Monday, April 30, 2012

A May Timeshare Vacation Idea - Mallorca’s Medieval Festival

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box timeshare vacation, consider a May trip to the Mediterranean for Mallorca’s Medieval Festival.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live during medieval times? Many Renaissance Fairs attempt to give a taste of life in the Middle Ages.  From California to Florida, Renaissance Fairs abound throughout the United States.

Held in parks or even convention centers, these fairs showcase performers dressed in medieval-style costumes who entertain with music, dance and other activities.  

All of this is fun entertainment, but not as authentic as experiencing what is as close to the real thing as is possible in the 21st century. Travel to Mallorca, one of Spain’s sun-splashed Mediterranean Balearic Islands. Here lies the Capdepera Castle, and its town, founded by Mallorca’s King James II in 1300.

The third weekend in May each year the Capdepera Castle and the town are transformed back to the Middle Ages for the annual  Medieval Festival.  The Castle itself is open, and, along with the walled area, is festooned with decorations, and surrounded with the sights, smells, and sounds of a festival of the Middle Ages.

Even the townspeople get into the spirit, creating and painting wooden shields and hanging them on the front of their homes, and children decorate banners for the town’s streets. Everywhere colorful ribbons flutter in the breeze.

The main attraction is, of course, the Medieval Market. Here artisans from across the island and from the Spanish mainland display their crafts, and demonstrate their trade. You’ll find glass blowers, shoemakers, blacksmiths, stonemasons, silversmiths,  and even cheese makers.

The festival entertainment includes jugglers, clowns, circus shows, and medieval theatre and concerts. All done to the backdrop of this prime castle fortress from the Middle Ages. You simply can’t get any more authentic than that.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Take a Timeshare Vacation Where the Food is Fine!

From RedWeek’s April newsletter comes this great timeshare vacation idea: If you love to eat and love to travel, then you may want to consider Las Vegas for your next vacation. The restaurants of some of the most famous chefs in America can be found in Las Vegas – for example, Emeril's Table 10 at the Venetian, Todd English's Olives at the Bellagio, and Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace.

Read on to learn about 3 great timeshare rentals near these amazing restaurants.

1.  Marriott’s Grand Chateau
Offers one-, two-,and three-bedroom  timeshare villas with fully equipped kitchens, separate living and dining areas, and onsite amenities such as a beautiful rooftop pool and bar.

Timeshare rentals at Marriott's Grand Chateau start at an amazingly low $50/night. Resales start at just $1397.

2.  Bluegreen Club 36
Named for the geographic location of Las Vegas on the 36th parallel, this resort offers one- and two-bedroom timeshare villas, a covered pool, poolside bar, and the onsite Djanel Spa.

Timeshare rentals at the Bluegreen Club 36 start at just $84/night. Resales start at $6500.

3.  Planet Hollywood Towers
Fully integrated into the Planet Hollywood casino and entertainment complex, this resort sits right on the Strip. Gaming, dining, entertainment, concerts, shopping, and private cabanas by the pool are all onsite.

Timeshare rentals at the Planet Hollywood Towers start at $156/night. Resales start at $5,500.

Annual maintenance fees apply for all resales. See postings for details.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Have You Ever Considered Using a Limousine on Your NYC Timeshare Vacation?

Some industries are more open to innovation than others, and it is these which continue to evolve and cross new boundaries. The limousine industry is a relevant example, as in the last decade it has grown from providing niche transportation on special occasions to fulfilling a functional role in the worlds of commerce and aviation. 

Alongside a series of social and economic changes, this has changed the perception of the limousine and allowed consumers to consider it as a more functional mode of transport.

The Limo Industry: Where Does it Stand in 2012?
The growth of the limousine industry is showcased best in bustling metropolitan cities like New York, where business innovation and commercialism remain significant sources of economic growth. In NYC, its limousine services have kept pace with such advancement, and developed their fleets to meet a wider range of client demand. No longer synonymous with only bachelor parties or wild nights out on the town, limousines in NYC now boast a more professional and corporate presence.

To begin with, New York has 2 major airports within its boundaries, which has marked the city as something of a gateway to the whole of the U.S.. With airport transfers often difficult to organize for large parties of travelers, limousines have emerged as the ideal choice of vehicle to get them to their destination of choice. They are also now widely used as a corporate mode of transportation, as businesses throughout the city look to courier their valued clients between venues in style, comfort and luxury.

