Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 3 Fourth of July Celebrations for your Timeshare Vacation

The Fourth of July is coming right up, but there’s still time to make timeshare vacation plans and head out to some of the premier July 4th celebrations.

1. Boston. This city that had so much to do with the American Revolution, and thus our 2012 Independence Day celebration, also has one of the most iconic and over the top celebrations. Combined with HarborFest, which kicks off on June 29th, over 200 events culminate in the Fourth of July spectacular. The events (some of which are free) include Kids’ Days activities, harbor cruises, patriotic tours, reenactments at historical sites, and, of course, the premier concert and fireworks extravaganza of the Boston Pops.

Check out timeshare rentals in Massachusetts.

2. San Diego. One of the biggest lollapalooza fireworks displays in the country is San Diego’s Big Bay Boom, a no-holds barred pyrotechnic show touted as the largest in the west. The natural amphitheater of San Diego Harbor is perfect for this flashy performance.

Fireworks are discharged from four barges and from the end of the Imperial Beach Pier. You can have a great view of the fireworks from 5 different locations around the bay, and parking with free shuttle service is provided for two of them.

The Port of San Diego’s Big Bay July 4th Fireworks Show benefits the San Diego Armed Services YMCA’s family service program, including the wounded warriors at Balboa Naval Hospital, and accepts sponsorship funds and personal contributions from the public.

Check out Southern California timeshare rentals.

3. U.S. Virgin Islands. For red, white, and tropical blues, head to the Caribbean for a Fourth of July celebration like none you’ve seen before. The U.S. Virgin Islands pull out all the stops for not one, but two holiday celebrations. Their own Emancipation Day, on July 3, commemorates the end of the slave trade by the islands’ Danish colonizers in 1848. And since joining the U.S. as a protectorate in 1917, America’s Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm on July 4th.

The Fourth of July celebrations culminate on St. John with a colorful parade that combines both American and native Caribbean traditions, some of which will be familiar to you, while others are typically Caribbean, such as the steel drum bands and the lively spirit of Carnaval.

Check out timeshare rentals on St. John.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Timeshare Travel - Your Guide to Mission Bay, Auckland, NZ

When in New Zealand, do what the locals do. Situated just a short 10min drive from inner Auckland, Mission Bay is one of the city’s most popular beaches.

Named for the Melanesian Mission that was built there in the 1850s, you can still see some of the original buildings built from volcanic rock from the nearby extinct volcano, Rangitoto Island.

The beach is safe for swimming year-round, and people stay in shape in all kinds of ways at Mission Bay, from jogging to touch rugby, sailing to cycling, and kayaking to swimming. Rollerblades, kayaks and bicycles are all available for rent.

Others go to Mission Bay to relax and sun bathe, have a picnic or let the kids play on the playground, in the fountain or on the beach. That fountain is a real beauty: the Trevor Moss Davis Memorial Fountain is constructed of Sicilian marble and crowned by three bronze sea monsters. It gushes water 12 metres into the air and puts on a great light show at night.

Mission Bay can also be a great place to take in some of the beauty of the Auckland area. Many visitors like to have a seat on Bastion Point and enjoy the fantastic view of the Haruaki Gulf. Built to honor one of New Zealand’s favorite leaders, the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial is a great place to catch your breath, have a picnic and gaze at the spectacular Waitemata Harbour.

After a spirited game of volleyball or an appetite created by strenuous reading of the latest bestseller in your beach chair, you can cruise Auckland’s only beachfront dining precinct for sustenance. Almost every style of international cuisine is on hand, from Indian to Mexican, Italian to Thai, Spanish to Kiwi. After dinner, you can hit one of several coffee bars and top off your meal just right.

If you want a quick bite or snack, several takeaways stand ready, from pizza to ice cream and frozen yoghurt. Of course, if you just want a beer or a glass of New Zealand wine, you can find a spot at a bar that looks across the horizon to Rangitoto Island and cap off a perfect day in Auckland.

If it’s your mission to discover the locals’ ideal place to spend a day, you must visit Mission Bay, the city’s beachfront sector with something to offer for visitors of any age.

Check out the many New Zealand timeshare exchanges available.

