Monday, February 28, 2011

Timeshare Rentals: Travel to Oscar Nominated Film Destinations

Was your invitation to the 83rd Academy Awards (held February 27, 2011) lost in the mail? Bummer. Not to worry - you can do the next best thing, and get up close and personal with the Best Movie Oscar nominations by planning a timeshare rental vacation where your favorites were filmed on location.
  1. Black Swan
    Rent a NYC timeshare and visit the New York State University at Purchase Performing Arts Center. It's just 20 miles from Manhattan, and is where most of the principle photography for this movie took place. While visiting NYC you can attend both the New York City Ballet and the American Ballet Theater.

  2. The King's Speech
    To visit shooting locations for this movie you get to go to the U.K. and rent a London timeshare. Several different places were used for different aspects of the Buckingham Palace - Lancaster House (a 19th-century mansion owned by the Foreign Office) was the main location. Other key sites were Drapers Hall, a Livery Hall in the City of London, and Englefield House, a Berkshire mansion which was used for the entrance to Buckingham Palace.

  3. The Fighter
    This true story about welterweight boxer Mickey Ward was filmed on location in Ward's hometown of Lowell, MA. Its boxing matches were shot at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell, and gym scenes at Arthur Ramalho's West End Gym, one of the real-life facilities where Ward had trained.

  4. The Social Network
    Also filmed for the most part in Massacusettes, on location sites included Cambridge, two prep schools of Phillips Academy and Milton Academy, and Wheelock College which was set up to be Harvard's campus. The rowing scenes with the Winklevoss brothers were filmed at Community Rowing Inc. in Newton, MA and at Henley Royal Regatta. Los Angeles and Pasadena substituted for Silicon Valley.

    Filming locations for both movies are within easy driving distances of a Boston timeshare rental as well as a Cape Cod timeshare rental.

  5. The Inception
    Locations for this movie included six countries on four continents: Japan, Morocco, France, England, Canada and the United States. Rent a Paris timeshare and check out the Pont de Bir-Hakeim bridge over the Seine; a London timeshare for The University College London’s Flaxman Gallery; and a Banff, Alberta timeshare rental for nearby abandoned Fortress Mountain ski resort.

  6. Winter's Bone
    Filmed in the Ozarks near Branson, MO. A timeshare rental in Branson actually offers a great deal of family fun, unlike the harrowing, dangerous tale told in this Oscar nominated movie.

  7. True Grit
    Most of the outdoor locations for this western were filmed around Santa Fe, NM. Rent a Santa Fe timeshare and share in the beautiful wide-open spaces captured so beautifully by cinematographer Roger Deakins.
We hope all your favorite stars and movies received the awards you hoped for at this year’s Oscars. Happy traveling!

Friday, February 25, 2011

5 Top Spring Break Ski Resorts

PhotobucketSpring Break time is coming soon, and that means Ski Time! After being cooped up in classrooms all winter, now is your chance to spend an entire week in the exhilarating outdoors doing nothing but playing in the snow!

Here are 5 top ski resorts that are perfect for a Spring Break:
  1. Winter Park, CO
    The Colorado Rocky Mountains claim to be "Ski Country U.S.A., and a timeshare rental in Winter Park will not only put you in the middle of world-class skiing, but is also nicely situated only about an hour and a half from Denver. That makes it easy to get to by car, and you can take a bus or even AmTrak. In fact, if you'd like to have a different kind of adventure this Spring Break, take an AmTrak trip - which can take you to Winter Park from either coast, with a 15% student discount.

  2. Jackson Hole, WY
    The spectacular Teton Mountains are the dramatic back drop to this chic western town that welcomes Spring Breakers with open arms. Although an up-scale ski resort area, it's easy to find budget Jackson Hole timeshare rentals for Spring Break that are affordable, especially when shared with friends and the cost split among you. Be sure to check out the National Elk Reserve while you're there, where you'll see hundreds of these magnificent animals up close and personal.

  3. Lake Tahoe, CA
    Actually there are over 17,000 acres of ski runs spread across both California and Nevada, offered by 7 major ski resorts and a host of smaller, family-owned jewels. A lot of budget-friendly California timeshare and Nevada timeshare rentals are available, too. And for a break from the slopes take a ride around this gorgeous alpine lake on the paddle-wheeler Dixie.

  4. Smugglers' Notch, Vermont
    The Smugglers' Notch Ski Resort is nationally known as a top pick by SKI magazine. Not only is there great skiing here, especially after the huge snowfalls this winter, for the first time this year - yes, even in the winter - you can skim along a zip line tour. This 3-hour tour consists of a series of zip lines, suspension bridges and rappels guaranteed to get your heart thumping.

  5. Whistler, B.C.
    A timeshare rental at Whistler-Blackcomb in British Columbia puts you in the middle of many of the venues used in the Winter Olympics last year. If that weren't thrilling enough, this area will be hosting the 16th annual World Ski & Snowboard Festival April 15 -24, 2011. "This is the Festival where arts, sports, fashion, music and culture gets rolled into one jam-packed, adrenaline filled snowball of a lifetime!" If you drive across the Canadian border you don't need a passport. However, if you don't have a high-tech driver's license, you'll need a Pass Card, which is cheaper and faster to get than a passport.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enjoy National Clam Chowder Day at Your Timeshare

Clam chowder! The very words can warm you to your toes on a cold winter's day. February 25th is "National Clam Chowder Day," and there are some great timeshare rental destinations where you can celebrate.