Are Limousines an Affordable Mode of Transport?
As limousine service providers in NYC have continued to develop their fleets and influence brand new markets, so too they have been able to offer far more competitive prices to travelers. Given this and the rising price of fuel, traveling by limo is fast becoming as practical as it is enjoyable.

While limousines have always been regarded as extremely comfortable and luxurious vehicles, it is only recently that the consumers of New York City and America have embraced their affordability and the level of value for money that they offer.

So could a limo in New York and similar vehicles across the globe become the leading choice for functional and everyday travel? Given the considerable evolution that has been experienced within the industry to date, it is reasonable to accept that commuters will soon be willing to book a limousine that takes them to work or their children to school. As long as the pricing remains affordable to U.S. commuters, the additional style and reliability offered by limousines could soon be leading the way in functional travel.

The Bottom Line
While it may have seemed unlikely just a decade ago, limousines are now emerging as a consumer favorite for functional travel. Over time, limousines throughout the world could well become synonymous with practicality and substance in addition to style and luxury.

Consider comfortable limousine service instead of taxis the next time you are enjoying a timeshare trip to New York City.

Lewis Humphries is a professional blogger with a passion for travel and his finger on the pulse of evolving business trends. A New York or Times Square limo can meet a range of everyday and extraordinary travel needs, and offer you outstanding value for your money. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Enjoy Enchanting April and May with a Spring Timeshare Vacation – Part 2

Spring is its own special time of the year for timeshare vacations around the globe.  Paul Casciato at Rueters has edited a list of places where April and May weather is delightful and the spring season is in full bloom.  Part 2 of our two-part series takes a look at four more great spring destinations were budget-friendly timeshare rentals and great timeshare exchanges are waiting for you.

5. The Bahamas
When you talk about vacationing in the Bahamas, you're biting off a pretty big chunk.  This Caribbean archipelago is made up of 29 main islands, 661 cays (low-level sandy islands formed on the surface of coral reefs), and 2000 smaller islands spread out over 100,000 square miles of sparkling blue ocean, starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. It has the third largest barrier reef in the world, in what many consider the clearest water on the planet.

The Bahamas is ideal for some springtime fun-in-the-sun, and when you travel there in April and May, you’re not only beating the summer tropical heat but you’re getting in ahead of hurricane season as well.  Perfect springtime weather is a great draw to the Bahamas.

You can find great timeshare rentals in the Bahamas to fit just about any budget and any style.

6. Italy.
Italy's sweet spot is April and May, which makes it a must-consider destination during the spring. Italy's weather is best during these months, especially in beautiful Tuscany, and since it's just before the summer peak season, the crowds are much smaller allowing for easy access to the true local experience such as sitting at an outdoor café with a cappuccino.

You also won’t want to miss the FabricaEuropa International Festival in Florence held every May, a celebration of art, music, and photography with both exciting exhibits and fascinating workshops.

7. Riviera Maya, Mexico
Known as a top destination for Spring Breakers, the trick to enjoying the spring travel values and still avoid the spring break crowds is to go mid-April into May. The beautiful spring weather continues during this time, and the miles of white sand beaches along the shores of crystal clear waters are perfect this time of year.

The Riviera Maya area is just south of “Mexico’s Caribbean Jewel” of Cancun, and includes such popular destinations as Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. Nightlife is a’plenty, but so are quieter pursuits such as sunbathing and snorkeling, and even adventure with tours of the local Mayan ruins. 

There are many budget-friendly Greater Cancun timeshare rentals available.

8. France. 

Springtime in Paris is so spectacular that it has been immortalized in many a song.  During April and May you can enjoy the city with plenty of sun and perfect temperatures as you stroll along the Seine River and take in views of the city from atop the Eifel Tower. Relax a moment in one of the city’s many little parks and inhale the remarkable fragrance of a French spring.

Also remember that the lovely Loire Valley and the ritzy French Riviera are just a quick train ride from Paris, and both are truly stunning during the months of April and May.

Find a great deal on a timeshare rental in France.

If you don't see a timeshare rental or timeshare exchange for the destination and date you want, just put a listing on RedWishes.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Newport

Newport, Rhode Island. The Breakers, a mansion built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1893 and now a National Historic Landmark, is open for tours. Submitted by Nathan P from Maryland. 