This post comes courtesy of Omega Car Rental New Zealand, one of NZ’s top independent car rental firms. For those wanting to visit Mission Bay from the inner city, Omega Rental Cars Auckland depot is your most convenient location.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Timeshare Travel - London Olympics 2012 Update – One Month

One month from today, on July 27, 2012, the long-awaited opening ceremony of the London Olympics will officially begin the 2012 Summer Games. The London Olympics games will be played July 27 through August 12. Timeshare rentals throughout the United Kingdom will offer you great accommodations any time this summer.

An update on the London Olympics indicates that most everything is ready, and the Britts are well prepared. The stadium is ready to go, the final rehearsals are underway, and rows of giant flags representing 206 countries are already up and fluttering brightly over Regent Street (see top photo). 

And Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, says, “London is more than ready for the greatest Olympics ever!” 

With 6.7 million visitors poised to descend on the British capital, security is in place as well. All of the Olympic venues, where airport-style security is to be enforced, will be covered by 23,700 security personnel, including members of the military. 

In addition, 12,000 police officers will be deployed on the busiest days. Large equipment will also be on stand-by including surface-to-air missiles, typhoon fighter jets, helicopters, and at least two warships. 

On the upside, visitors unfamiliar with navigating such a sprawling city can expect a friendly hand from an army of 8,000 brightly-dressed, trilby hat-wearing volunteers, called Team London Ambassadors (see photo left), who will be stationed at the airport and around town to provide smiles and tourism advice. 

The Olympic flame arrived in Britain from Greece on May 18. A total of 8,000 people will carry the torch during its 8,000-mile journey to the opening ceremony in London on July 27. The relay began at Land's End, the most southwesterly point of mainland England, on May 19 with Britain's most successful Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie. 

Since then the torch has traveled to the top of Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales, with mountaineer Chris Bonington, has been carried on a zip wire from the top of the Tyne Bridge in northeast England, and even traveled on Loch Ness while visiting Scotland (see photo right). 

When it arrives in London a day before the Olympics opening ceremony on July 27 the torch will visit the official residences of both Queen Elizabeth and the Prime Minister. 

What with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, the year 2012 is a high point for a United Kingdom timeshare rental vacation.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Spain

Casa Milà, better known as La Pedrera meaning the "The Quarry," in Barcelona, Spain. This "modernist" building was designed by architect Antoni Gaudí and actually built during the years 1905–1910. Submitted by Agnes DeCrites of Belgium.

The building was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, and is open to the public, including visits to the interior and the roof.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Timeshare Rentals Listed for Fourth of July

Fourth of July is coming right up, and a number of RedWeek members are busy posting last-minute timeshare rentals. The June RedWeek newsletter lists three great deals:

1. Westgate Branson Lakes, Hollister, MO. This resort sits right alongside Table Rock Lake, the site of Branson’s Fireburst Fourth Of July Fireworks show (see photo right). Watch this fireworks spectacular from the resort, or rent a boat and join the hundreds of others out on the lake itself. Either way, the amazing reflections in the lake will be like you’re seeing the fireworks twice.

During the day be sure to join the Spirit of '76 Celebration for wholesome, family-friendly Independence Day fun. There will be musical entertainment, plenty of food, and even hot air balloon rides.

You can get a July 4th Westgate Branson Lakes timeshare rental for just $135/night. Resales start at $950.

2. Daytona SeaBreeze, Daytona Beach, FL. For a taste of nostalgia head down the beach from this resort to the BandShell and sit back and enjoy the Big Band sound of the Jim Miller Orchestra, followed by a fireworks extravaganza from the end of the Daytona Beach Pier.

There’s plenty going on with NASCAR® over the Fourth of July weekend, too (see photo above). It all culminates on Saturday, July 7th, when the stars of the NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series have a showdown in the Coke Zero 400.

July 4th timeshare rentals at the beautiful Daytona SeaBreeze start at $150/night. Resales start at $1200. 

3. Wyndham Towers in the Grove, North Myrtle Beach, SC. No one does Fourth of July quite like Myrtle Beach (see photo right). With fireworks and festivities galore, you’ll find plenty of ways to celebrate Independence Day at the beach. Less than a mile from the Wyndham Towers resort you can watch fireworks as they explode high overhead at the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier.

