitch. Found out that my 3 Fairway Villas weeks (MFV) have a Destinations Points value at 2075 each. HOWEVER, to use those same weeks Marriott charges others 2750 in points. There is a dual value Marriott uses for every property. One for the legacy owner(LOW) and another for the user (HIGH).This is a flim-flam.

  11. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I can see both the pros and cons of this system, but still have some questions and something I feel cheated on. We did not sign up for anything yet, but might go for just the $595 to give us some options.

    First of all, I own in Maui and when you look at the points it takes to get a week in Maui with my type of unit the cost ranges from 4700 to 5675 (this does not include the one platinum week). We counted the number of weeks for Maui at the different rates (again excluding the one platinum rate) and came up with an average of a little over 5000 points. Where we felt cheated in the presentation was that we were being offered 4725 points for our week. To me, it only seems right that they should use the average of just over 5000 points. It may not sound like much of a difference, but those points add up and might mean an extra night or two.

    • I realize that I do not have to use the points and can simply trade the old way when I need/want to. This allows me to split my lock off and get 2 weeks every time. It's not that much of a pro since I can already do this without signing up for anything at all.
    • The new fees (I think it was $165 or $169) will basically cover splitting our lock off at $75 and interval at $89. It will also cover using a non-Maui Marriott at $109, which is what we usually do. Obviously it does not cover a non-Marriott through Interval. So, we break even or come out ahead on fees depending on what we do. If we trade for destination club points we do not have those trade fees, but we can use that service, which is fair.
    • I like the idea of a Sun- Thurs stay to get the most for your points. In general, a full week stay is about twice the points as a 5 day (Sun-Thurs) stay. This certainly gives you more bang for your buck.
    • I was being offered 800 club points as an incentive to joining for $595 (I am not going for buying points as I do not need them right now or want to lay out that much money). Those 800 points will get me a decent 3-5 day midweek vacation so it is almost a wash.

    • The number of places you can use the points is very limited (only Marriott), especially if you like to drive to your destination and avoid flying (we have a family of 5). Again, I can still trade the old way through Interval.
    • I'm not certain, but I believe that the inventory for stays that are less than a week is limited. I think some of the locations block out a certain number of trades for the traditional week stays and there is less inventory for the shorter stays, but I am not certain of this, but it does scare me.
    • If I ever have trouble getting my first choice the old way through Interval I can always find something else, even a non-Marriott in the same area or another destination. I am worried that I might convert to points and find that I can not get what I want and will not be able to find anything else due to the limited amount of properties (only Marriott). For example, if I want Tahoe through Interval there are plenty of choices and always something available, but if I have to get the Marriott Tahoe and it is not available, then I get nothing. It could be a bit of a gamble.

    So, I have not gone for it yet and I still want to ask about inventory and a rationale for the amount of points I am being given. In the end I will probably go for the $595. If I have a bad experience getting a shorter stay, I will keep using it the old way.

  12. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. It helped us make up our minds not to join. We have a week at Grand Chateau in Vegas but always trade. Non-Marriott is just as great and we have had some fun trips.

  13. Anonymous8:32 AM

    It seems to me if those of us not opting to convert to the points continue depositing in II, there will be inventory--right? We just learned of this change while using our very first week as owners. Needless to say, we were stunned to learn that to actually realize the benefits of ownership we were told we were purchasing, we'd have to cough up a minimum of another $14,000!

  14. Anonymous10:35 AM

    MISREPRESENTATIONS! When we first bought at Ko Olina 4 years ago, 2bdrm penthouse lockoff our zealous sales person touted that MVC "did not" use the point system like other time share companies. We were also told that if we wanted to upgrade to a biger unit or better view at our home location we could do so with minimal expense. This led us to purchase a 2nd at MVC Kauai Beach Club. Needless to say after the presentation in Kauai recently its $9.80 a point, it's supposed to be easy to "trade between islands" but upon calling there is a "pecking order", also we were told because we bought in Hawaii a premier location we could trade anywhere - SURE we can trade anywhere now, we just have to "Pay more" $14,000 more - I agree with some of the other bloggers lets keep our time shares in II or maybe start our own trade your MVC timeshare so we can trade with one another! I for one can say when they brought in the "closer" he got got flustered when my husband who's a builder started asking about costs of special assesments, and the fact that we are not going to "own" anything other than points. I have those now they are called rewards points and i could use them at the Residence in Marriotts - the one in Kauai is pretty darn nice. Hang in there MCV Owners - stick together and lets work to trade with one another without paying $$$$$