 Submit your photo to #TravelTuesday! Just send it via email to us at: learnmore (at) redweek (dot) com. Let us know your name, where you are from, and where the photo was taken.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Enjoy Enchanting April and May with a Spring Timeshare Vacation - Part 1

Spring is its own special time of the year for timeshare vacations around the globe. While summer – and with it the plans for big summer trips - comes up fast on its heels, spring still offers its own unique look at the world.

So now, before it is gone, consider one of these destinations for an enchanting timeshare rental or timeshare exchange springtime vacation. Rueters offers a list of places where spring weather is delightful and the season is in full bloom.  Part 1 of our two-part series takes you from one side of the world to the other.

1. China.
China is, of course, a very large country, so the average temperatures during spring will vary, depending on the region. However, for most of the country spring is one of the best times of the year to visit China, and you’ll also find fewer crowds.  

There are a number of China timeshare exchanges available.  If you stay at a timeshare in the Yunnan region, you’ll want to be sure to visit the Butterfly Tree whose ultra sweet nectar attracts thousands of multi-colored butterflies in the spring.

3. Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is one of the easiest Caribbean islands to get to from the U.S., and, being a U.S. territory, is also one of the easiest for U.S. citizens to visit – no passport is necessary, and it uses U.S currency.

The sizzling heat of a tropical summer will not have hit yet, so you can expect balmy 85-degree days. Spring is the perfect time to hike through one of Puerto Rico’s verdant rainforests, where you might catch a glimpse of Puerto Rico's version of spring flowers - wild orchids.

Check out the many great Puerto Rico timeshare rentals available.

4. Spain
Spring is the perfect time to visit Spain - the beautiful weather just enhances the experience of historic buildings, seaside vistas and vibrant cultural center points. Explore the main part of the country where trees are in full bloom and flowers tumble from window boxes. Or head to the Baleric island of Mallorca in May for the colorful Medieval Festival held at the Castle of Capdepera, built in the 1300s.

You can find many great deals with timeshare rentals inSpain.

9. England
The London 2012 Olympics will be bringing throngs of visitors from around the world later this summer, so April and May are an ideal time to visit England, before the crowds and prices spike. The weather is also best during spring, which is particularly good if you're looking to visit England's world-famous countryside.

Rainfall tends to drop during the spring season in England, giving you a chance to enjoy visiting the world-famous English gardens in all of their spring glory. Take advantage of the many garden tours available.

Spring is also a good time to find a great England timeshare rental or exchange.

As always, if you don't see a timeshare rental or exchange for the dates and destination you want, place a listing on RedWishes.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day with a Timeshare Vacation to Disney

Take a timeshare vacation to Orlando where Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is hosting a “Party for the Planet” in celebration of Earth Day 2012. 

“Guests can find out what they can do to make their backyards wildlife-friendly and discover other ways to conserve wildlife and protect nature, including chimpanzees,” said a Disney spokesperson.

The party is started as guests enter the park, at two table displays in the main entrance area: one featuring wildlife-friendly backyard habitats and the other Disney's new documentary “Chimpanzee.” 

Activities in the park include:
1. Asia (Maharajah Jungle Trek)—Families can play a supermarket game and learn how their purchases can make a big difference for wildlife and wild places.
2. Africa (Pangani Forest Exploration Trail)—Children can observe and identify chimpanzee tracks and clues left behind along trails as they move through the forest.
3. Rafiki’s Planet Watch, courtyard—Outside Conservation Station, guests will discover fun ways to spend time in nature with their families and find “Chimpanzee”-related merchandise, as well as face painters and caricature artists.
4. Rafiki’s Planet Watch, inside Conservation Station—Families can visit the Chimpanzee Research Station and participate in a variety of activities based on real conservation work. Guests also can talk with cast members who work on conservation projects around the world and learn about the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

On the other side of the country, Earth Day at Disneyland will be celebrated as “Go Outside for Earth Day” at Downtown Disney. Bring your entire family to get outside and enjoy the benefits of nature with the following organizations, from 12 – 5 p.m. on Earth Day, April 22. 