Before the fireworks celebration you’ll have plenty of time to check out the Fourth of July festivities along Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand, where you can enjoy a number of amusement parks, and aquarium, and an astounding 1,900 restaurants.

Get a July 4th timeshare rental at Wyndham Towers in the Grove for just $143/night.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

It’s Summer – Plan to Make Timeshare Vacations Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle management includes healthy choices and management of stress, both of which you will find by taking a summer timeshare vacation. The movement to better our lives by such means as getting more exercise and improving our nutritional intake becomes more popular every year.  But the one aspect that still falls woefully short is giving ourselves - our bodies, our minds, and our spirits – the rest and respite we need for real health.

Study after study shows what we intuitively know is right – that vacations are necessary for our health. People who don’t take vacations, the research shows, are many times more likely to develop coronary disease, have heart attacks, develop diabetes, and have fitful sleeping patterns, which certainly is not good lifestyle management.

Vacations offer the perfect opportunities to take care of whatever ails you.  For example, if you have a sedentary job, physical activity might be just what you need. Many timeshare resorts offer tennis, golf, and volleyball and even such activities as softball and boccie ball tournaments.  Or go to a resort that offers an active vacation, such as beach destinations where you can snorkel, swim, windsurf, and dive.  Have fun and get back into shape at the same time. 

Maybe you are suffering from burnout and need pure relaxation. Try hidden getaways in mountain retreats such as the Great Smokey Mountains, the Catskills, or beautiful Lake Tahoe; or wonderful sand beaches where you can lay beside effervescent waves (think Aruba), or sway in a hammock (maybe Key Largo). With these kinds of vacations the cares of your world are sure to melt away and you'll feel relaxed and pampered.

If you need a real break from reality - head to California for fun at Disneyland, or to Orlando for Walt Disney World, Sea World, or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  At each of these theme parks your one and only job - is to have fun. 

Although the best way to take a real break is to leave your Blackberry, lap top, and cell phone at home, a vacation of any kind is better than none at all. Follow through on your best intentions for positively managing your life, and include that vital vacation in your healthy lifestyle plans.

Consider budget-friendly timeshare rentals as the way to afford the vacation you need.  On Maui – the windsurfing capital of the world - timeshare rentals start at just $114/night. A family vacation in the Catskills can be had by staying at a timeshare rental for just $60/night. And stay in an Orlando timeshare rental for an amazing $56/night.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tips for Healthy Travel on Your Timeshare Vacation

The summer travel season is upon us, and many of you are already planning your timeshare vacation. Traveling is never easy and with all the lack of rest as well as outside food we are forced to consume, falling ill is a possibility. So, how do you stay healthy and avoid the doctor? A few simple tips and alteration in lifestyle go a long way in eliminating several health risks. It is not only bad food or lack of nutrition that takes a toll. Fatigue and lack of exercise too are contributing factors.

The Timeshare Plan 
• Breakfast. One of the great things about a timeshare vacation, whether you own or are renting, is that you have your own kitchen. This allows you to fix healthy breakfasts and not have to rely on hotel breakfasts that are high in calories and fats. Fruits are healthy as well as delicious, whole grain cereals are filling and yogurt aids digestion, something you need to consider if you are visiting a foreign country.

• Lunch. A light lunch is better. Loading your stomach with food, and dessert as well, will make you feel stuffed and ill at ease while traveling. If you are going for a bumpy bus ride, a heavy lunch is a recipe for disaster. Salads and vegetable sandwiches in moderation are good. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself with water. Alcohol intake should be limited.

• Exercise. You might notice that you put on weight after each trip. Blame it on the calorific menu and a lazy schedule. A run on the treadmill at the timeshare resort’s exercise facility, or even a few laps in the pool, not only relax you but also help digestion. Exercise also aids your immune system. You can even pack in a skipping rope or jog in front of your TV set if you prefer working out alone.

The Airplane Plan 
• Not everyone can handle plane travel with ease. It helps a lot if you are feeling fine when you board the plane. If you are already ill, the stress and queasiness will make you feel a hundred times worse. If it is a psychological problem relating to stress, then drink green tea or some warm beverage to soothe the nerves.

