Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rent a Kauai Timeshare and Enjoy the Garden Island

For most people, a first timeshare rental vacation trip to Hawaii is to either Oahu or Maui, both very popular tourist destinations. Once you've visited these two beautiful islands, and you want to venture out, head to the Garden Island of Kauai. For a first-time visitor it's always the same - "I can't believe anything is this beautiful!"

Kauai is Hawaii in a true natural state. It's called the Garden Island for a very good reason, being covered in lush tropical vegetation. You'll see rainforests complete with climbing vines and wild orchids; plunging waterfalls sparkling like diamonds; and miles of swaying coconut palms.

This island offers many opportunities for spectacular scenery not seen on the other islands. One of the most unbelievable is Waimea Canyon. For your first-time Kauai visit, this is a must-see. With its deep chasms and multi-colored red- and orange-hued strata dotted with lush greenery, it's easy to see why it's also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

For a real adventure, your first time on Kauai wouldn't be complete without a Mud Bug tour (plan on getting wonderfully dirty!). You'll go from the little village of Poipu past an old sugarcane factory, through a tunnel and all the way up to a waterfall and pool near the town of Wailua. The "mud" part of the tour comes from zipping around the dirt roads of Kauai where you'll really get close to nature!

A good itinerary to consider is booking your Mud Bug tour in the morning. That way you'll be able to spend some time back at Poipu Beach Park afterwards, where you'll get a chance to see the endangered Monk seals as they laze in the sun. On your way back to your timeshare rental be sure to stop by Spouting Horn and watch ocean water shoot high up through an ancient lava tube.

You can take a boat tour up the Wailua River - the only navigable river in the entire state of Hawaii - or even go kayaking to the amazingly beautiful Fern Grotto. Frequent visitors to Kauai also suggest checking out the dry and wet caves in and around Ha'ena State Park, stopping at Banana Joe's in Kilauea for a smoothie "as good & fresh as it gets," and then taking a short drive out to the Kilauea Lighthouse.

With all of these and many more great things to do and sights to see on Kauai you'll be glad that your Kauai timeshare rental gives you a full week for your first visit - you're going to need it all!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Plan a Timeshare Vacation in Florida where Tourism is Up

BP, p.l.c., formally known as British Petroleum, is the company in the center of the broiling controversy over the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that occurred in April, 2010. The Florida state government and the Florida Tourist Board braced for a summer of plummeting tourist dollars, rightfully fearful that vacationers would steer clear of oil-contaminated beaches, but with the help of BP, tourism was actually up!

BP, the fourth largest company in the world, and the third largest energy company, gave $32 million to Florida, which allowed the embattled state to put the message out world-wide that most of Florida's beaches were untouched by the spill. The funds were used for a high-profile campaign blitz on television, radio and in newspapers, especially in the U.S. and Europe.

As many of you timeshare owners probably already know, most of Florida's beautiful white sand beaches escaped unharmed. The media storm, however, threatened to sink Florida tourism anyway. That's when BP stepped in and helped save Florida's summer.

“It was the best money that BP spent other than that on capping the spill,” Nicki Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, said.

Although areas closest to the spill, including Pensacola and Panama City, did suffer, over-all visitor rates increased, reported Kathy Torian, Visit Florida’s communications director. "Almost 21 million people arrived in the quarter from April to June, a 3.4 percent increase on 2009," stated Torian, "and our research suggests that has continued."

If you haven't already joined those millions of happy beach goers, now is the time to plan a Florida beach timeshare rental vacation. The weather is perfect through the fall months, cooler and with less humidity, and you can still enjoy warm water and lovely beaches.

Panama City Beaches along the amazing "Emerald Coast" have been cleaned up and are now "crystal clear, clean and beautiful." There are a number of timeshare rentals available there such as Marriott's Legends Edge at Bay Point where amenities include everything from two championship golf courses to a wonderful children's playground.

Timeshare rentals on Marco Island puts you on Florida's gorgeous Paradise Coast, as does a stay in a Naples timeshare. The name says it all - a tropical feel with swaying palms, white sand beaches, and the sparkling turquoise-blue Gulf.

On Florida's Atlantic side you can enjoy a white sand beach vacation along the Treasure Coast. Rent a Port St. Lucie timeshare, Vero Beach timeshare or Jensen Beach timeshare where you'll find a number of sheltered bays for great snorkeling.

Wherever you choose to rent a Florida timeshare, your family will have a great beach vacation - fun, exciting, and even relaxing.

(Photo is a panoramic view from the life guard tower at Jensen Beach)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rent Colorado Timeshares for Rocky Mountain Golfing

Did you ever want to drive a golf ball like a pro? You can experience what that feels like by renting a Colorado timeshare and playing the beautiful golf courses that are high in the Rocky Mountains. At these courses the clubhouse is anywhere from 6,000 to 9,000 feet up - resistance in the thinner mountain air is reduced and balls fly straighter and farther.

Late summer into fall is a perfect time to be planning a timeshare rental golf vacation in Colorado. Up in the mountains the sun is warm, the air is cool and refreshing, and soon the graceful aspen will be turning to dazzling gold, brilliant against the clear blue sky. Take a look at some of the Rocky Mountain golf courses we have listed here:
  1. Steamboat Springs
    Up in the northern part of Colorado, there are a number of beautiful Steamboat Springs timeshare rentals from which you can choose. Then head to the Haymaker Golf Course (see photo). Nestled in ranchland with vistas of valleys and mountains, you'll enjoy this course by award-winning designer Keith R. Foster. One golfer said this:
    "This course is amazing…even the worst round is made better by the spectacular views in any direction."