Activities will be presented at no cost to encourage the next generation to spend more time outdoors, and its importance to their wellness.
1. USA Volleyball – The pros who train Olympians will demonstrate how the sport is played and pull youngsters into the fun.
2. Next Level Sports – Future athletes can shoot hoops and participate in kickball games.
3. First Tee LA – Budding golfers will get pointers on how to hit the links with a perfect swing.
4. Orange County Coastkeeper and The Coastal Conservation Network will share what it takes to keep our coastline and beaches safe for our wildlife.
5. Sunsafe will be on hand to educate sun-seekers about proper sun protection.
6. ESPN Zone - DJ Wendy will be spinning tunes and hosting conservation trivia for chances to win ESPN Zone game cards.

Make your Earth Day 2012 celebration a budget-friendly one by enjoying accommodations with Orlando timeshare rentals, and timeshare rentals in Anaheim, California.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

5 Quick and Easy Spanish Learning Tips You Can Do Directly from Your Spanish Timeshare

The Spanish language is one of the most popular languages in the world today and also one of the easiest to learn. And what better time to do it than during a timeshare vacation in Spain?

If you like to be lazy on your holiday but still want to improve your Spanish language skills read on. I'm going to talk you through five tips which will help you easily improve your spoken Spanish during your stay in your Spanish timeshare.

Use Your Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet
If you have a laptop, smart phone or iPad, there are many good language learning programs available to help you progress pretty quickly. The best programs encourage you to learn in a way that would be natural for a young child to pick up a language, by showing pictures of objects or people and describing what is going on in Spanish.

Don't Be Shy: Talk to the Locals
Talking to the locals is a good idea but many people are afraid to converse with native speakers for fear they will make a fool of themselves! From my experience it is far less rude to actually try and talk to people in their native tongue than to try and speak English at them and hope they understand.

If you learn a few phrases for common items and commonly used questions while on holiday, most locals will try and understand you, or, at the very worst (and if you get it badly wrong), cause them to smile or laugh.

Be a Couch Potato: Watch TV
Watching TV may not be the top of most people's list of priorities while on holiday, but watching a Spanish language television station will certainly help you learn some words and phrases.

Become a Film Buff
Watching Spanish language movies with subtitles may also help you a little, especially if you're willing to spend some nights in during your stay. With a DVD you can also pause and go back to phrases, too!

Lazing By the Pool with a Podcast
Putting headphones on and listening to a Spanish learning podcast is a great idea. If you have it on quietly you can often fall asleep listening to it, but you will learn at least a few phrases before you do. Studies also show that the human brain is able to learn new languages even whilst asleep!

If you partake in exercise during your stay in your timeshare, it's also a good idea to listen to podcasts whilst you run or use an exercise machine.

Hopefully, by following some of these tips, you will be able to pick up at least a few Spanish words and phrases, as well as learn how to correctly pronounce them during your stay in your timeshare.

So with my advice finally parted there's only one thing left to say: much suerte!

This article was written by Will Peach, editor of Gap Year Travel Magazine and the blogger behind the travel blogger interview site

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What’s the Best Way to Support Timeshare Education?

April's "Ask The Timeshare Crusader" question comes from Savannah:

I've been reading your blog and your forum here on for some time now and I noticed that one of your favorite topics is timeshare education. I agree that it is something that is needed. Why is there so little and what is a concerned timeshare owner to do?

Lisa Ann Schreier’s Answer:
Thanks for the kind words and great question. Indeed, I firmly believe that 85 percent of the issues and problems that both individual timeshare owners and timeshare resorts face could be overcome with education. There's too little unbiased education out there because the parties involved can't seem to agree on where it should come from.

One thing that you should do in addition to keeping up to date with your reading (both on the forums and with publications such asTimeSharing Today) is to talk with the resort manager/general manager of your home resort(s) and ask some in-depth questions as to why they aren't providing more information. At the least it can start a conversation; at best, they may actually do something about it.

Some management companies such as Vacation Resorts International do provide education through newsletters and other communications, but I agree that more has to be done.

It's a timely question because it is one of the topics that will be discussed at the Timeshare Board Members Association meeting later this month. I'm going to reference your question during my segment at the meeting as an example of owners asking for more education.

If all goes as I hope it will, there will be more information and education shared through owner newsletters and other forms of communication in the near future.

Share Your Thoughts
Comment below on Lisa Ann’s answer. And join the conversation on our Ask the Timeshare Crusader forum.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Waikiki

Hawaiian sunset taken from Waikiki Beach on Oahu. Submitted by Pat Ness, Seattle, WA.