• Layered clothing of a comfortable fabric too is good. If it’s a night flight, try not to use the airline provided pillow and blanket especially if you have an allergy. If you are on medication or suffer from an allergy, keep your medication handy in case of an emergency. Drinking water and staying hydrated helps.

• Avoid airline alcohol as it contains more sodium and this can lead to swelling of hands and feet. Never fly hungry. At least have a light meal and try to take some snack along. Packing your own food is the best option if you need food low on cholesterol or sodium or even vegetarian food.

General Tips
• Be wary of the hygiene standards wherever you eat
• Wash your hands or use a sanitizer
• Keep a handkerchief handy and tissues too
• Sunscreen and other forms of weather protection are a must
• Travel light, as carting heavy baggage is exhausting. Most timeshares come with a washer and dryer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June ARDA Timeshare Fans of the Month - Festiva Hospitality Group Owners

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) is featuring personal stories from three Festiva Holdiay Group owners during June as part of the industry’s effort to share the amenities, experiences, and heartfelt memories of timeshare vacations.

The three families— the Todds, Augers, and Raders— hail from around the country and each has spent their vacation time at a different Festiva resort. From a beach resort in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to a lake resort in Maine, to a cozy getaway on Cape Cod, all three families had one thing in common: they felt timeshare made their vacation better.

“It’s been fun to see and track the difference in the kids each year,” said Richard Todd of Ohio. “They’ve gone from floating around in the baby pools at the age of one to chasing girls in their teens. Our Festiva home, the Peppertree Ocean Club in Myrtle Beach, is a strong part of our family’s history and is a tradition we look forward to all year long.

Says Dina Auger: "Our first visit to Festiva’s Rangeley Lake Resort in Maine was pure "heaven" to us! It was relaxing, peaceful, and a great time for family bonding. With my husband – who is in the Navy – being deployed quite a bit, this vacation gave us the best "family time" we could ask for.

The staff at Rangeley is very accommodating and friendly; the cabins are well cared for, cozy, and wonderfully decorated! We love Rangeley Lake Resort and our timeshare vacation so much that even when we had to move to the West Coast, we still made time to get to Rangeley for our summer vacation."

Read the rest of the Festiva Fans story.

The Festiva story is the eighth in a monthly series showcasing the passion of timeshare owners. Next month, look for vacation memories from Shell Vacations owners who are passionate about their timeshare. All timeshare fans are invited to tell their story here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Victoria, Vancouver Island

A Longhouse and Totem at the BC Museum of Natural History, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Submitted by Peggy L of California.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Disney Fan? Cars Land is Open! Plan a Timeshare Vacation Now

Cars Land officially opened to the public on Wednesday, June 15 at Disney’s California Adventure Park in Anaheim, and now you have a real excuse for an Anaheim timeshare vacation! 

Eagerly awaited by fans of all ages, construction of the 12-acre Cars Land attraction began a long five years ago as part of the overall redesign, expansion, and “re-Imagination” of California Adventure. 

Take a look at what you can expect at Cars Land, as well as the brand new entrance to California Adventure Park – Buena Vista Street:

Wish you could have been at the Cars Land Opening Ceremony the  night of June 13? You can still be part of the excitement by watching it in its entirety here, including an introduction of the actors behind the voices in both Cars films. The final minutes of this video take you on another tour of all the fun and excitement that Cars Land has to offer.

There are all kinds of timeshare rentals in California from which you can choose. And if you want to stay near Disneyland, check out the Peacock Suites Resort where timeshare rentals start at just $86/night, and you're just a mile from the Disneyland Park Resorts.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Father’s Day and Baseball – Timeshare Vacation Idea

A day at the Ballpark and America’s National Pastime could be the perfect Father’s Day gift. Many of the Major League baseball teams are playing at home on Sunday, June 17, right where there are some great bargains for renting a timeshare.

1. New York City. The Mets are hosting the Cincinnati Reds at Citi Field, where the team moved in 2009 from famous Shea Stadium, home to the Mets since 1964.

You can rent a timeshare for Dad’s New York City baseball getaway right in Manhattan. For example, the Manhattan Club has timeshare rentals starting at just $150/night.