Before you head out to enjoy your steaming bowl of award-winning clam chowder, here is some fun trivia:
  • Clam Chowder may have been the first truly American soup, originating in the New England area during the 1800s.

  • Chowder clams are sometimes referred to as Quahogs.

  • The term chowder originated from the word 'chaudiere' which is French for the 'large pot' that was used by fishermen to cook fish stews.

  • Today clam chowder is an established icon of American cooking and is made all over the world.
Now, you must remember that there are two distinct styles of clam chowder: New England Clam Chowder containing cream and no tomatoes (see photo), and Manhattan Clam Chowder made with a tomato broth base. The New England-style vs. Manhattan-style debate has gone on for years.

The "learn anything" web site, tells us this: Some trace the origins of Manhattan clam chowder to the Italian immigrant population that arrived in New York City in the 1890s. It was featured on the menu at famous Delmonico's restaurant in Manhattan, and when imitated by other chefs, was referred to as Manhattan clam chowder. New Englanders, who were very protective of their cream based chowder, were horrified. In fact, in 1939 the Maine state legislature considered a bill to make it a statutory offense to put tomatoes in clam chowder.

Whichever is your fancy, here are some ideas on where to go and how to celebrate. All over the country restaurants will be offering specials and promotions.
  1. Boston
    Rent a timeshare at Marriott's Custom House and enjoy award-winning clam chowder at the Neptune Oyster, where the clam chowder is rich and thick, or at the Atlantic Fish Co. where the chowder is served in your choice of a cup or a bread bowl.

  2. New York City
    Rent a NYC timeshare and celebrate at Ed’s Chowder House, a classy restaurant in the Upper West Side that has a great chowder sampler, or at the AquaGrill in SoHo where their version of Manhattan clam chowder is made with fresh tomatoes.

  3. San Francisco
    A San Francisco timeshare rental will allow you to enjoy clam chowder at the Blue Mermaid Chowder House, along with authentic San Francisco sour dough bread, at Fisherman's Wharf. Or, head across the Bay to Berkeley's Spenger's Fresh Fish Grotto. Spenger’s will honor National Clam Chowder Day by serving a cup of their award-winning clam chowder for just a $1.21, inspired by the fact that the restaurant is also celebrating its 121st anniversary.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smugglers' Notch Resort Features Zipline Canopy Tour

Are you looking for wild winter fun for your family vacation? Rent a timeshare at Smuggler's Notch Resort in Vermont's Green Mountains, and "wild fun" you'll get!

Smugglers' Notch Resort and ArborTrek Canopy Adventures have teamed up to develop the first zipline canopy tour in Vermont. The 3-hour tour consisting of a series of zip lines, suspension bridges and rappels is scheduled to open in December in a scenic valley in at Smugglers' Notch Resort.

Following a mountain brook from high above Smugglers' Notch Resort Village, the zipline canopy tour will descend through mature stands of hemlock, white birch, and sugar maple. Participants will soar down more than 4,000 feet of zip lines, cross suspension bridges, and rappel from trees. Scenic lookout and tree platforms positioned high in the forest canopy will yield stunning seasonal views of Smugglers' Notch Resort, Mount Mansfield, and Vermont's Green Mountains. The tour will culminate in a breathtaking zip line ride landing back in the Smugglers' Notch Village.

In keeping with the Resort's commitment to environmental stewardship through nature-focused programs that combine learning and fun, Smugglers' canopy tour will incorporate information presented by the tour guides about the local flora and fauna, ecology and natural history.

The year-round zipline canopy tour joins Smugglers' extensive seasonal outdoor experiences including skiing and snowboarding on three mountains, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and in the summer, geocaching; a Via Ferrata hiking, climbing and ropes course adventure; a high ropes challenge course; and an adventure camp for children featuring kayaking, bouldering, and other activities.

"Adding the zipline canopy tour to our extensive family vacation programming will give Smugglers' guests an especially memorable opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking terrain around the Resort," notes Bill Stritzler, the Resort's managing director.

"We're pleased to team up with ArborTrek Canopy Adventures on this exciting project. ArborTrek's focus on education and responsible environmental management of their canopy tour projects is a perfect match for Smugglers' own environmental stewardship initiatives," said Stritzler. The Resort's environmental efforts focus on habitat protection, solid waste and wastewater management, energy efficiency and education.

A Smugglers' Notch Resort timeshare rental at this #1 rated family resort will give you and your family a vacation of a lifetime, any time of the year.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 Exotic Spring Break Destinations to Visit Without a Passport

Would you like an exotic tropical vacation for your Spring Break? But no passport? No problem!

While a passport book or a passport card is now required even if you're just crossing the border into Mexico, or flying into the Caribbean, there are some exotic Spring Break destinations that don't require any kind of travel documents at all.
  1. Puerto Rico
    Rent a budget-friendly timeshare with a group of your friends, and head to Puerto Rico, St. John Island, St. Croix, and St. Thomas - in the very exotic Caribbean. Since they are all U.S. territories, no passport is required if you are an American citizen.

    Complete with everything from fantastic snorkeling to rock climbing and even caves to explore, Puerto Rico has it all. For those of you on your school's golf team you'll be glad to know that Puerto Rico is called the "Golf Capital of the World." And you're probably already aware that San Juan is known for its wild nightlife.

  2. U.S. Virgin Islands
    Another U.S. territory in the Caribbean is the U.S. Virgin Islands. Incredible sugary white sand beaches are yours for sunbathing and swimming when you rent a timeshare at a luxury resort here. St. John, St. Croix and St. Thomas are all Caribbean island vacation destinations of legend.