Submit your photo to #TravelTuesday! Just send it via email to us at: learnmore (at) redweek (dot) com. Let us know your name, where you are from, and where the photo was taken.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Timeshare Travel – 5 Luxury Places to Spend Your Tax Refund

The average tax refund in 2012 is nearly $3,000 according to the IRS. Here are five vacations spots that sound expensive, but as a savvy timeshare rental vacationer you can have a luxury vacation and still keep it on a budget-friendly basis - with a whole lot more of your tax refund money left over to spend on lots more fun things for your trip.

There are some great timeshare rental deals out there. Check out these five:

1. Thailand. Phuket Island is one of the most beautiful and exotic vacation destinations in the world, and you can get a timeshare rental at Marriott's Phuket Beach Club there for just $99/night.

2. Aruba. One of the hottest spots in the Caribbean, you can stay on Aruba at the La Cabana Beach and Racquet Club in Oranjestad for just $71/night.

3. South Africa. At the Sanbonani resort in Hazyview you can get a timeshare rental for just $86/night - within easy driving distance of some of South Africa's most popular natural attractions, including Kruger National Park, Mac-Mac and other spectacular waterfalls, Blyde River Canyon, and The Sudwala Caves.

4. Costa Rica. Melia Vacation Club Paradisus Playa Conchal is the largest and most opulent hotel in the country, and you can stay at a timeshare rental there for just $125/night.

5. Orlando, FL. Marriott’s Grande Vista has timeshare rentals that start as low as $56/night. This resort is just minutes from area attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. The hallmark of Marriott's Grande Vista resort is the Faldo Golf Institute.

So take that tax refund and splurge - on a luxury vacation with budget-friendly timeshare rentals!

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Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party! And Budget-Friendly Family Vacations!

Did you know that when timeshare owners can’t use their weeks, they list them for rent? This gives those looking for budget-friendly vacation accommodations a great deal as most timeshare rentals are up to 50% less than the cost of hotel rooms.

Perfect for families, timeshare rentals are not only budget-friendly, but also offer condo-like space, a kitchen to further save money on the cost of meals, and many of the resort’s amenities.

It’s great to have you here at RedWeek to visit. Please feel free to browse around and see the many articles about family-friendly travel, including resorts, activities, festivals, and fun! You might also be interested in our specific Kid-Friendly section.

So Let's Party! Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! We’re participating by hosting a party on our site, too, with a giveaway for you! Just follow the instructions below to enter to win a FREE 2-year Membership to, a $29.98 value!

Here’s how to enter:
Browse our web site at to learn about the features of - you can even watch the instructional videos if you like - then leave a comment on our blog below mentioning something you learned about that you think other mommy bloggers - and daddy bloggers - would like to know.

Want extra entries into the contest? Do one or all of the following!
• Follow us on Twitter and send us an @redweektravel message there telling us your favorite feature
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Make sure we have a way to reach you, by leaving your email in the comment. One winner will be chosen at random by using The contest ends April 20th at 11:59pm EDT. We will announce the winner Monday, April 23rd.

And don’t forget to head over to the Ultimate Blog Party (#UBP12) on the 5 Minutes for Mom web site for a chance to win another 2-Year RedWeek Membership! You’ll discover many other great blog sites, too. Tell your friends when you find something you like.

Timeshare Vacation Idea: Spend Spring Break Exploring Southern France

The South of France is famous for its beautiful scenery, incredible coastline and its abundance of warming Mediterranean sun. From the luxury and wealth of Marseilles and the Cote d’Azur to the isolated Pyrenees, and the Rhone Valley and Provence the south of France is one of the most beautiful regions of Europe. Here we’ll examine these 3 areas of France and by the time we’ve finished you’ll be eager to rush forth; just remember your travel insurance, passport and other essentials!

Marseilles and the Cote d’Azur
We’ll start with the Cote d’Azur because it is undoubtedly the most popular area of the south of France. Synonymous with wealth, glamour and luxury, it's stunningly beautiful as well.

Marseilles, France’s second largest city, has been a thriving maritime port for centuries. Here you can spend your time wandering the old harbour, strolling around the fortresses and visiting the many museums and churches that attest to the beauty of Marseilles.

Further along the coast we have Nice and St. Tropez which are the most expensive and most affluent areas of the Cote d’Azur but a paradise of marinas, old town squares and an abundance of French street café culture..