2. St. Petersburg, FL. The Tampa Bay Rays will be hosting Miami at Tropicana Field (see photo left), a domed stadium where the Rays have played since their first season in 1998 (when they were known as the Devil Rays). Tropicana Field is currently the only domed stadium in Major League Baseball that is not retractable.

There are a number of great timeshare rentals available throughout the Tampa Bay area, which includes St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, and Sarasota, among a number of other beachside towns. Camelot by the Sea resort starts at just $104/night.

3. Oakland, CA. The Oakland As will be hosts to the San Diego Padres at the Coliseum, where they have played since 1968. The Coliseum is part of the multipurpose Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum complex, and is also home to the NFL Oakland Raiders.

A stay across the bay in San Francisco would give dad the best of both worlds for this baseball vacation. Put dad up at a timeshare rental at the Donatello Resort for just $110/night, where he's just a cable car ride away from succulent steamed crabs at Fisherman's Wharf.

4. Los Angeles, CA. Two home games are being played in the Los Angeles area on Father’s Day. The American League LA Angels are hosts to Arizona in Angel Stadium of Anaheim (see photo right). The Angels have played in “The Big A” since 1966. The halo around the “Big A” is lit every time the team wins (at home or on the road). 

And the National League Los Angeles Dodgers will be hosting the Chicago White Sox at Dodger Stadium, the third oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball (after Boston’s Fenway Park and Chicago’s Wrigley Field).

Southern California is full of timeshare rentals of every description. Dad could stay at a timeshare rental at Dolphins Cove Resort in Anaheim for just $93/night, and which is, coincidentally, within walking distance of Disneyland.

5. Washington, D.C. The Washington Nationals are hosts this Father’s Day to the New York Yankees. The team moved to the new Nationals Stadium, with views of the Capitol, in 2008. Originally the Montreal Expos, the Nationals’ first three seasons were played at RFK Stadium when they became a national franchise team.

A trip to our Nation’s Capital can give dad more than baseball – such as the Air and Space Museum (it’s free!). The Wyndham Old Town Alexandria timeshare rentals start at just $69/night, and it's an easy Metro ride to both Nationals Stadium and the Smithsonian museums on The Mall.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

What to Expect When Traveling with Kids Abroad on a Timeshare Vacation

Traveling anywhere with children presents its challenges, especially when the destination is unfamiliar and the travel time is long. When you go on your next timeshare vacation maintain your sanity by planning ahead and utilizing the following tips.

Get Your Travel Documents in Order
Remember that even your toddler needs a passport and that these can take weeks to acquire, so plan accordingly. You and your child must apply in person, and if both parents cannot be there, you must bring a notarized statement of consent from the other parent. This also applies to parents traveling solo with their children outside of the country; check with your travel agent or the country’s embassy for specific requirements.

Visit the Doctor 
Make sure that your child has the necessary immunizations for travel and that you have packed updated prescriptions. It’s a good idea to plan ahead for unexpected illnesses; include some children’s pain reliever, antidiarrheal medication, and antihistamine in your carry-on.

Pack Healthy Snacks
There’s no way of knowing how often food will be offered on a long journey, or how your child will react to it. Your best bet is to pack healthy options you know your child loves—like granola bars, dried fruit, nuts or even plain Cheerios. You can allow your kids to have a soda as a treat, but make sure to keep them hydrated with lots of water.

Pack a Special Travel Bag
Keep a small suitcase especially for long journeys and make a rule that it is only to be opened once the trip has begun. Load it with coloring books, stickers, favorite toys, Mad Libs, and maybe even an iPod or portable DVD player. Choose a travel bag with a hard case, so that it can be used as a drawing surface. Include sugarless gum to help with adjusting to pressure changes during the plane’s descent.

You’ve Arrived, Now What?
Make arrangements in advance for your child’s safety and comfort once you get to your destination. Will the timeshare provide a crib? If you’re renting a car, can the rental company provide you with an up-to-date car seat?

These items need to be pre-arranged or added to your list of things to pack. Consider other safety precautions, such as whether the water at your destination is safe to drink, and whether the sun will be stronger than what your children are accustomed to. Plan to keep bottled water, waterproof SPF 30 sunscreen, and sanitary wipes with you at all times.