    St. Croix, the largest of the islands, has two major towns (Christiansted and Frederiksted), a rain forest, and preserved historic plantation homes. Bustling Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas is the most popular cruise port in the Caribbean, which means great shopping.

    A full two-thirds of St. John is preserved as a tropical national park. Virgin Islands National Park covers over 7,000 acres and ranges from hills to valleys to beaches. Here also is an opportunity to spend some of your Spring Break helping out. Every Tuesday and Thursday volunteers are encouraged to meet with the rangers for such things as trail repair and beach clean-up.

  3. Hawaii
    Another tropical Spring Break destination needing no passport is, of course, the exotic south sea islands of Hawaii. While Hawaii is a little further to travel to, what you save on timeshare rentals here can help with your airfare costs. For example, get 7 of your friends together and rent a timeshare at the Kona Coast Resort on the Big Island (see photo) for just $143/night that sleeps eight - that's just $18/night for each of you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

4 Tips for How to Enjoy your Mardi Gras Vacation

It's Mardi Gras!! And it's time to be planning your New Orleans timeshare rental Mardi Gras vacation. Mardi Gras for 2011 is on March 8th.

Mardi Gras is celebrated in various incarnations all over the world, but the premiere event is in New Orleans. The city's party officials put it this way, "Perhaps it's the anticipation of the merriment, the excitement of catching throws, the extravaganza of the parades, getting dressed up in costume, or going to a Ball - but a frame of mind takes over the Big Easy and says 'forget your problems and have fun!'"

When you go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, the city wants you to have the time of your life. Following are some of the best tips on how to enjoy Mardi Gras, straight from the official Mardi Gras web site.
  1. Parades
    Get to the parade route early. For the biggest parades rolling in the evening the weekend before Mardi Gras, plan to get there about 4 hours ahead of time to get yourself a great spot.

    For the main "Bacchus" parade people start saving a spot as early as 6am. The good news is that if you do plan to stake out a place that early, several smaller parades roll by during the afternoon for your entertainment.
    You can also find special packages put together by businesses along the parade route offering food and a front row spot for the parade.

  2. Dress in Costume
    It's the one season of the year you can dress up as anything imaginable. There are contests for costumes in every part of the city - and the crowd-watching is as much fun as the parades so be sure to bring your camera.

  3. Catch Mardi Gras Throws
    Go ahead - be a kid again! Enjoy jumping up to catch beads, doubloons, cups, stuffed animals - whatever. Yell at the float riders "Throw me something, Mister!" Bring a large, sturdy plastic or cloth bag to hold all the treasure you'll be catching.

    The French Quarter really has nothing to do with the Mardi Gras celebrations, although this is the area highlighted by the news media at this time of year. It is simply an adult area where the risque' behavior of many visitors to Mardi Gras is tolerated. If you are traveling with your children, this area is best avoided.

  4. Kid-friendly Fun
    There are many activities and events happening all around the city that are kid- and family-friendly. Pack picnics from your timeshare kitchen and spend the days joining in the carnival festivities just as the locals do.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Travel Destinations for National Margarita Day: February 22

Mar-gar-i-ta: n. A cocktail made with tequila, an orange-flavored liqueur, and lemon or lime juice, often served with salt encrusted on the rim of the glass. Cel-e-brate: v. To observe a day or event with ceremonies of respect, festivity, and rejoicing.

February 22, 2011 - National Margarita Day! A perfectly wonderful excuse to Celebrate! There are as many different ways to celebrate National Margarita Day as there are favorite recipes for this iconic drink. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Las Vegas
Rent a timeshare in Las Vegas and join the festivities at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, which will be offering distinctive Margarita specials and tastings throughout the day. Following are some little known facts about the Margaritaville margarita:
  • While the margarita may have been created in 1948 on the hillsides of Acapulco, it wasn't perfected until Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville opened in a Key West restaurant in the 1980's.

  • As a Guinness Book Record holder in 2001, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in Orlando held a 9 year record for the largest Margarita ever concocted at an astounding 7038 gallons.

  • Over 4 million margaritas are served annually in Margaritaville restaurants.

  • At Margaritaville, margaritas 'on the rocks' beat out their frozen sibling 60/40.

  • Margaritaville Las Vegas sells more Margaritas than any other Margaritaville location with an estimated 1 million Margaritas served annually.

  • The first frozen margarita machine was invented in 1971 using soft-serve ice cream machine technology. In 2006, Margaritaville debuted The Frozen Concoction Maker, introducing shave and blend technology to home users.
Cabo San Lucas
Head south of the border and from your Cabo timeshare rental you can visit Pancho's Restaurant & Tequila Bar, a veritable tequila museum.

Fodor's recommends Pancho's with this description: Hundreds of tequilas are available for tasting, and many of the colorfully named brands up on the shelves are no longer manufactured. Schedule a private tasting, at $50 per person, with Bernard Corriveau, the official "Tequila Ambassador" of Mexico, who will teach you a bit about the history, production process, and art of this complex liquor. Corriveau, appointed a "Maestro Tequilero," by the Consejo Regalador de Tequila (loosely, the industry's Tequila Board), just might be the most knowledgeable person on tequila in Los Cabos. Pancho's holds group tequila tastings in English each Tuesday night at 7 pm.