  2. Pagosa Springs
    In the southern part of Colorado along the San Juan Mountains you can rent a timeshare at the beautiful Wyndham Pagosa and play golf at one of the Pagosa Springs Golf Club's 3 courses: the Pinion Course, the Ponderosa Course, and the Meadows Course. One golfer said this:
    "I very much enjoy playing this Club…All three of the courses are challenging in their own way, and lots of fun."

  3. Breckenridge
    With great timeshare rentals always available, you'll have a fun Breckenridge stay, and golf at the Breckenridge Golf Club. The elevation here is over 9,000 feet so you'll get to see your ball really fly across the course designed by Jack Nicklaus. One golfer said this:
    "Great public course! Perhaps the finest municipal course I've ever played! Has a country club feel."

  4. Vail
    There are numerous timeshare rentals available throughout this area, and one of the finest golf courses in Colorado, Eagle Vail Golf Course. "The perfect combination of a gentle river course and a challenging, yet fair, mountain course." One golfer added:
    "Play in the fall and watch Mother Nature put on the greatest show you've ever seen."
These and many other great golf courses are available for you to hone your grip and practice that putt amidst spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery. Rent a Colorado timeshare and have the golfing time of your life!

(Photo from haymakergolf.com)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love… Your Timeshare!

"Eat, Pray, Love" the late summer blockbuster movie based on author Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling book, and starring Julia Roberts, is bound to start inspiring many of you to travel. In the movie Julia Roberts visits beautiful locations in Italy, India and Bali. The wonderful thing about owning a timeshare is these and many places in the world are opened up to you through timeshare exchange. There are also great timeshare rentals scattered around the globe.

As this film explores, there are many different reasons people travel. For most of us it's for plain old fun. Thank goodness we have vacations where we can sift through experiences with other cultures, other climates, and even other cuisines.

If you live in the middle of the country, a beach vacation can be an opening to an entirely different world - salt air, crashing surf, finding half-buried shells on the beach. And the good news is that there are great beach destinations everywhere - Florida and California offer beach vacations without having to fly. Even a seashore destination such as the rugged Oregon coast or beautiful Cape Cod will stir your soul. Of course, the tropical paradise of Hawaii's beaches, the exciting Caribbean, and even Mexico and Australia all offer great beach experiences. See Florida timeshares. See California timeshares.

On the other hand, if you live near the coast you're probably unfamiliar with the exhilaration of gorgeous mountain peaks rising high and marching off to the horizon. Summer or winter, a Rocky Mountain timeshare vacation in Colorado or Canada, high in the thin, crisp air, will set you to tingling. The awesome undulating blue ridges of the Great Smokey Mountains is natural scenery at its best. See Colorado timeshares.

Everywhere you travel in the world you'll come across awesome scenery. Add to that the exposure to ethnic foods and you have a world-class vacation. In Spain you can try "Arroz Cubano" - a mound of white rice, topped with tomato sauce and a fried egg. In Italy go for the frozen desserts such as gelatos, and granitas, and Tuscan bread served with pecorino (sheep's cheese.) During your timeshare vacation in France you can try "Grenouille" (frog), "Aubergine" (eggplant), and of course the iconic "Escargot."

So, "Eat, Pray, Love" - and Travel! Timeshare rentals and exchanges will help you do it on a budget and with flair, just as in the movie!

(Photo shown is the Royal Goan Beach Club in India.)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Share Your Timeshare Vacation Memories as They Happen

Resort Condominium International (RCI), one of the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies, has created a new iPhone app allowing timeshare travelers to share their vacation memories with family and friends in real time. With RCI Snapbook™, you can capture pictures, videos, audio or notes from your vacation, upload them to RCISnapBook.com and invite friends and family to view it, as it happens.

It’s easy to capture memories with your iPhone while on your timeshare vacation. With this new app, you can create personal and customizable vacation scrapbooks in your phone. You select exactly which photos and movies you want to share: write descriptive captions for each, and when you are ready, the one-touch sync uploads them to your custom albums on RCISnapBook.com. You can even choose to have the RCI SnapBook™ app upload your memories instantly as you capture them!

Capture audio clips and create an audio postcard to send. Use it as a journal to retain special memories of the trip, or leave notes for friends and family on the share site. You can even geo-tag your location to create a map of all the sites and attractions you visited on your trip.

Viewing options include: Timeline View to see photos and videos in the order they occurred; Micro Blog journal, similar to viewing a slideshow; Scrapbook arrangement; or have the Map view plot your geo-tag captures to create an interactive atlas of everything you saw on your timeshare vacation.

When you are ready to share, you can easily email the invitations while still on your trip from your iPhone, or from RCISnapBook.com once you return. You choose what content each person has access to view. Download the RCI SnapBook app.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Timeshares in the Big City

When you plan a timeshare rental vacation you generally think of destinations such as beaches or mountains and expect to be staying at a large resort with acres of fun activities and amenities. But don't forget that you can also rent a timeshare right in the middle of a big city.

These timeshare rentals will not be attached to large resorts, but the buildings are beautiful and often luxurious. The city itself will provide all of the activities you could want. Generally your city timeshare unit does not come equipped with a full-sized kitchen, due to the size of the unit, but you will always have a microwave and at least a small refrigerator. Knowing that, it’s a great time to experience what the world's finest restaurants and most talented chefs have to offer right at your door step!