For a more peaceful experience, the best area of the Cote d’Azur is undoubtedly the eastern reaches. Here the mountains dip their way down to the shore creating spectacular scenery. Walking in the mountains through the beautiful valleys before relaxing on a beautiful quiet beach is absolutely incredible.

The Pyrenees
The Pyrenees are, thankfully, one of the most overlooked areas of the south of France as the Cote d’Azur draws away most travellers. The Pyrenees are a tranquil paradise with vastly different cultures, from the Basque speaking and damp west to the Catalan and dry east.

The most important towns are Biarritz and Bayonne which both have unique cultural identities and beautiful architecture. Biarritz is a beautiful coastal resort with a lot less of the kitsch glamour of its more Eastern counterparts. Bayonne (see photo) sits on the Nive and Ardour rivers and is a beautiful town with a gorgeous medieval quarter.

The Rhone Valley and Provence
The Rhone Valley and Provence are perhaps the most beautiful of all the regions of France thanks to the high mountains of the Southern Alps, the beautiful plains of Camargue, and the deep valleys and beautiful towns such as Lyon and Avignon.

In Lyon the renaissance quarter is a treasure trove of delights with its grand boulevards and bright public squares. Likewise Avignon is an architectural gem with its Papal history, incredible medieval walls, stunning cathedral and of course the famous bridge le Pont d’Avignon. However, as with the Pyrenees, the real delight here is the countryside. The beautiful valleys and the stunning mountains make this one of the most beautiful regions of the world.

Check out France timeshare rentals and exchanges.

Our guest author is David of Travel Insurance Web.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marriott Takes 10 Spots in RedWeek’s Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts

1.5 Million members were polled for the Top 25 timeshare rental resorts which resulted in Marriott resorts making up a good portion of the list.

The ten Marriott resorts are:
2. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – Lahaina, Hawaii
5. Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club – Palm Beach, Aruba
6. Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club – Kapolei, Hawaii
7. Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club – Palm Beach, Aruba
8. Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas – Newport Coast, California
12.Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club – Koloa, Hawaii
13.Marriott’s Ocean Watch Villas at Grande Dunes – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
15.Marriott’s Grande Ocean – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
16.Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club Lahaina Villas – Lahaina, Hawaii
17.Marriott’s Ocean Pointe – Palm Beach Shores, Florida

Four of the Marriott resorts are in Hawaii, two are on the Caribbean island of Aruba, two are in South Carolina, one is in California, and one is in Florida.

“The fact that Marriott has taken almost half of all the top timeshare resorts will only serve to add to Marriott’s already shining reputation in the timeshare property market,” stated a Marriott spokesperson.

Below is a sampling of the Marriott resorts on the list:

Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club is a prime example of a luxury Hawaiian resort where timeshare rentals start at a budget-friendly $96/night.

Marriott’s Ocean Watch Villas at Grande Dunes is a luxurious beachfront resort in Myrtle Beach where timeshare rentals start at just $71/night.

The Caribbean is affordable and stunning at Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club where timeshare rentals start at just $86/night.

Take a look at Marriott resorts around the world.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Green River

Early spring rafting on the Green River, Utah. Submitted by Marlayna P., Albuquerque, NM.

Submit your photo to #TravelTuesday! Just send it via email to us at: learnmore (at) redweek (dot) com. Let us know your name, where you are from, and where the photo was taken.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Timeshare Rental Spotlight: Harborside Resort at Atlantis - #1

The Harborside Resort at Atlantis is the Number 1 resort on the Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts as voted on by RedWeek members. This amazing resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas is also a top rated resort with many celebrities from around the world.

And it’s no wonder that the Harborside Resort at Atlantis is a favorite for all vacationers. Just look at all of the things it offers: the world's largest marine habitat, a Mayan Temple waterslide (see photo below), an electrifying casino, international cuisine, exceptional facilities for sports and shopping, and salon and spa services.

The actual accommodations include one-, two-, and three-bedroom villas, decorated in bright colors, with all the amenities and comforts of home. Each villa includes a fully-equipped kitchen and entertainment center complete with VCR. If you must keep in touch with the outside world on your vacation, Harborside has a business center with copying, fax, and Internet services. But you might want to consider leaving that laptop and Blackberry at home – after all, you’re in the Bahamas!