And did you know? On average, Americans consume 185,000 margaritas per hour. Now that's celebrating!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coconut Beach Resort Florida Timeshare Receiving Interior Renovations

Robb & Stucky Interiors, one of North America’s largest home furnishings and interior design companies, is preparing for the total renovation and installation of new furnishings for the Coconut Beach Resort, in Key West, Florida.

The renovation will include all new bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, flooring and total interiors. Robb & Stucky will also provide total design services and custom manufacturing of the majority of the furnishings. Renovation of the five historic “Old Conch” styled buildings will be done in phases, starting in July, 2011, and completed by the end of October.

Robb & Stucky Senior Designer Nancy Woodhouse, IDS, is currently selecting a tropical design embracing an easy living lifestyle for the new furniture packages for the 32 one- and two-bedroom units, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

According to George Galvan, General Manager of Coconut Beach Resort, under the management of Spottswood Companies, “Our Board of Directors selected Robb & Stucky due to their sterling reputation and their track record of exceptional renovations to other resorts. We were impressed with their preferred vendor status by the Interval International vacation exchange company to its prestigious Interval Affiliate Advantage program, making their design services available to member resorts. The owners are eagerly looking forward to the total completion of this project.”

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean the Coconut Beach Resort features old island architecture, lush vegetation and walkways flowing onto white verandas. Amenities include a pool, Jacuzzi, and private beach. The resort has been selected as an Interval International Select Resort.

Robb & Stucky’s hospitality design professionals provide complete turnkey furnishings for their commercial clients by offering design, product development, space planning, manufacturing, purchasing, delivery, installation and servicing. The company also manufactures what they design frequently creating customized product lines for clients.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Find the Faldo Golf Institute at 2 Marriott Timeshares

Faldo Golf Institute by Marriott, one of the nation’s leading golf schools, created by legendary Six-Time Major Champion Sir Nick Faldo (see photo), with locations at Marriott’s Grande Vista resort in Orlando, FL, and Marriott’s Shadow Ridge resort, in Palm Desert, CA, has announced that it has been recognized by Golf Digest as one of America’s 100 Best Clubfitters.

Faldo Golf Institute was among a group of more than 500 clubfitters considered for this prestigious recognition.

“Clubfitting is an integral part of a complete golf school experience, and we are honored by Golf Digest’s recognition,” said Bill Nault, Vice President, Marriott Golf. “At the Faldo Golf Institute, our Master Clubfitters provide the ultimate solution in custom-fit equipment tailored specifically to meet a golfers unique swing characteristics. Whether you are a newcomer to the game or a PGA Tour player, experiencing a personal clubfitting at the Faldo Golf Institute will help improve your game.”

Faldo Golf Institute by Marriott combines the teaching philosophy of the legendary Sir Nick Faldo with the world class service and hospitality of Marriott International to provide a full-service golf school experience perfectly suited for golfers of all ages and abilities. From low-handicap elite golfers seeking a competitive advantage, to newcomers to the game seeking an introductory program that is matched to their needs, the Faldo Golf Institute offers distinct learning programs for everyone.

The renowned Clubfitter’s WorkshopTM is offered at each location, where each student is properly fit with equipment that will help them reach their full potential. Randy Doucette, hand-picked by Sir Nick Faldo himself, has served as the Master Clubfitter at Marriott's Grand Vista resort in Orlando since its inception, and has worked closely with many Tour players and celebrities to ensure they are equipped with a properly fit set of clubs when teeing it up.

Michael Amira, a PGA Professional and nationally recognized as a Top 100 Clubfitter, is the Master Clubfitter at Marriott's Shadow Ridge resort in Palm Desert, CA.

At the Faldo Golf Institute by Marriott, experiencing a one-on-one clubfitting session at the Faldo Golf Institute for a newcomer to the game or a scratch golfer ensures that each student is properly fit with equipment that will help them reach their full potential.

Marriott Golf manages 59 golf courses at 43 locations in 12 countries, offering more than 1,000 holes of championship golf. Marriott has been managing golf operations since 1970 and is one of the world’s premier golf operators.

A timeshare rental at either Marriott's Shadow Ridge or Marriott's Grande Vista offers the ultimate in a golf vacation, whether you're just learning the game or have years of experience on the links.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eagle Trace at Killy Court Offers Year Round Fun

Eagle Trace at Killy Court, in McGaheysville, Virginia, is part of the four-seasons Massanutten Resort in Rockingham County. The area is nestled in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, bounded on the west by the Allegheny Mountains and on the east by the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

In the winter Massanutten offers a thrilling challenge for downhill skiers and snowboarders with Virginia's only quad chairlift and a vertical drop (795 to 1,100 feet). Many other winter sports are available including sledding, snowmobiling and snow tubing.

In the summer you can enjoy fishing, hiking, and an 18-hole PGA-rated golf course. Massanutten's newest addition is its Waterpark (see photo), with 42,000-square-feet of indoor water excitement, and another 80,000 square feet of outdoor Waterpark adventure.

In the fall enjoy breathtaking autumn foliage and in the spring the hills and hollows are covered with colorful carpets of wildflowers.

All year long numerous recreational opportunities and spectacular scenery await you, such as Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive, George Washington National Forest, and two regional parks.