New Orleans, LA
The Wyndham New Orleans at La Belle Maison is located just 2 blocks from the Crescent City's famed French Quarter. From your timeshare rental you can walk to Bourbon Street, to the Shoppes at Canal Street, and the Riverwalk Marketplace. This original Franklin Printing Company Landmark in New Orleans' historic Warehouse District has been meticulously restored to include traditional décor and a beautiful 8-story atrium adorned with skylights and wrought- iron railings.

A reviewer said this:
Lovely resort with many amenities. Handy to everything. Very luxurious. Street car access right there.

San Francisco, CA
Nob Hill Inn is the place to rent a timeshare in downtown San Francisco. Originally built in 1907 as a private home, it was owned over the years by railroad tycoons and gold speculators. When you stay here you are transported back to the elegance of San Francisco's Golden Era. Situated in the upscale Nob Hill District, you'll be close to Union Square shopping, Chinatown, and of course, the famous cable cars, all with a grand view of the City by the Bay.

A review said this:
Charming and quaint rooms. I love this place!

New York City, NY
The Manhattan Club in downtown New York City is a timeshare renter's dream. Whether you come to the Big Apple to go to the theater, to museums, to Lincoln Center, to Carnegie Hall, to dine in fine restaurants, to shop, or to play in Central Park - it's all convenient to your Manhattan timeshare rental. From spacious units to an elegant, intimate lobby, to a state-of-the-art Fitness Center, all in the middle of one of the world's most exciting cities, you'll find much to enjoy about staying at The Manhattan Club.

A reviewer said this:
We love visiting the City twice a year, and our family will not stay anywhere else now that we have discovered the Club.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Timeshare Rentals and Other Budget Travel Tips

The economy hasn't let most people off the hook yet, and so we're all still looking for budget-friendly ways of taking vacations. One of the best-kept secrets of a budget vacation is timeshare rentals. When you rent a timeshare from an owner you can get accommodations that are spacious, have a kitchen, include resort amenities, and can cost up to 50% less than hotel rooms.

And that's just for starters. Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar has some thinking-out-of-the-box ideas that will allow you to have an inexpensive vacation that is still fun, entertaining, and best of all, great for family memories.
  1. It's all About the People
    Trent suggests that it's always the human interactions that really add to the enjoyment of whatever you're doing on vacation. Whether it's interacting with people you know and love, or sharing an experience with others that you've just met, people will add to the spice of your trip. You don't have to shell out big bucks for fancy adventures - save your money and enjoy the small things with special people - a picnic, a free outdoor concert, even shelling along a beach.

  2. Don't Over-Plan
    Some of the best memories from your vacation will come from unplanned things. Go ahead and have a couple of more expensive main activities, but save some of your money by saving some of your time for just wandering. Wherever your destination, you can wander - down the beach, on a desert hike, along park pathways - most of this won't cost anything at all, and if you keep your eyes open you'll encounter the unplanned things that you'll always remember.

  3. Make one Meal a Day Special
    The idea is, says Trent, to make sure you can really enjoy - and remember - the one meal, and you'll save money by not thinking you have to eat in restaurants for every meal. Your special meal can even be one that you prepare in your timeshare kitchen. For example, if you are on a beach vacation there will be plenty of opportunities to buy fresh seafood which you can cook in your timeshare. Inexpensive breakfasts and snacks from your timeshare kitchen are other ways of saving money on meals.

  4. Always Take a Backpack
    When you are out and about, whether it's to a theme park, on a hike, or staking out your spot on the beach, a backpack can save you money. Before you leave your timeshare fill the backpack with items such as water, granola bars, sunscreen, even batteries for your camera. You won't have to spend exorbitant sums of money for simple necessities when you take them all with you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wyndham Gives Back with Charitable Activity

Wyndham Worldwide is one of the world's largest hospitality companies across six continents, and employs approximately 25,000 employees globally. Its timeshare arm, Wyndham Vacation Ownership, has a network of over 155 vacation ownership resorts serving over 820,000 owners throughout North America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

The Wyndham Championship PGA tournament in Greensborough, NC, August 19 - 22, 2010, along with Wyndham Worldwide, and coordinated by the "Wishes by Wyndham" philanthropic program, will be giving back to the community through donations to several children-focused charities.

In partnership with Starlight Children's Foundation™ Wyndham Worldwide unveiled a Starlight Fun Center™ mobile entertainment unit, featuring a Nintendo Wii™, DVD player and a Sharp AQUOS™ LCD TV, to pediatric patients and hospital staff at Brenner Children’s Hospital.

A $25,000 donation to First Tee of the Triad and Victory Junction, on behalf of Wyndham Worldwide and the PGA TOUR Wives Association. Wishes by Wyndham will also present a donation of $50,000 to Victory Junction, the official charity of the Wyndham Championship. Founded by Kyle and Pattie Petty of NASCAR® fame, Victory Junction, which offers a year-round camping environment for children ages six to sixteen with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses, is part of the Association of the Hole in the Wall Camps.

“We are honored to partner with each of these charitable organizations who share Wyndham Worldwide’s mission to support our communities by helping children in need,” said Wyndham Worldwide Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stephen P. Holmes. “Today’s ‘Day of Giving’ is packed with contributions to local charities and focuses on inspiring more companies and individuals to assist others whenever possible.”