When you talk about vacationing in the Bahamas, you're biting off a pretty big chunk. This Caribbean archipelago is made up of 29 main islands, 661 cays (low-level sandy islands formed on the surface of coral reefs), and 2000 smaller islands spread out over 100,000 square miles of sparkling blue ocean, starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. It has the third largest barrier reef in the world, in what many consider the clearest water on the planet.

The Bahamas is perhaps the most famous Caribbean vacation destination, known all over the world. Renting a budget timeshare makes a family vacation here very affordable. Currently the Harborside Resort at Atlantis has timeshare rentals starting at just $126/night.

As one reviewer said: The Atlantis resort is pretty impressive and expansive. We walked several miles per day, just getting around the resort. It takes a week to see everything and sample the restaurants at Atlantis. Of course the aquariums and water slides are awesome.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

The White House Easter Egg Roll!

“Easter Monday” is an important day – did you know that? Take a timeshare rental in the Washington, D.C., area and head to the White House the day after Easter.

It began as a simple gesture to local children by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878. And 134 years later the White House Easter Egg Roll continues to be a hugely popular spring activity – held every year on the Monday after Easter.

The South Lawn of the White House is where children aged 12 and under hunt Easter eggs, and race the wobbly ovals across the green spring grass. The children and their families also get to participate in sports, cooking classes, and storytelling, as well as enjoying live musical performances.

There are actually records of informal “Easter egg games” being held at the White House as early as Abraham Lincoln’s administration. Following the Civil War Easter egg games became an annual event on the grounds of the Capitol building.

But in order to prevent destruction of the grounds by the large crowds Congress passed a law in 1876 suspending all recreational activities on the Capitol grounds. When the law went into effect in 1878 President Hayes stepped in and offered an official Easter experience to the local children on the lawn of the White House.

The Easter Bunny, who is now a permanent fixture of the event, was introduced by President Nixon. By 1981 the “Easter Egg Roll” had evolved into a major event that included clowns, Broadway show vignettes, and even a petting zoo.

For the past several years the event has had a theme that is announced by the First Lady, and each child 12 and under also receives an official egg inscripted with the year’s theme and with the embossed signatures of the President and the First Lady.

The 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll will be held on Monday, April 9. This year’s theme chosen by First Lady Michelle Obama is “Let’s Go! Let’s Play! Let’s Move!”

A special event this year sure to tickle the fancy of all the kids is getting to toss colored Easter eggs off the White House roof at targets below. Participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy a special brunch at the White House Mess that includes a very kid-friendly menu.

Tickets are distributed free of charge via an online lottery system, allowing families from all across the United States to participate.

Plan a budget-friendly family Easter trip to Washington, D.C., by renting a timeshare at the Wyndham Old Town Alexandra – they start at just $71/night. You can get a timeshare rental at Wyndham’s Vacation Resorts at National Harbor starting at $115/night.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Perfect Surf Destination for Spring Break - Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura in Spain’s Canary Islands has a balmy climate with warm water all year round. You can enjoy surfing this island at white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water.

Nice swells are very common here as the Atlantic Ocean pumps waves very often. The island also fits all surfing levels. There are reef-rocky pro waves to beginner beach-breaks. Corralejo, on the island’s north side, is a full service town right next to many surf spots fitting all surfing levels.

If you want to learn how to surf there’s always two options, self-learning or getting lessons from a school. Surfing is a hard sport in the ocean, so self learning might be difficult and not rewarding, getting results that take too long on your own.

Surf lessons are much better, they will accelerate your improvement and are the fastest way to get results safely. There are many surf schools, and prices are not expensive at all. What you have to look for in quality surf lessons is checking the surf instructors´ details and license. A Surf camp is the cheapest and easiest way to get everything you need such as surf equipment (surfboard, wetsuit), surf lessons and surf transportation.

Never forget sun lotion, sunglasses and some kind of hat to protect you against the sun. At night time winds can refresh and you might need a light jacket and long pants to keep you warm. That’s all you need, along with wetsuits and bathing suits, to wear on your timeshare vacation to Fuerteventura.

Madrid is the best place to fly from to get there. There are many flights every day to Fuerteventura.

I definitely recommend Fuerteventura to go surfing any time of the year – and most especially during Spring Break when the water is still cold everywhere else.

Check out timeshare rentals and timeshare exchanges in the Canary Islands.