RedWeek members give these reviews:
“We have stayed here several times and it has always been wonderful. Massanutten is a wonderful resort that has it all.”
“Something to do all year long. Spring is very pretty there, summer and winter too. Can't go wrong, very relaxing and a place you'll want to come back to every year!”
“When considering the Dozens of resorts that we've visited, Massanutten is one of the most incredible we've ever experienced. Our family Loves this resort so much that we decided to purchase… in the Killy Court section.”
You can rent a timeshare at Eagle Trace at Killy Court this July for just $93/night that will sleep six.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

New Listings for Kaanapali Beach Club Maui

The Kaanapali Beach Club in Lahaina on Maui is one of the resorts on this year's just released "Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts," a list compiled by RedWeek members. Offered by Diamond Resorts, this spectacular resort complex is located on the world famous Ka'anapali Beach on Maui's North Shore, where you can sunbathe during the day and are bathed in stunning sunsets every evening.

The landscaping offers tropical garden atriums and relaxing waterfalls where you can enjoy outdoor café seating. Swim in the heated, acre-wide, lagoon-style pool that also boasts a 2-story water slide. Miniature golf and a children's program are also offered.

Other activities include many water sports such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. With your timeshare kitchen you can take advantage of the resort's barbecue and picnic areas. You can work out at the state-of-the-art fitness center that includes yoga, or indulge yourself at the spa.

This resort is also a prime whale-watching location. The humpback is the star of the annual whale-watching season in Hawaii, which usually begins in December or January and lasts until April.

RedWeek reviewers have this to say about the Kaanapali Beach Club:

“The Ka’anapali Beach Club is my escape from every day life. I love the location and the relaxing atmosphere. The beach is very nice: clean and not busy from foot traffic. This is my primary reason to stay at Ka’anapali Beach Club - for a very relaxing vacation.”
“I am an owner and my unit is Very beautiful. I love keeping my balcony doors open during the night and listen to the waves. During the day, I can watch the whales (during whale season) from my balcony - very entertaining. There is a walkway along the beach so I enjoy my morning walks for about 3 miles each day. There is a grocery store within short walking distance and also a farmer's market (which is perfect for the timeshare kitchen).”
“A fantastic location with a great, attentive staff. Extremely family-friendly, but not overrun with kids. The view is amazing, especially during whale season. The nicest resort on Maui that is not "stuffy." Virtually anything you want to do is within close reach from this resort. You Won't be disappointed.”
Current listings for Kaanapali Beach Resort on Maui include 73 timeshare rentals, starting at just $107/night, and 13 resales that start at $1800.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Discover what Divi Phoenix Timeshare Owners Know

The beachfront Beach Villas at Divi Phoenix Resort in Aruba is located just 4 miles from Aruba's capital city, Oranjestad. The resort is approximately 2 miles from the Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort, the Alhambra Casino, and the Links at Divi Aruba Golf Course.

Situated on Aruba's famed Palm Beach, and backed by a private wildlife sanctuary, the Beach Villas at Divi Phoenix is a tropical delight. A wide beach of pure white sand, dotted with palms, thatch cabanas, and hammocks, invites you to relax to breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

Beach Villas at Divi Phoenix is the newest development at the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort. This new development adds 148 luxury suites to the existing 101 units at the resort. The new suites are housed in four eight-story buildings, each featuring spacious studios, one bedroom suites, and two and three bedroom penthouses that offer fully equipped kitchens, picture windows, and large private balconies with sweeping views.

This is the perfect resort for being lazy on the beach and doing absolutely nothing. However, if you prefer to keep active, a full service activities coordinator is available to assist you in arranging island tours, water sports, and more.

Scuba diving and snorkeling is a favorite pastime in Aruba. Divers with Open Water Certification can enjoy the many diving sites Aruba has to offer, including wall diving, reef diving, and exploring wrecks sunk during World War II. There are many excellent snorkeling sites as well, including beautiful coral formations as well as the wreck sites with a visibility, at some sites, of 100 feet.

Aruba is also known for its glitzy and glamorous casinos. The larger casinos feature live first class entertainment imported from other countries such as the United States and Latin America.

Redweek members have written these reviews about Aruba's Beach Villas at Divi Phoenix:
"Such a beautiful resort we accidentally came upon after staying in a more crowded timeshare. Now own two units. It is quite picturesque".
"The resort is quite charming!!! It is peaceful and has a beautiful Zen look. The ocean view is breathtaking. Rooms are very nice, spacious with a large balcony. Housekeeping was extremely accommodating. Beach has been cleared of rocks & shells and they are continuing to clean it up. Pools are very big, lots of space. Lovely property".
If you are thinking of joining the ranks of Divi Phoenix owners there are currently 9 timeshare resales listed on RedWeek, ranging from: $39,500 - $169,700. There are 7 resales for the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort from $2,750 - $21,000. Timeshare rentals are also available at both resorts.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Ready for NASCAR with a Daytona Beach Timeshare

NASCAR® Fans! Are you ready for the Daytona 500? On February 20, 2011, the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL, will host the 53rd annual event of this world famous race. Forty-three of the best stock car drivers in the world will compete in “The Great American Race,” NASCAR’s biggest, richest and most prestigious event.

Daytona Beach, Florida, is almost unique among beach timeshare rental
vacation destinations. Stretching for 23 miles, 11 of those miles are drivable by car. The sand, wonderfully powdery-soft to the touch, packs hard enough to allow motorized vehicles to safely traverse along the beach in specified areas.

This wide beach of hard-packed sand is what created the motor sports capital of Daytona Beach. The first motorized vehicles drove along the beach in 1902 when engineers of the new fangled automobile used the area to safely test their inventions. The Daytona Beach Road Course was created in 1936 for the first stock car races, and actually was the site of 15 world land-speed records. Races continued to be held on the beach until 1959 when NASCAR was created and the Daytona International Speedway was built.