There are many timeshare rentals available in outstanding Wyndham resorts. Visit RedWeek.com to plan your next family vacation with a budget timeshare rental.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Take Your Pet on Your Disney Timeshare Vacation to Orlando

On August 27, 2010, Walt Disney World (WDW) Resort is pleased to announce luxurious new accommodations will be available for the family pet at the Best Friends Pet Care Resort at Walt Disney World. The five boarding kennels that have been operating at WDW have been phased out to make room for this new, one-of-a-kind, 50,000 square foot pet facility right next to your Disney Vacation Club Timeshare resort.

The Pet resort consists of secured indoor and outdoor space, including 17,000 square feet of air-conditioned indoor space, 10,000 square feet of covered outdoor runs and play areas, and an exclusive private dog park with artificial turf, shade trees and a water park feature.

The large facility can accommodate up to 270 dogs and 30 cats for both daytime and overnight boarding. You can choose from a wide selection of suites with dog options ranging from in-room televisions, raised bedding and private outdoor yards.

Cats reside in the “Kitty City” pavilion, separate from the dogs, with two and four-room condos available to choose from and suites are cleaned daily.

“Best Friends has long been the industry leader for boarding, and this will be our crown jewel. We’ve taken the ‘best of breed’ in every category to create the perfect environment for pets,” said Dennis Dolan, President and CEO of Best Friends Pet Care. “Our goal is to ensure that pets staying with us have a fun, action-packed vacation – just like their families vacationing at Walt Disney World.”

To make sure your dog has a great visit, you can choose from additional activities including: one-on-one playtime, doggy day camp, story time and a visit to the groomers. With amenities including Ice Cream Treats, Bottled Water and Premium/Orthopedic Bedding. Activities for cats consist of private playtimes, activity toys in their suites, and treats such as Cookies and Milk or Tuna on a Ritz.

In addition to dogs and cats, the facility also provides boarding accommodations for “pocket pets” such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets. Pet parents must provide their own housing/cage and all supplies (food, bowls, litter, etc.)

The pet resort is located across from the Port Orleans Resort at 2510 Bonnet Creek Parkway in Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830. Discounts are available for Disney timeshare resort guests.

(Photo courtesy of wdw.bestfriendspetcare.com)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Thanksgiving Timeshare Destination Ideas

We are all used to the summer flying by, and this year is no exception. That being the case, it's definitely not too early to start making Thanksgiving plans. When you rent a timeshare for a family Thanksgiving vacation you'll need to find a rental that is available over that week. We have three great suggestions, so start your planning here, and now!

  1. Orlando, Florida
    There are loads of Thanksgiving/Christmas events planned at the various theme parks in Orlando, which would make an exciting Thanksgiving destination. The beautiful Marriott's Grande Vista resort in Orlando has several timeshare rentals available right now for Thanksgiving week. Some of these sleep up to 8 people giving you a wonderful opportunity to make this a real family experience.

    This gorgeous resort is minutes away from Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios (ready to see the brand-new Wizarding World of Harry Potter?!). And when you simply want to stay at the resort, there's plenty to keep everyone busy, including onsite world-class golf, four heated swimming pools, a video arcade game room, and even a BBQ and picnic area.

  2. Las Vegas, Nevada
    Timeshare rentals are currently available at the fabulous Marriott's Grand Chateau for Thanksgiving week. Las Vegas is known the world over as the "Entertainment Capital of the World," and for good reason. There are many fun, family-oriented activities and events in Las Vegas, so don't be afraid to make this a real family celebration.

    This beautiful resort's design evokes the casual elegance of the mansions of Southern France. Staying here puts you within a 5-minute walk of all the excitement and glitter of The Strip. Walk your turkey dinner off with a stroll to the free Bellagio Fountain Show, or the free Mirage Volcano Eruption, or take a quick shuttle to the free Laser Light Show on Freemont Street - all family-friendly.

  3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    How much more luxurious could you get than to make your family's Thanksgiving celebration a real beach vacation? At Marriott's OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes you'll find yourself at a luxury beachfront resort that is reminiscent of both the style of a southern mansion and a Mediterranean villa. Located on the Grand Strand you're family will find plenty to do, and here in the fall the weather is fine and the water is warm and inviting.

    Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand is home to an array of tourist attractions which include miles of beautiful beaches and many golf courses, as well as a number of amusement parks, an aquarium, and the very popular Myrtle Beach State Park.
And remember, even when on vacation, with a timeshare rental you can still prepare your family's traditional Thanksgiving feast in your own fully-equipped kitchen.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Set Sail this Labor Day from Your San Diego Timeshare

Still need an idea for Labor Day fun? Rent a San Diego timeshare and join in San Diego's incredible "Festival of Sail." Sponsored by the Maritime Museum of San Diego, this exciting 5-day event, which includes an awesome parade of tall ships, starts Thursday, September 2, 2010, and goes through Labor Day, September 6th.

For anyone who is crazy about ships and sailing, this is the Labor Day event for you! Great fun for the entire family, you'll find plenty to do including boat rides and tall ship cannon battles, along with live entertainment.

"Previously the festival was held in San Diego every three years, but that is changing. We are going to do it annually now because the public loves it so much," said Robyn Gallant, Marketing Director of the Maritime Museum.

This unique Labor Day celebration starts at 11am on Thursday morning with the awe-inspiring Tall Ships Parade that sails through San Diego Bay. The flotilla will dock along the North Embarcadero at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. The public is invited to purchase "passports" which give you access to actually go on board and tour the tall ships.