Our guest author is Magnus Hirst, a tour guide and Social Media Coordinator at Icelandic Travel Market, a leading Iceland tours company specializing in bus tours, Iceland day tours, jeep tours, Iceland group travel, glacier walks, whale watching tours, and much more.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For Father’s Day – Top 6 iPad Travel Apps for His Timeshare Vacation

If you’re still looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, give dad something he can really use on his next timeshare vacation – travel apps for his iPad. Here are the Top 6 iPad travel apps for 2012 as compiled by Market Watch:

1. HG2 (see photo right). This app is packed full of information on over 40 cities, giving dad local knowledge on the best restaurants, shops, bars, and nightclubs. Its features include: each guide is compiled by writers who have lived in that city so content is packed with insider knowledge. 

2. XE Currency Converter. A currency converter is an obvious must-have on any trip out of the country. The features of this app include: live up-to-the-minute rates; a list of all world currencies and precious metals; choose up to ten currencies at a time; and calculate prices.

3. Google Translate. Another must-have for dad on a trip abroad. The features of this translating app include: Translate text between 64 languages; translate by speaking the text in 17 languages; listen to the translation spoken aloud in 24 languages; display translations in full screen mode; and star favorite translations for quick access even when offline.

4. Skyscanner. Dad can compare over 1000 budget and scheduled airlines in seconds. The features of this app include: compares millions of flights on over 1000 airlines; finds the cheapest places to fly; finds the cheapest dates to fly; and is the most flexible and powerful flight search app in the world.

5. Packing Pro (see photo left). With this app dad has a handy packing check list. Features include: an extensive, customizable catalog; several handy sample lists that can be used as templates; multi-item selection for speedy list building; numerous packing list sorting and display options; and weight and value totals.

6. TourWrist. This amazing app will allow dad to create a 360-degree panorama of his travels. The features include: integrated panoramic photography function; 3-D viewing technology; touch-based navigation; access to beautiful imagery from some of the world’s most talented photographers, and supporting descriptions, maps, and web links that give dad a broader understanding of each area dad explores.

 And best of all, each of these top travel apps is free. Add that to giving dad a budget-friendly timeshare rental, and he’s well on his way to a great trip and a special vacation. Many timeshare rentals are available all over the world, including Thailand timeshare rentals, Europe, Australia, and South Africa. Send dad someplace where he’ll need to use his currency converter and translation apps!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Paris


 The Eiffel Tower at dusk, in the City of Light, Paris, France. Taken by Mandel M of Arizona.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

For Father’s Day – A Budget Timeshare Rental Vacation to Hawaii

Does dad dream of going to Hawaii? Everything he’s heard about Hawaii being a piece of Paradise is true. The soft trade winds, air filled with the scent of plumaria blossoms, a spectacular turquoise ocean, and sandy beaches that range from dazzling white to surprising black – all make up Hawaii.

 And actually Hawaii is even more than all of that. Each one of Hawaii’s islands is unique. If you’ve seen one, you certainly have not seen them all. 

Kauai, the most northern island in Hawaii’s chain, is distinctive for its extraordinary natural beauty. The lush tropical vegetation has earned Kauai the nickname "The Garden Island." Kauai highlights include stunning Wiamea Canyon, known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

Oahu is the home to Hawaii’s state capital, Honolulu, and the largest portion of Hawaii’s population. Here dad can visit Dole’s pineapple fields, watch world-class surfing with the giant waves of the North Shore, and take an exciting outrigger canoe ride (see photo). In downtown Honolulu he can even enjoy cultural activities such as art museums, symphony concerts, and theater.

Maui, the second largest island, is the "windsurfing capitol of the world." And its most iconic activity is watching a spectacular sunrise from the top of the Haleakala crater, as did Mark Twain who said of his experience,”It’s the most sublime thing I ever saw.” On Maui dad can also hang-glide, take a glider ride, or even clamber through the caves of a real lava tube.