Since then Daytona Beach has become the mecca for fans of the thrilling speed and electrifying feats of just about every motorized vehicle known to man. The Daytona International Speedway itself covers 180 acres, including a 29-acre lake. The major races attract over 250,000 spectators, divided between the 165,000-seat grandstand and the infield track.

Be sure to visit the track on non-racing days, too - it offers three separate open-air tram tours through its hallowed grounds, giving you first-hand experience of what racing along a steep 31-degree banked turn is like.

Other "need for speed" activities that are fun for the entire family in the Daytona Beach area include the "Daytona 500 Experience." Here you can test your racing skills in a stock car motion simulator. And the 3-D Imax Experience puts you in the driver's seat in another highly realistic racing encounter.

It's probably no coincidence that the Daytona 500 is run in February. About this time most of us are winter-weary, and a warm beach getaway sounds about perfect. The wide expanse of the beach offers a wonderful opportunity for those of you who are early morning walkers and joggers to use the hard-packed sand to your advantage, while being serenaded with beautiful sunrises. Later in the day take a break from sunbathing and sandcastle-building and take the family to the historic pier and boardwalk where you can ride the Ferris wheel and play amusement games.

So plan a fun Daytona 500 winter vacation. The Daytona Beach Regency Resort currently has timeshare rentals for that week starting at just $80/night.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Marriott Ocean Pointe Resales Make a Perfect Beach Vacation

Marriott's Ocean Pointe resort on Florida's Singer Island offers both a quiet, secluded beach destination, and the excitement of glamorous shopping and spas in nearby Palm Beach. Marriott's Ocean Pointe is the perfect resort for families, with amenities that include family entertainment, and a host of activities for the kids.

If you've been thinking about buying a timeshare at this remarkable resort, you might want to check out the Ocean Pointe resales that are listed on Currently there are 45, ranging in price from $5000 to $40,900. Talk about choice!

Reviews by Redweek members include:
“This is a top notch resort and the villas are beautiful. Marriott International has really out done themselves. This is a Great vacation value.”
“We are Canadian and have been coming here for 4 years now/ twice per year (We own 4 weeks). But we rent from other owners on Redweek when we want to stay longer or for extra units for family & friends traveling with us. The place just keeps on getting better every year.”
“We are 9 year owners of a unit at Ocean Pointe. Water sports galore abound on the beaches: jet skis, parasailing, fishing, sailing, and wave boarding (all set up at Ocean Pointe). There are two wonderful restaurants on the island which you can walk to with a beautiful boardwalk and shopping. You can also rent bikes or scooters to tour the island with. And there is a state park on the island where you are able to rent canoes or kayaks and spend an afternoon in the bay. We never get bored on Singer Island even after 10 years.”
An Ocean Pointe resale might be just what you're looking for to ensure that you and your family have the perfect beach vacation year after year.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Your Positive RedWeek Reviews Can Make a Difference!

Don't you just love giving your opinion? can use your help - and your opinion - in getting the word out about the great benefits of a membership. Your positive reviews can make a difference! Help increase RedWeek's visibility by adding your ratings online.

What would you say are the best advantages to being a member of Budget-friendly timeshare rental vacations for the family? A world of travel available with multitudes of timeshare exchanges? A safe and supportive marketplace where you can resell your timeshare? Aren't you Glad you're a member?!

What if you'd never heard of How drastically would that change the way you are currently able to enjoy vacations?

We all love to tell our friends and family whenever we discover an outstanding product or service. And that's a good way to get the word out to more people about the wonderful advantages every traveler or vacationer can enjoy as a member of

How to do it? Well, there happens to be a number of online web sites where people can review products and services. These sites offer each of us the chance to give our opinion, and then are great resources that help other people make informed choices.

You can use these sites to help let a lot of people know about You may already be aware of these review sites, and maybe have even given your opinion about a product that you've purchased. But remember that online services such as can benefit from your reviews on these sites, as well.

Review sites such as Epinions and Viewpoints are good fits for reviewing's services and membership advantages. Other sites that you can use include ReviewCentre, and MeasuredUp. Some already have listed as a business to review. Or, if you find a review site you'd like to use that does not yet list, feel free to add and be the first to write a review. Oh, and let us know as a comment below what site you found so we can add it to our list.

And remember - the more members there are of, the more choices you yourself will have of where to rent a timeshare, where to exchange your timeshare, where to purchase a timeshare resale, and the more interested purchasers you'll have for your timeshare resale. It's not only fun to give your opinion, but in this case letting people know about will benefit not only the company, but you as well!