Other activities include the chance to sail with the Tall Ship of the Golden State, the Californian, to battle the enemy with authentic Civil War cannons. Or you might choose a cruise on the replica of the original America's Cup yacht, America. Or plan to ride on the Stars and Stripes or the Abracadabra, both America's Cup racing yachts, out for an on-the-water perspective of the festivities.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other activities such as a fun petting zoo for the kids. The youngsters will also enjoy getting up close and personal with pirates. Live entertainment from a variety of genres includes Contemporary Rock, Sea Chanteys, Mariachi groups and Steel Drum Bands. Over 150 arts and craft vendors and a multitude of options at the food court are also available.

"This event really brings awareness, not only to the museum, but to what San Diego has to offer," states Gallant. And all that San Diego has to offer can also be enjoyed from your San Diego timeshare rental, including its wonderful beaches, beautiful Balboa Park, and even Sea World. A Labor Day vacation in San Diego is a perfect choice for great family fun, and one you might now want to make an annual tradition.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Choosing the Best Hawaiian Island for Your Dream Timeshare Vacation

Just about everyone knows that Hawaii is a dream vacation spot. But "Hawaii" isn't just one big destination; it's several small ones, each with its own personality, charm, and distinctive flavor. How to choose the best Hawaiian Island for your timeshare vacation? We'll help.

At the top of the Hawaiian Island chain is the island of Kauai. This is the oldest and most northern of the islands, and is distinctive for its extraordinary natural beauty. The lush tropical vegetation has earned Kauai the nickname "The Garden Island." Kauai highlights include stunning Wiamea Canyon, known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific," the Napali Coast with its spectacular sea cliffs, and Wailua River - the only navigable river in the entire state of Hawaii. See Kauai timeshares.

The next link in this island chain is Oahu, home to Hawaii's state capital, Honolulu, and most of Hawaii's population. Oahu is a mix of scenic wonders and cultural events. Oahu highlights include Waikiki Beach, that iconic beach destination known the world over, (see photo of Diamond Head) Pearl Harbor with its U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, and North Shore, birthplace of giant wave surfing. See Oahu timeshares.

Maui is the second largest island, and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, some of the best whale watching in the world, and is the "windsurfing capitol of the world." Other Maui highlights include watching a spectacular sunrise from the top of the Haleakala crater, and driving a breathtaking scenic route to the charming little town of Hana. See Maui timeshares.

Big Island
Hawaii's Big Island is larger than all of the other islands combined, and is vast enough that it amazingly holds 11 of the world's 13 climatic zones. This means that the things to do on this island vary immensely, from basking on sandy beaches to hiking above the timberline on snowcapped mountains. Highlights of the Big Island include Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with a view of Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes, and dazzling waterfalls along the Hamakua Coast. See Big Island timeshares.

So as you can see, like a delicious smorgasbord Hawaii offers a wonderful variety for every taste. Visit HawaiiGaga.com for more ideas on choosing the best Hawaiian island for you. And if you're looking for beautiful accommodations with lots of space at budget prices, visit RedWeek.com and see all the Hawaii timeshare rentals available.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrate Labor Day with a Carnival at Your New York Timeshare

There's no end to the fascinatingly different ways Americans celebrate Labor Day Weekend. It's without a doubt a bittersweet holiday, traditionally marking the end of carefree summer days, but it's also an excuse for a great party. And if a great party is what you're looking for, head to Brooklyn for Carnival! Choose from the many wonderful New York timeshare rentals available, and take the family to this unique Labor Day celebration.

Events for the West Indian American Day Carnival are held every year from the Thursday before Labor Day through the weekend, culminating in the parade on Labor Day itself. In 2010 it celebrates its 42nd anniversary as it continues to enjoy the distinction of being New York City's biggest cultural festival.

In the 1920s immigrants from Trinidad and other Caribbean islands with a carnival tradition began celebrating Carnival privately, and by the mid-forties this Carnival celebration had become a NYC street festival held every Labor Day.

Highlights of the Carnival include a steel band competition, a Dimanche Gras (Fat Sunday) extravaganza and a special Kiddie Carnival. And what is a celebration without great food? The mouthwatering Carnival culinary offerings include Caribbean dishes such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Bajan Fried Flying Fish. Your sweet tooth will enjoy coconut bread, aloo pie, and even raw sugarcane.

The most characteristic sound of the Carnival is the iconic Caribbean steel band. Interestingly, the steel bands were developed from necessity when drums were banned by the British government in Trinidad. The people used all kinds of objects as percussion instruments until the 1930s when someone discovered that dented sections of oil drums produced different notes. At the Carnival, steel bands play to win the "Panorama" competition.

Early Labor Day morning (very early - things start at about 3:00am) the J'Ouvert Parade begins - a celebration of steel pan drums that kicks off the main parade that starts at 11am. Without a doubt the centerpiece of the Carnival is this exciting, and extraordinarily colorful, Labor Day Parade. As up to 2 million spectators cheer, thousands of merrymakers dance along the parade route to the sounds of reggae and calypso music, and floats filled with elaborately costumed masqueraders, illustrating a particular lavish theme, compete for cash prizes.

A New York timeshare rental and Carnival! What better Labor Day celebration could you ask for?!

(Photo provided by wiadca.com)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Labor Day Sailing Fun at Your Boston Timeshare

For all of you who have salt water in your veins and love to spend time around the sea, the 26th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is the perfect Labor Day Weekend event. Just 30 miles from your Boston timeshare rental, Gloucester celebrates the major contribution of the classic fishing schooner to the history of Gloucester and Massachusetts.