Hawaii's Big Island is larger than all of the other islands combined, and is vast enough that it amazingly holds 11 of the world's 13 climatic zones. Here dad can see everything from cattle ranches to active volcanoes, from coffee plantations to mango groves. He can bask on sandy beaches or hike above the timberline on snow-capped mountains.

Hawaii offers something for every kind of dad, all amidst tropical beauty and friendly people. The entire family can hula dance, make flower leis, prepare fresh mahi mahi, snack on succulent papaya, and eat shave ice.

As you can see, like a delicious smorgasbord Hawaii offers a wonderful variety for every taste. And if your family travels on a budget, the secret to an affordable Hawaiian vacation is - a timeshare rental.

For example, timeshare rentals on Oahu are currently starting at just $99/night, right in the heart of Waikiki.

So if dad is dreaming of going to Hawaii but you think the family can’t afford it – think again, and check out Hawaii timeshare rentals for a once in a lifetime Father's Day gift.

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Secret to a Great Family Summer Timeshare Vacation - Wisconsin Dells

Looking for a summer vacation spot that's made to order for the entire family, but that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Take a look at Wisconsin Dells - it's a hidden family vacation Gem. If it's not Orlando, it also is not full of expensive theme parks and hotels, either.

The "Dells" of the Wisconsin River were formed by glacial activity geological eons ago. The gorge now has striking natural scenery with sandstone formations along 15 miles of the river. Along with nearby Lake Delton, the area has become Wisconsin's prime resort location. Here all kinds of water sports take center stage for great family vacation fun.

The entire family will enjoy the Dells Army Ducks - a fleet of original WWII amphibious army vehicles that take you on a fascinating land and water tour of Lower Dells Glacier Park.

Your teens will thrill at the 1200-horsepower adrenalin rush from the high-speed Jet Boat Adventures (see top photo). Skilled pilots get the boats up to 40mph as they race through both the Upper Dells and the Lower Dells.

You can also find many different types of water craft for rent, including ski boats, pontoons, wave runners, fishing boats, canoes, and kayaks - something for every member of the family, and every taste and interest.

The main attraction of the Dells is the largest water park in the entire country. Noah's Ark has an amazing 49 water rides, 2 giant pools, 2 endless rivers, and 4 children's water play areas.

The Black Anaconda is a thrilling "water coaster," and the Time Warp is the world's largest Bowl Ride. The Scorpion's Tail (see photo left) is the first near-vertical looping water slide in the U.S. New just last year in 2012 was Quadizilla, a 4-lane head-first mat racing ride.

For the little ones, you'll find that Tadpole Bay Kiddie Kingdom Water Playground is just the ticket.

One great aspect of spending a family vacation at Wisconsin Dells is the relative affordability of accommodations as compared to many other more famous vacation destinations. You can rent a timeshare at Christmas Mountain Village for as little as $49/night. Wyndham Tamarac Resort timeshare rentals start at just $57/night.

For these amazingly low prices you get condo-like accommodations that can include 2 separate bedrooms and sleep up to six. You'll also get a full-sized kitchen which helps in saving even more of your vacation budget since you won't have to take the family out to eat three times a day.

Wisconsin Dells has it all for a memorable family summer vacation - lots of water fun, and budget-friendly luxury accommodations with Wisconsin Dells timeshare rentals!

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Take a Timeshare Vacation to Tuscany and Discover the Amazing Maremma

Maremma is a large territory stretching between southern Tuscany and northern Lazio. It starts soon after Siena, and is delimited to the west by the Livorno province and the Thyrrenian sea.

The territory completed its transformation before WWII. After being a swamp for centuries, the land was reclaimed during a long interval that started at the beginning of the 19th century and lasted for more than hundred years.

Today it's known for its beautiful wild landscapes, crystal clear sea waters and genuine agricultural products. Being a swamp for so many centuries has created a very fertile soil, while the climate is never extremely hot nor cold, thanks to the mitigating action of the nearby sea.

One of the highlights of Maremma is its park. Parco dell’Uccellina (see top photo) extends more than nine thousand hectares, and is a wildlife refuge of great importance that even received a European recognition of excellence. It is a fantastic land going from Principina a Mare until Talamone.

By the mouth of river Ombrone a small portion of the marshes that once occupied most of Maremma can be found and are the ecosystem of delicate marine life forms and a sanctuary for aquatic birds.