Monday, February 07, 2011

4 Romantic Timeshare Locations for Valentines Travel

Need some ideas for a getaway with your Valentine? Nothing is more romantic than the Caribbean. There are a lot of choices here so we've done some of the research for you to get you started. Think Champaign and chocolates on a white sand beach!
  1. Aruba
    The Aruba Beach Club has February timeshare rentals starting at $71/n. A reviewer says:
    “The Aruba Beach Club is the BEST place to stay on Aruba. You are literally "steps from the beach". All amenities are shared with Casa del Mar next door, so you have double the fun.”
    Costa Linda Beach Resort is one of the resorts listed by members on the recently announced list of "Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts." A Valentine's Day timeshare rental here is $171/n. A reviewer says:
    “This resort is great! The beach is spectacular. The resort is centrally located and very private. Just enough beach action to keep one entertained but not enough to overwhelm. The grounds are beautiful and the rooms are spacious and well equipped. I would highly recommend this resort.”
  2. Grand Cayman Island
    Morritt's Tortuga Club has a Valentines week timeshare rentals starting at $79/n. A reviewer says:
    “We have owned the Tortuga Club for many years and just love it. The staff are always helpful and friendly! The island is wonderful to visit with lots to do. The botanical gardens are wonderful, and there are many lovely private snorkeling spots around the island that don't cost you a cent.”
  3. Bahamas
    Harborside Resort at Atlantis, on Paradise Island, is another resort listed on Redweek's "Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts." Timeshare rentals are available here starting as low as $125/n. A reviewer says:
    “LOVE IT!! We own a 1 bdr premium and have gone every year for the past five years. We have the option to go to other resorts but we keep going back to the Atlantis because we love it so much. Make sure you take advantage of all the free shuttle services that the Atlantis offers as it is very convenient in getting around this enormous resort.”
  4. Puerto Rico
    ESJ Towers in San Juan, has a Valentine's Day timeshare rental for $100/n. A reviewer says:
    “ESJ Towers is a fantastic vacation spot. It is close to everything, food, shopping, a variety of casino hotels, restaurants, you name it. The hotel is on the beach and the pool overlooks the ocean. The ESJ hotel which is adjacent to ESJ Tower has a large casino, live music almost every night and there is a club for those wanting exciting night life.”

Friday, February 04, 2011

5 Fun Winter Activities at Smugglers' Notch Resort

There are many adventures awaiting your family when you rent a Smugglers' Notch Resort timeshare this winter. Smugglers' Notch Resort is a year-round family vacation destination, and features non-stop fun. Here are 5 Fun Winter Activities offered by Smugglers' Notch Resort.
  1. Skiing and Snowboarding
    Available for all ages and abilities, you'll enjoy swooshing over sparkling snow on 78 trails across 1000 acres of terrain on 3 mountains. The resort's award-winning Snow Sports University teaches skiing and boarding to kids ages 3-17, and also offers a program designed specifically for adults. Even toddlers as young as 2 1/2 are introduced to skiing with games and instruction through Treasures Child Care Center.

  2. Dog Sledding
    Muddy Paws Dog Sled teams whisk all ages of mushers over picturesque snow-covered trails around the resort, for the thrill ride of a lifetime. With the wind in your hair you're pulled along by powerful dogs who love doing what they were bred for. Smugglers' Notch also offers off-site dog sledding adventures through award winning Eden Mountain Dog Sledding.

    "The enthusiasm of the sled dogs for their work is contagious. This is an outing that guests love to tell their friends about," says Stacey Comishock, activities director.

  3. Airboarding
    An Airboard is an inflated sled similar in look and weight to a water raft. Grooves on the bottom of the Airboard act as edges to facilitate steering, and the smooth bottom assures a speedy ride. First time users participate in a short instructional clinic and then venture out on their own to the Hibernator Trail in the Morse Highlands trail network. Squeals, shrieks, and laughter announce when an Airboarding session is open.

  4. Snowshoeing to Dinner
    Adults seeking a dramatic dining experience can snowshoe to dinner on a mountain top. Join the Top of the Notch Adventure Dinner on the Sterling Mountain summit where you'll ride a ski lift to the warming cabin on the summit. After savoring a gourmet meal by candlelight prepared by the resort’s Hearth & Candle Restaurant, the evening ends with a 40-minute snowshoe trek back down the mountain.

    "It’s a breathtakingly beautiful descent on snowshoes from the Top of the Notch dinner, particularly if there’s a full moon or a clear starry night," notes Bob Mulcahy, Smugglers' Notch president.

  5. Winter Walking
    Fun and easy for the entire family, this is the way to truly enjoy Vermont's winter wonderland. As you take a walk with a guide through snow-covered meadows and woods you'll enjoy beautiful scenery, fresh air, and good company.

And, check out this video with even more fun activities!

What are you waiting for? There's too much fun going on at Smugglers' Notch and you don't want to miss it. Reserve your timeshare rental right now!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Travel Nightmare! Why the Super Bowl Should Be Kept in Miami

It's almost Super Bowl Sunday! For you millions of fans, this long-awaited Holy Grail celebration of all things Football is here. Many of you will even be enjoying the excitement in person, with tickets in hand and a trip to Dallas. But, have you seen these headlines?

"Super Bowl Travel Nightmare: Ice Storm Closes Dallas Airport."

Now, Dallas is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to visit, but no one ever said it was a banana belt in the winter time.

So, maybe the NFL officials need to re-think where the Super Bowl should be held from now on. If the winter of 2011 is any indication, cold, snow, and ice will continue to plague winter travelers more every year, even in our more southern latitudes.

One place that is Not getting snow is Miami Beach, Florida. What would you think of Miami Beach being the permanent home of the Super Bowl? Even beautifully southern New Orleans has been having ice and sleet this week. San Diego might be a contender - nary an ice storm here, and average February temps are in the 60's. But Miami is in the 70's and 80's in February and is hot enough to be running a Heat Index in its weather forecasts.

With shirt-sleeve weather and warm beach water temperatures, Miami is definitely a great winter getaway destination, and the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse. And there are many wonderful, budget-friendly timeshare rentals to be had in the Miami area. For example, if the Super Bowl were in Miami this year, you could stay at a timeshare rental at the Clarion Suites Crystal Beach and Health Club for just $57/night. Or at a Solara Surfside Resort timeshare rental for $71/night.