Over the weekend the city's harbor, the oldest fishing port on the Atlantic Coast, is filled with the sails of over 50 authentic old schooners and their replicas. And the festival is a rousing celebration from start to finish.

The actual start of the Gloucester Schooner Festival is a huge Block Party Friday evening, September 3rd. Here you'll be able to meet and mingle with other festival-goers, all here for one thing - good old fashioned fun, from music and dancing in the street to a cinema under the stars to children's art activities.

During the day on Saturday, September 4th, you'll have many activities to keep you busy. Start with the Walking Tour of Gloucester's Working Waterfront. Using 1880 maps and historic photographs, your Schooner Adventure guide will take you back to the waterfront's fishing heyday.

A visit to the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center is where you'll learn what it was like to sail on a fishing schooner 100 years ago. Your kids will love getting up close and personal to a working vintage fog horn - which they can actually blow themselves.
The U.S. Coast Guard Station is also open for public tours on this day.

Boat races for traditional craft go through the afternoon, and then it's time for the "Parade of Lights," complete with fireworks over Gloucester Harbor.

Sunday, September 5th, opens with the stunning "Parade of Sail." All participating schooners raise sail and glide down the harbor, to accompanying announcements of the name of each ship and a bit of its history. You might even see an authentic cannon fired in salute from one of the ships.

Sunday afternoon the highlight of the Festival is the exciting Mayor's Race for the Esperanto Cup, a trophy from the first International Fishermen's Races held in 1920. This centerpiece race for 100-ft Schooners showcases beautiful ships and the well-trained crews that sail them.

A timeshare rental will give you and your family the chance to enjoy a truly American Labor Day Weekend celebration, one that is unique but also filled with the fun and excitement that every end-of-summer party should be.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pet Friendly Airline Resources for Timeshare Vacations with Your Pet

There are many pet-friendly timeshare rentals available, and it's a good bet that most of them are not just down the road from your house. That means that you'll probably be flying to your vacation destination, and if Fido and Fluffy are coming along you'll need to make flight arrangements for them, too.

To help you plan, PetFinder.com has just released its list of the Top Pet-Friendly Airlines. "Pets are becoming more of an integral part of our families so it's only natural that airlines are taking pet travel more seriously," said Betsy Banks Saul, the co-founder of Petfinder.com said in a press release. "This list will raise awareness on criteria that pet parents should take into consideration, such as the risks of traveling in cargo, so they can make informed decisions."

Among the major airline carriers, PetFinder gave “Best Pet-Friendly Amenities” to JetBlue. JetBlue’s superior JetPaws program is specifically designed to help people and their pets enjoy a smoother travel experience. JetBlue also garnered “Best for Animal Health and Safety”. JetBlue’s refusal to permit pet transport in the cargo hold is an important animal safety measure backed by evidence that supports this policy. From May 2009 to May 2010, the only airlines with zero reported pet deaths were those that required pets to travel in-cabin.

“Best for Budget-Conscious Consumers” was given to AirTran, who topped this category by allowing small domesticated dogs, cats and birds to travel for $69 each way in-cabin.

However, the overall winner was no surprise this year with the introduction of the pets-only airline, PetAirways, in July 2009. PetAirways caters specifically to pets and carries no human passengers, just "Pawsengers," as the airline calls them.

While more expensive than the traditional means of flying your pets, this "Pet Jet" is also the only airline that is capable of focusing 100% on the animals. Each pet travels in its own individual carrier in the pressurized main cabin. Trained attendants check on the animals every 15 minutes, and the animals are given bathroom breaks as necessary.

Currently PetAirways serves nine cities, including New York City, Chicago, Baltimore/Washington, Denver and Los Angeles. The airline plans to expand to 25 cities by late 2011.

All of this is good news for your timeshare rental vacation plans that include the furry members of your family. For more information about pet-friendly timeshare resorts, see RedWeek.com's pet-friendly link.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marriott Hawaii Gives Back by Participating in Charity Walk

This summer Marriott Resorts in Hawaii (the parent company of Marriott Vacation Club International) participated in the 32nd annual Visitor Industry Charity Walk, sponsored by the Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association (HHLA). In total, 1,361 associates of Marriott Resorts Hawaii took part in the Charity Walk, which raised money for local Hawaiian charities.

It all began back in 1974 when the HHLA sponsored a “Superwalk” to benefit one major charitable organization. Over the years, the Charity Walk has grown to become one of the largest single day fund-raising events in the State and now benefits all of Hawaii’s non-profit charities. Walkers are treated to food, drink and first aid at checkpoints along the walk route and entertainment is provided at the end of the walk which takes place on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and the Big Island.

Marriott had set a goal for their fundraising efforts and exceeded it by raising a total of $901,029.This year’s theme was “A Tradition of Kokua,” referring to the 32 years that the charity has been looking out for local communities. Over 200 charities benefited from the single-day of efforts.

So, when visiting your Marriott Hawaii timeshare this summer, think of how the associates there gave back in their community. Maybe it will inspire you to look into opportunities for charitable giving in your home town.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Visit the Japanese Friendship Garden from your San Diego Timeshare

If you are looking for peaceful and serene surroundings while on vacation in your San Diego timeshare, plan to visit the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. Created to combine the elements of water, pastoral and mountain, the design of the garden is homage to the San-Kei-En (“Three Scene Garden”) in Yokohama. Come learn about the Japanese heritage and experience some of their culture while visiting this calming zen garden.