  15. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Marriott's latest foray into the time share business is to sell "Destination Points" that can be used at any of their resorts or hotels. They claim the program is affordable, easey to use and very flexible. Here is the truth:
    1. The points are expensive. You have to look at the resorts where you might actually want to stay and the number of points you will need for your villa size and view category. If you only buy enough points for a summer week in Palm Springs, you will never have what you need for Hawaii or a ski resort location.
    2. Maintenance fees are way off the chart: $400 per thousand points. A two bedroom ocean view unit in a resort in a Hawaii will require up to 7,500 points (even more for ocean FRONT). That means your annual maintenance fee is $3,000 which is way more than you would pay if you own the villa already (Marriott used to sell unit weeks but no more) or what you would pay Westin for example.
    3. You have to use points in the year they become available or the following year. After that POOF! they disappear into thin air even though you paid all the fees.
    4. Don't count on availability in the resort you want at the dates you need...and if you need to book airfare using airline miles, forget it. You will have to book your air tickets first and then hope the resort comes through.
    In short...DON'T FALL FOR THIS. DO NOT BUY MARRIOTT DESTINATION POINTS. If you want a timeshare buy a Marriott property in the after market or join the Westin program which is more honest. We own Marriott and Westin properties and added some destination points. That's how we found the destination points are neither easy to use nor flexible and they are expensive to purchase and maintain.

  16. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Went to the presentation today and although we did not buy any points we did enroll in the program for $595 (got 800 points to use as a bonus) only after they offered us an extra non-owners week next year in the one bedroom master villa at Ko Olina for $1400. They asked for $100 down and interest free $1300 at $130/mo. for 10 months. In addition, when we check in we will get $200 resort credit. In one year if we decide to buy points the entire $1995 would be applied to purchase of points so the week would be free.

  17. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Just went to the presentation last week and it was not pleasant. The salesman tried to paint a pretty picture, but in the end it came through as a threat: Buy more destination points, or over time the enrolled weeks we have would have less and less trading power and then we'd HAVE to buy points at a higher price, just to maintain our investment. Yikes.

    The experience convinced us that we have no interest in buying these destination points. We'll just keep using our weeks and/or renting weeks we can't use on Redweek or other sites.

    We love our Marriott timeshares (KoOlina and St. Thomas) but they've slipped to a low with this one.

  18. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Thanks for the info, I just read pros & cons from several different sites. We decided to just stay with Interval International without using the new Marriott points program. Marriott needs to rethink this system it sounds like as the fees are just way to much! I would love for someone to create a website where us Marriott timeshare owners can trade eachother's properties without using a third party!

  19. Anonymous4:36 PM

    My wife and I have owned for over 20yrs and have 3 weeks at three different resorts from Marriott. On our last week vacation the point program was detailed to us and we were about 500 points short of the min to join their new "points" program. I was willing to purchase the 500 points and hand over a payment for $5000 to reach the needed points. We were told no, that we had to purchase at that time as a special an amount just over 1,000 points and to join it would be over $10,000. Even at that, the points would not go further, and i felt like an outcast. Needless to say, i will not do their points system, nor recommend Marriott to any friends as they have not made it cost effective any longer for a family. The main fees continue to go up and we could probably could find many vacation spots cheaper and better from year to year. Time to rethink ownership!

  20. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Sat through the presentation in Orlando 4 days ago and I have decided not to buy in. My rep spent much of his time "bragging" about the number of units he owned and the number of weeks he spent in them. This story has repeated itself at other presentations. Maybe it's time to charge a little less to the "owners" and not pass on as much to the "too good to be true" sales folks.

    I'm done financing their vacations.

    Also, the current split of the Marriott hotel and Timeshare business was presented as a split prompted by the Timeshare unit. They made it sound like the the hotel end was dragging them down. The following is from the Wall Street Journal.

    The timeshare business, however, which relies more on consumer than business travelers, has continued to lag as sales have dwindled and buyers have difficulty qualifying under stricter financing standards.

    In the fourth quarter of 2010, Marriott's timeshare sales fell to $201 million, a $2 million decline from the previous year. The unit's revenue has dropped around 30% since 2007.

    Mr. Sorenson said Marriott shareholders have lost their appetite for the timeshare business. "We've never really been interested in walking away from this business," Mr. Sorenson said in an interview Monday. "But the last few years have been extraordinarily difficult. This recession was harder on the timeshare business than last recessions."

    Seems too contrary!