Miami is full of fun things to do to keep Super Bowl fans busy before and after the big game, too. Did you know that Everglades National Park is just 20 miles from the city? This incomparable 1.5 million-acre wilderness reserve has been designated a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve, as well as a Wetland of International Importance.

For another fun, exotic experience walk the mile of trails at Parrot Jungle Island, and get up close and personal with the many colorful parrots, macaws and cockatoos. And don't miss the Miami Seaquarium, with it's marine life exhibits and daily whale and dolphin shows.

Of course, enjoying sun, sand, and surf is a key component of any February vacation to Miami, and the area abounds with numerous beaches - 15 miles of them to be exact.

So what say you, Super Bowl fans? How about leaving the hassles of winter weather behind? Let's embrace marvelous - and warm - Miami for our yearly February Super Bowl pilgrimage. Either that or move the Super Bowl to July.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

5 Top Sites to Celebrate Chinese New Year

The global news agency Reuters announced its top 10 pick for the best sites to celebrate Chinese New Year, February 3, 2010. For a great reason to take a family timeshare rental or timeshare exchange vacation in the middle of winter, you can't beat these "hot firecracker" destinations for the best Chinese New Year parties, as described by Reuters Digital in their online magazine published January 31, 2011:
  1. New York. Manhattan's Chinatown, found on the Lower East Side, has been a major center of the city's Chinese community for more than a century, with records of new arrivals setting up shop as early as the mid-19th century. In fact, the neighborhood is known as one of the oldest ethnic Chinese enclaves outside the continent of Asia and such is its significance that the area encompassing it and bordering Little Italy has been designated a historic district on the USA's National Register of Historic Places.

  2. San Francisco. Claimed to be the largest of its kind outside Asia and the oldest in North America, San Francisco's Chinatown is perhaps the most famous in the United States. The city was the main entry-point for Chinese who had crossed the Pacific to the USA during the mid-19th century. Between the more tourist-oriented Grant Avenue, where the signature red gate is found, and the ostensibly more authentic Stockton Street, this historic area is a local treasure, attracting more visitors per year than the Golden Gate Bridge.

  3. Honolulu. Honolulu's Chinatown can be traced back to two ships that docked here in the 1780s. Today, Chinatown is one of the must-sees on the island of Oahu - great restaurants and food stalls, markets with fresh, local produce and lots and lots of local color. The historic area with restored buildings transports visitors back to the bustling late-19th century.

  4. Melbourne. In 1851 Chinese prospectors flocked to the State of Victoria, drawn by the lure of gold. Melbourne's Chinatown extends along Little Bourke Street between Swanston Street and Spring Street and is known by a couple of superlatives - the oldest Chinatown in Australia and the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the western world. The lodging houses for miners are long gone, replaced by restaurants (much visited by local university students and workers), shops and the Chinese Museum, which tells the stories of Australians of Chinese descent.

  5. London. Although it may not be as large or as long-established as others, having only become a center for the Chinese community during the post-war decades, London's Chinatown is a perfectly formed little enclave that knows how to see in the year with a bang. Customarily festooned with red lanterns, you'll see parades with lion and dragon dances through its streets and onward into the rest of the West End as well as acrobatics, martial arts, dance and opera displays nearby.
Other destinations to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit that made Reuter's list include Toronto, Vancouver, and Bangkok.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Timeshare Vacation in Puerto Rico – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our 2-part look at a list of Best-Kept Secrets of San Juan put together by Kathleen Squires, a travel writer for Budget-Travel magazine, that was has posted in the December 2010/January 2011 online issue. Consider a Puerto Rico timeshare rental for your winter getaway - there's lots to enjoy.
  1. Art tour. The new Tren Urbano rail system will take you on an all day, do-it-yourself "art crawl." The train can drop you off at an independent film screening at the Fine Arts Café, a play or a concert at the Sala Teatro Beckett, or disembark for a short walk to Rio Cantina Urbana, a gallery and music venue. For a special treat, be sure to stop by Halederia Los Chinitos, says Squires - a popular ice cream shop that's been going strong for over 50 years.

  2. An after dark Market. The Plaza del Mercado is a marketplace that brims with plantains, avocados, mangoes, and folks cooling off with coco frío (cold coconut water) during the day, says Squires. But after 6 p.m., when the market shuts down, the bars that line the plaza throw open their metal grates to a young, dressed-up crowd that turns the square into an informal block party, liveliest on Thursdays and Fridays.

  3. An easy Day Trip. A 20-minute drive east of Old San Juan lies Piñones, (see top photo) which Squires calls the best little getaway you've never heard of. There's a palm-lined boardwalk that links several sandy beaches, a handful of tidal pools where beachgoers can sit on flat rocks near the breaking waves, and huts selling pinchos (skewers of grilled meat and fish). The area is best explored on a bike, and rentals are readily available.

  4. A slamming native dance. Salsa fans, says Squires, meet your next obsession: Bomba, created at the end of the 18th century by West African slaves on Puerto Rico's sugar plantations. In DanzActiva's Saturday classes, aspiring dancers can attempt to master the demanding steps, a kind of rhythmic call-and-response with a live band.

  5. We're going to add our own best-kept secret here - The really good news is that there are numerous budget-friendly timeshare rentals in San Juan. For example, the ESJ Towers resort, smack on a beautiful white beach, has winter timeshare rentals that start at just $65/n.
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Timeshare Vacation in Puerto Rico – Part 1