Well known for its unique setting, the Japanese Friendship Garden features a koi pond, stone zen garden, exhibition hall and bonsai tree collection. The koi pond contains a waterfall meant to reflect the local surroundings. The koi are called “nishikigoi” in Japanese and represent longevity and virility. The symbol for longevity is also reflected in the island of the pond, which is in the shape of a turtle.

At the zen garden, you will find that the bare simplicity of raked white gravel and grey rocks absorbs your thoughts. This is a great place to sit, reflect and reach a quietude within yourself. As you wend along the path there are several water fountains gently catching and trickling droplets up and down.

The exhibit hall features rotating art shows of sculpture, floral arranging, painting and a variety of Japanese cultural artifacts. The bonsai collection (pronounced “bone-sigh”) is a display of plants in miniature and each is pruned in perfect proportion to live harmoniously in its container.

Enjoy the stillness of the garden as you slowly stroll the path. Notice how there are very subtle changes to the color of the path itself as a variety of textures and levels are used to stimulate your awareness. The beautiful trees, bamboo and groundcover also lend to the experience. On your way out, be sure to stop for tea in the tea pavilion, the perfect end to your serene journey before you head back to your timeshare rental and plan another beautiful day visiting San Diego.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Waimea Valley is a Must see on Your Oahu Timeshare Vacation

Hawaii is beautiful and a wonderful timeshare rental vacation destination. When staying in your Oahu Timeshare, be sure to visit the North Shore and plan a day exploring the beautiful Waimea Valley. If your family loves to be enveloped in nature in a beautiful tropical environment, you must visit the Waimea Valley which offers not only natural beauty, but also a chance to experience the cultural history of Hawaii.

Two million years ago the Waimea Valley was carved by rain and wind from the side of the Ko‘olau Mountains. With its range of environments stretching from the dry, salty sea to the cool, misty uplands, Waimea Valley is now home to a vast array of ferns, hibiscus, bamboo, tropical fruits and nuts invertebrates, birds, stream life, and Hawaii’s only land mammal, the hoary bat. See a detailed list of the botanical collection.

Wear your walking shoes and plan to hike the trails for the best experience. You’ll want to make it all the way to the breathtaking waterfall. If you bring your own towel and swim suit, you can plan to swim when you arrive. For those with trouble walking can buy a ticket at the entry booth to ride the Guided Tram for just $2 each way.

In addition to the beauty of the park itself, there are many activities you can take part in that occur three to four times per day:
  • The Teaching of the Kūpuna
    Learn from the elders (kūpuna) as they teach you about life in Hawai‘i through displays and demonstrations of Hawaiian artifacts, songs and dance, and crafts.

  • What's Blooming
    Stroll the park with Botanical Collections Specialist, David Orr, as he highlights beautiful blooming plants and fruits. This walk is offered on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month.

  • Quiet Games
    Pala‘ie (loop and ball), hū (kukui nut tops), and kimo (jackstones) are some of the games that are played by kids of all ages.

  • Games of Skill
    ‘Ulu maika (rolling stone disc), moa pahe‘e (dart sliding), and kōnane (Hawaiian checkers) will test your skills of accuracy and strategy.

  • Hula Dance Lessons
    Learn the traditional Hawaiian dance.

  • Lei Making
    Using flowers grown at the park, weave a lovely flower necklace.
Waimea Valley is a historical, botanical and ecological wonder. The 1,875-acre natural environment offers an authentic cultural window into the lifestyle and customs of the Hawaiian people and is rich with Hawaiian history, spirituality and traditions. Costs are just $13.00 for Adults, $6.00 for Children (4 - 12), $6.00 for Seniors 60 years and older.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tips for Inexpensive Dining Out Options at Your Oahu Timeshare

Article written by guest blogger: Joann Whetstine, Marketing Manager for RedWeek.com

While I was staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village timeshare resort in Oahu, Hawaii, I discovered that there are ways to eat inexpensively in Honolulu if you are looking for a break from your timeshare kitchen.

The main thing to do is take a walk! Just walking a few blocks off the main road (ie. right on the beach) will present you with other restaurant and dining opportunities that are less costly than those with an ocean view. We found reasonable coffee shops and a great Cheeseburger restaurant just by strolling the city.

If you are staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, right next door is the Hale Koa Military hotel. What you may not realize is that they have a Snack Shack right off the beach that is open to anyone, not just military personnel or residents of their hotel with military ID. We found that we could save up to half the cost we were paying when dining in a restaurant by getting our lunch here and eating it on the beach (which is what my 6 year old preferred anyway!) They offer a variety of hot and cold items that can be made to order such as a BBQ pork sandwich, pizza and fried chicken. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Another option which you may not have thought about is the famous ABC stores. They are practically on every corner so that you can pick up some sunscreen or that last minute toothbrush you forgot to pack, but, they also have quite a selection of snacks, juices, sandwich items and even fresh fruit. I loved getting ½ a papaya every day as a snack! You can’t beat fresh fruit from the island and sometimes you just don’t want to head back up to your room to eat. The ABC store is always close by and right by the beach.

So, if the thought of eating out in Oahu is putting a damper on your vacation planning, remember to rent an Oahu timeshare to cook most of your meals “at home” and when you are out in the city, remember these tips to find inexpensive dining out options.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Summer Timeshares in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is popularly known as "Ski Town, USA" and for good reason. It is an internationally known winter resort destination. However, summer outdoor enthusiasts also rank it as one of the top mountain summer vacation destinations in the world. Located in the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains just west of the Continental Divide, Steamboat Springs has many timeshare rentals available to give your family a fantastic outdoor summer getaway.