Author: Josué Álvarez, Tenerife (Canary islands - Spain). Surfer, skater, snowboarder and webmaster. I manage WaveXperience Surf Camp website, and program and improve their booking system.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

For a Great Spring Break Timeshare Vacation – Mardi Gras! It’s Not Too Late

Did you miss Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year? (It was February 21st.) Well, you have another chance to enjoy this iconic spring carnival celebration – take a timeshare rental in Orlando and head to Universal Orlando Resort.

You can enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of a New Orleans Mardi Gras as Universal Orlando rolls out its own version of the Big Easy’s Mardi Gras celebration - through April 14, 2012.

Music. What’s Mardi Gras – and “New Orleans” for that matter – without music? There’s music galore, including some of Bourbon Street’s most popular bands, such as Rockin’ Jake, and Big Al and the Heavyweights, performing authentic blues, Zydeco and more.

You will also be entertained with electrifying concerts from some of the biggest names in music performing live on the Universal Music Plaza stage. The remaining schedule is Cyndi Lauper on Saturday, April 7 and KC and The Sunshine Band on Saturday, April 14.

Food. Stroll through Universal’s French Quarter Courtyard for “Nawlins Style Food and Spirits.” Here you can sample authentic Cajun food specialties from tasty snacks to mouth-watering desserts to sumptuous main dishes. Try Jambalaya, shrimp gumbo, Andouille sausage, and Beignets both sweet and savory.

Parade. Of course there’s a big Mardi Gras parade! It winds through the Universal resort with dozens of colorfully costumed performers, authentic New Orleans bands, dazzling floats, stilt walkers, acrobats, dancers, and yes – you’ll be able to grab for beads tossed out by the handfuls!

For a Spring Break trip of memorable proportions, join this authentic and family-friendly version of the famed New Orleans street party. It’s Mardi Gras time!

You can find great spring break deals for your vacation accommodations by renting an Orlando timeshare. For example, at the Cypress Pointe Resort II GrandeVillas you can get a timeshare rental for as low as $61/night to sleep four. And for just $121/night you can sleep eight with a timeshare rental at Marriott’s Grand Vista. That’s only about $15/night per person when you get a group of your friends together for Universal’s Mardi Gras – a great spring break destination!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Spain

Family vacation at Anfi Del Mar, Gran Canaria, in Spain's Canary Islands. Submitted by Gary Sugden of Manchester, England.

Submit your photo to #TravelTuesday! Just send it via email to us at: learnmore (at) redweek (dot) com. Let us know your name, where you are from, and where the photo was taken.

Monday, April 02, 2012

For a Special Spring Break Trip - The Most Incredible Museum You’ll Ever Hear!

"The Most Incredible Museum You’ll Ever Hear!” That’s the more than apt slogan for the wonderful Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

And Spring is a perfect time to be visiting the Phoenix area. Go now and you’ll miss the heat of the summer. Now the temperatures are pleasantly warm, evenings are balmy, and the desert air is fresh and invigorating. A timeshare rental spring break vacation to Phoenix is just the ticket. And there’s so much to do around Phoenix. Besides fun activities from hiking to ATVs to horseback riding, there’s The MIM.

The phenomenal Musical Instrument Museum is where you’ll encounter musical instruments from just about every country in the world. And you’ll leave feeling as though you’ve had a very personal relationship with instruments you may not even have known existed before you walked through the doors of The MIM.

You wear a wireless headset and as you approach each display audio and video clips familiarize you with the unique sounds of each musical culture. The museum is divided into large galleries, each focusing on a particular continent and the individual countries found there.

Videos playing on high-resolution flat screens allow you to see instruments performed, such as Japanese taiko drummers, African seed-gourd dancers, and an Irish hurdy-gurdy man.

You’ll also see instruments that well-known performers actually owned and used, such as John Denver’s “This Old Guitar,”
and the very piano on which John Lennon wrote and played “Imagine.”
Other captivating exhibits include the original 1843 Steinway piano, built in a German kitchen, and one of the Fou “Lightening” Drums used in the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Children and adults alike have fun in the interactive hands-on room – from bongo drums to pretty harps to gigantic gongs. And you won’t want to miss a turn playing the Theremin, an “electric” instrument from the 1920s that sounds like a violin as you simply strum the air above it!

Greater Phoenix timeshare rentals are budget-friendly, and start as low as $69/night. Enjoy a great Spring Break trip to Arizona, and a remarkable getaway to the rest of the world through the fascinating musical instruments of The MIM.

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