  21. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I also believe that Marriott's Point System is a CROCK! I recently went to a presentation at Newport Coast Villas and it was going to cost me more money to use my timeshare with points than the way I use it now. I have an even year lock off that I split and submit for a week in Newport and a week in Tahoe, allowing me to vacation every year with only half the maintenance fees paid every year (which I also notice seem to go up every year). I told this to my sales presenter, he didn't have an answer on how Points would be better for me. I actually stopped the presentation to ask my question.
    If this was what Marriott was selling when I bought 5 years ago, I would NOT have entered the timeshare market. I would have bought Westin 2 years ago instead. Westin copied (by their admission) the Marriott format, but got rid of all the lock off, split, exchange type of fees.
    I have the feeling that Marriott's Point System is destined to end up like "NEW COKE." I just need to hold out until they come back to their senses!!

  22. Anonymous4:11 PM

    As a long-time happy MVCI owner, I am displeased with the new direction they are heading.

    - Years ago, we fell in love with Hilton Head and decided to make it an annual family vacation, so we bought a unit an an MVCI Hilton Head property in the aftermarket. We love it, especially the fact that we are guaranteed a unit there every year in our season. If we bought the Destination Club program points (instead of a week in Hilton Head), there would be no guarantee that we could get back to Hilton Head each year. This new program is not for people who want to go the same place each year. Unfortunatley, Marriott does not offer this any longer.

    - Their "overview material" is makes the new program appear appealing. However, if you ask the questions and dig into the details, it is far less appealing, epecially for owners who purchased their weeks from a third party and not directly from Marriott.

    - Our Hilton Head week has appreciated in value. We can sell it at a profit if we wanted to. If we owned "points", instead of a "week in Hilton Head", I question the appreciation.

    - Marriott has so much confusing fine print in the contracts on this program, I fear that I will end up disappointed or surprised if I buy into the new program. It is unfortuanate, but I have lost trust Marriott to do what is in the best interest of their timeshare customers.

    We will continue to own our properties (which we love), but we will definatley stay in the old program.

  23. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Up until now, I have had an advantage in the "pecking" order referenced in prior posts as I own multiple units at premier locations that I purchased directly from MVCI. Basically, I did everything they told me to do to enjoy vacation advantages for a lifetime.

    I attended the sales pitch yesterday and discovered that, not only will I lose the advantages that I have, but I will be at a significant disadvantage unless I am willing to cough up $15000 to buy into the new "Trust". That is the only way you have full access to unsold and rental property which almost guarantees your access to any MVCI resort.

    If you convert to Destination Points and try to use them as a "legacy" (read "old") owner, you are at the mercy of other people like you who may be trading with Destination Points. The sales slick refused to tell me the percentage of people that were converting to the new points program.

    I did pay the $595 to join the program. But the good news is that we can still rely on Interval (as painful as it might be) and we can still book at our home resorts.

    Wake up Marriott - you have to take care of the people who have taken care of you for all these years!!!

  24. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Hi - we had our meeting today about the new point system and we too were very alarmed. We have been loyal Marriott Vacation Club owners in a beautiful property in Palm Desert. My husband and I were thrilled to buy this about 12 years ago and use it or trade it each year. We have been to Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix and enjoyed each Marriott resort. After hearing about the new Destination program today, I too feel like Marriott does not care about the owners - the ones who bought some years back and have been faithful since. I am a good advertisement for the vacation club experience but now feel left out in the cold. They do not care about us - the ones who have one week situations. They want more of our money and with this economy they are lucky to have us.

  25. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Ditto to all the posts. This new system is horrible. I really think "someone" with knowledge of computers/web site development could develop a marriott trading site where marriott owners could trade amongst themselves for certain times at their resorts or trade to other marriott resorts. They have offended many of the loyal original owners/purchasers who purchased and helped make them who they are by doing this. I don't know how anyone in their right mind would buy into this system(expense and no guarantees to stay in particular resort if they like it)

  26. Anonymous5:09 PM

    My wife and I are thoroughly disappointed. We bought at Desert Springs at peak season. Prior to Points, we were always successful with trades and loved MVCI.

    I have not converted to points and I agree with other posters, there is something obvious going on to force us to points. Simply, we are now in a waiting process for an exchange that used to be pretty straight forward.

    When I asked about the points, here is the crazy part. I was told what my point total would be valued if I converted. I am short by 2K points to get what we want. The Rep said I could pull from the next year. So now my annual time share is only worth once every two years? Worse and this is where I think we should consider legal, the point value they gave me is NOT EVEN ENOUGH for my home resort during the my existing time frame. Is that nuts or what?

    I am seriously dissatisfied and wish MVCI would consider the ramificatioins of a program that was clearly not thought out and is intended to make them more money.

    Poor, very poor.

  27. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Wow. If only I had seen these posts before getting sucked into Destinations hype. Marriott markets so incredibly well that we did not thoroughly delve into fine print and are now realizing the error of our ways. Our initial booking experience was ridiculous, and heaven forbid you need any cooperation or coordination between Vacation Club, Destinations, and Interval International. It's a wild game of "who's on first" where the owner will lose every time. The product and service are inconsistent with anything else Marriott has rolled out - ever. I plan to dump Destinations and Vacation Club altogether.