For starters, just stand outside your timeshare and breathe in that delicious clear, fresh mountain air. Then look around at the breathtaking vistas of mountain ranges and ranch lands that seem to go on forever.

Now you're ready to jump in to all of the outdoor activities there are to do around Steamboat Springs in the summer.
  1. Hiking and Mountain Biking
    Steamboat Springs gives you over 30 miles of scenic mountain trails via a ride on the gondola where you can start your hikes and mountain bike rides along Steamboat Ski Resort. For a more gentle hike or bike ride, or a walk with the kids, there's the Yampa River Trail that connects the lower part of the ski area to downtown.

  2. Water Sports
    It's hot everywhere this summer and a great way to cool off is to enjoy water sports at Steamboat Springs that include riverboarding, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and wakekiting. Steamboat's "Boardom Bound" offers rental packages that can include lessons if you like.

    For those of you in search of a more laid-back water activity, try tubing. Float along the Yampa River right through the heart of downtown Steamboat Springs and end up at Charlie's Hole, a local favorite swimming hole.

  3. Horseback Riding
    Opportunities to ride your own gentle steed through national forests or across cattle ranches abound. From a ride that begins in the pines high up in the mountains overlooking Steamboat Lake, to the chance to be a cowboy and participate on an actual working cattle ranch, there's a horseback ride to fit every interest.

  4. Live Music and Western Fun
    The 2010 Steamboat Free Summer Concert Series runs through August 20th, and showcases bluegrass, jazz and Southern Rock. Each outdoor concert also offers food vendors and special kids activities.

    You're in the West, so be sure to take in a rodeo. The 2010 PRCA Pro Rodeo Series takes place in Steamboat every weekend through August 21st.
Check out Steamboat Springs timeshare rentals at such resorts as the Wyndham Vacation Resorts Steamboat Springs and the WorldMark Steamboat Springs Resort, among others. For a family that enjoys outdoor summer activities, Steamboat Springs is made to order.

(Photo provided by sombrero.com for horseback riding in Steamboat Springs)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

National Timeshare Owners Association Conference Coming Soon

The National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) will be hosting its next educational conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Clarion Hotel, on September 19, 2010. Registration is open until August 19, 2010.

The NTOA was founded as a non-profit consumer-protection organization acting in the interest of its members who are timeshare owners. The organization's mission statement includes, among other things: to provide a forum for face-to-face exchanges of experiences and ideas among timeshare owners; and to keep members informed about events and developments in the timeshare industry.

In January, 2010, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) joined forces with the NTOA. This partnership of the two largest timeshare owner associations sees its purpose as that of timeshare owner promoter, and advocate.

Ed Hastry, founder of NTOA, stated, "NTOA members are enthused about the opportunity to have a more direct communications vehicle into the developers. We have a huge group of owners that can articulate what vacation ownership means to them and why it’s a great way to vacation.”

The 2010 Milwaukee conference has a roster of outstanding national speakers that includes Howard Nussbaum, President and CEO of ARDA; Lisa Anne Schreier, author of "Timeshare Vacations for Dummies" and "Surviving a Timeshare Presentation;" and Ed Hastry, NTOA founder and president.

An NTOA spokesperson said that the conference is designed to give timeshare owners valuable information about their property. The conference will be a great venue for timeshare owners to ask questions and receive valuable insights about the industry.

P.S. - Why not turn the conference into a family vacation? Check out the timeshare rentals that are available at beautiful Wisconsin Dells, just an hour and a half drive from Milwaukee. September temperatures can still be moderate, and a best-kept secret of Wisconsin is that the splendor of its autumn foliage rivals that of New England.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Ahhh the Mandara Spa at Hilton Hawaiian Village Timeshare Resort

Article written by guest blogger: Joann Whetstine, Marketing Manager for RedWeek.com

If you are planning to stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village timeshare resort in Oahu, Hawaii, do yourself a favor and really pamper yourself by scheduling a relaxing massage at the Mandara Spa. Located on the 4th floor of the Kalia Tower, the Mandara Spa is not to be missed. The décor is so soothing, and the accommodations in the locker room and waiting area are so luxurious you just can’t help but be relaxed just by being there, even before the service!

As you check in, you are presented with 4 essential oils to choose from for your massage service. From spicy to floral, there’s a scent that will speak to you and help enhance your relaxation during your treatment. You are given a tour of the facility and your service that day gives you access to come back any time for the rest of the day, in case you want another trip to the steam room or Jacuzzi tub or wish to use the fitness center.

You are provided with a white robe, slippers and comfortable lounge chairs to enjoy a magazine while you wait, with a cup of lemon infused water to keep you hydrated. Waterfalls cascade to enhance your moment of zen. The masseurs are top notch and will always ask you throughout your massage if the pressure is to your liking. On our visit, my husband and I had the Hawaiian Ku’uipo Lomi Massage, side by side, which ended with a 30 minute dip in a private Hydrotherapy jetted tub for additional relaxation.

Everywhere you go in the spa, you’ll see plumeria flowers as accents for decorations: On the towels, around the tub, placed around the Jacuzzi. A lovely reminder that you are in the beauty of Hawaii. We only experienced the massage on our visit, but, the spa has many other services such as facials, body treatments, hot stone therapy, beauty services and their fitness center to enjoy.

So, if you are looking for a special treat on your Oahu Timeshare vacation, schedule a visit to the Mandara Spa where an oasis of relaxation awaits you.