    1. Jackie Lawson7:09 PM

      Like the rest of you- I am a loyal decades long Marriott Rewards/Vacation Club Owner. I did purchase the minimum Club Points. While I like some of the options of Explorer Vacations, like many of you, I am questioning many of the club points rules. There are many!!!

      Today I tried to wait list two properties. To wait list the properties Marriott encumbers your points right then! Meaning that if I found something right now that I wanted instead, I could not book it because my 8,000 club points are being held for a wait list that may never happen! Marriott Rewards and II only take your points when the reservation is confirmed. Ridiculous!!! Get with it Marriott Club Program!

      The program is also off in the timing and expiration of the club points. Marriott needs to give us more than two years. If we want- of course it is not two years but one- but yes we can roll them over- oh but we must do it by is it June or September??? Or we loose them! Too many hassles to make it fun right now.

      Marriott- you need to talk to some owners and see why we are disappointed with you right now.

    2. Anonymous3:04 PM

      We were enthusiastic owners of the Marriott timeshare property until are the issues that I found that distress me:
      1. If I wanted to use my enrolled weeks as "points", they are not worth as much as it takes to stay there. So, for example, as sales guys say, you wanted to bank a week and stay two weeks next year, you'll be 10-20% short of points it would take to do this.
      2. Inventory available to book into is diminishing through time. As weeks are deposited into points, and as Marriott buys back inventory and places them in trust, our ability to book into our home resort gets smaller.
      3. The advantages of lock-off trading disappears if you book via points. You can only deposit an entire week into points, and you will not get enough points to book a one bedroom and a lockoff.
      4. Trading up? (Like the old possibility, somewhat remote of trading Branson for Maui). Can't be done using points.
      5. The inventory available in Interval continues to decline. Gone are leftover weeks deposited by Marriott (now put into "trust") as well as units deposited by owners into points.
      6. While technically the trust and legacy inventories don't currently mix, when you call at the 12 or 13 month interval to try to book, you are competing for access to reps with a whole new class of users. Makes it again harder to book into your home/owned resort.
      7. Sales people who used to help get you into a resort (even your own) won't do so unless you buy points.
      8. Things that used to work well, things that made many of us love Marriott, are gone. Easy access to home resort (priority), trading up, etc.
      9. The one good thing about the new program CAN be the fees: if you do lock-offs and trades in the same year, you can save enough fees to cover the $200 annual dues. (Plus no further Interval fees).
      10. Finally, one great sales pitch of old was that Marriott would never go the evil way of points, which is why Marriott was so much better than Hilton or here we are.

  28. Anonymous4:41 PM

    What is the world happened to Marriott? I am a long time (15+ years) Marriott Maui Ocean club owner + Platinum member and take about 4 weeks of vacation at other Marriott locations through interval internation. I just tried to reserve a week in summar in palm springs (should be a slam dunk in summer), and not one marriott property available! Then I remember my wife asking me recently if the recent letters from marriott were important. i told her to trash those (not time for junk mail, we provide enough business for Marriott that they wont Sc*ew us, right?). Now it seems like they methodically took almost everything I liked about Marriott away. Honestly I always thought a 2 bedroom villa at desert sprins in Palm springs for $450 in summer/fall was too good to be true. However, I expected to make gradual changes and p*ss off thier core base of supporters.

  29. Anonymous8:07 PM

    We also were thoroughly disappointed with the Destination Points program presentation we attended today. Our initial investment is "devalued" and we need to cough more than $23,000 to stay next year at the resort we are at right now. Does anyone know if weeks bought via resale are eligible to convert to points if we decide to enroll in the future? For now we are sticking with the old way

  30. Anonymous7:54 AM

    The FACTS: You lose nothing (you only gain) by enrolling or purchasing Trust Points as nothing changes with your current ownership unless you want to change it.

    You actually gain flexibility and usability by being enrolled and/or purchasing deeded destination points. You can stay at any location for any length of time as long as you have enough points or you can simply use your current week(s) ownership as you always have. The only real issue of not enrolling or purchasing destination points is that Interval International has increasingly fewer Marriott properties so trading in hopes of getting into Maui or Marco Island will not happen.

    A lot of erroneous information on this blog site but I assure you I have only stated the facts.

  31. Timeshares need to be looked up as a purchase and not an investment. Regardless of how timeshares are presented, they don´t perform as well as a house or stock investment. If you look around the resale market for timeshares on websites like EBay, Redweek, or TUGBBS will find that you can buy a timeshare for far less money than what the first owner purchased it for.