 The very romantic character of Maremma makes it the perfect place for exploring beguiling Tuscan villas and captivating farmhouses.

Moving inland and southbound, the conformation of the territory becomes more irregular thanks to the Monti of Uccellina, covered with lush green vegetation. To the south of the Uccellina you can find vast prairies and the land of Butteri - the Tuscan version of cowboys. Large Maremma-breed cows can be admired while grazing on these never-ending pastures, while it is not uncommon to spot a pack of wild horses running free in the distance.
Here anyone can craft their ideal travel experience. For those in search of a seaside vacation, the coast of Maremma stretches for hundreds of kilometers with some of the most enchanting towns, including typical fisherman villages perched on the coast and wetted by the Mediterranean.

However, if one's dimension is best found far from the seaside, mainland Maremma offers a variety of delicious sites where to lose oneself for a week or two. Capalbio, Scansano, Monterotondo and a great many others would be perfect suggestions for those of you who wish to spend time by ancient city walls baked by the sun and centuries of history.
  The wild character of this land can be savored in many ways, but the best advice anyone could give you is to do it with horseback excursions. Maremma is a horse breeding territory. Therefore it is common to find farmhouses offering horseback rides.

So for a timeshare vacation that offers the best of all worlds – some of the most pristine beaches in Italy, beautiful rolling farmlands, ancient towns to explore – find a budget-friendly timeshare rental in Tuscany and enjoy Maremma.

Our guest author is Matt, whose passions are Italy and Tuscany, and who writes about them on his blog on Italy. 

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Now is the Best Time for a Timeshare Rental Family Vacation to Universal Orlando

With Memorial Day behind us that means just one thing – it’s Summer. And what better way to celebrate than planning a budget-friendly summer family timeshare rental vacation to – where else - Theme Park, USA – Orlando, FL.
2012 is the year to visit Universal Orlando, which is pulling out all the stops on new rides and exciting events. With the help of our friends at Theme Park Tourist newsletter we have the latest information:
1. Wet ‘n Wild. In the summer, the Wet ‘n Wild water park will open its first interactive family water play area featuring 15 water slides and more than 100 soakers, jets, waterfalls and water cannons - making it the largest interactive water play experience in Florida.
2. SpongeBob SquarePants. Later this year will be the opening of a retail entertainment experience that will become home the characters from the number one kids animated TV series, Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants. 
3. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (see top photo). This ride will soon feature all-new, 4K digital high-definition animation, new high tech 3-D glasses and upgrades to the set, audio and lighting systems. 
4. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. Universal Orlando’s newest attraction will take you on a 3-D adventure with your favorite characters from the hit film – Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes and the mischievous minions.The experience begins when guests enter Gru’s home, where they learn that they’re being recruited to become minions and undergo “minion training.”
5. Superstar Parade. Some of today’s most beloved characters and stories will bring new adventure to the streets of Universal Studios during Universal’s Superstar Parade – an all-new daily parade that features larger-than-life floats, state-of-the-art technology and hundreds of energetic street performers. 
6. Cinematic Spectacular – 100 Years of Movie Memories. Narrated by award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, Universal Orlando’s brand-new night time show, Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular (see photo left), will celebrate the most powerful and emotional moments from Universal Pictures’ most iconic films – all on cutting-edge waterfall screens within the Universal Studios lagoon.
It’s easy to find many budget-friendly, and family-friendly, timeshare rentals in the Greater Orlando area. For example, timeshare rentals at Marriott’s Grande Vista resort start at just $36/night.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Venus Transits the Sun

Today Venus transits the sun, which means that Venus passes between the sun and the earth, and with the proper protective eye equipment you'll be able to watch this rare event. The last time this astronomical event occurred was in 2004, and it won't happen again until 2117.

Our #TravelTuesday photo is from the 2004 transit, taken from Flager Beach Pier in Florida. You can see the small dot of Venus near the right rim of the sun.

An interesting bit of trivia: In the era of the telescope, there's been 258 Total Solar Eclipses, but only eight Venus Transits, including today's. (Neil deGrasse Tyson).

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Monday, June 04, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Continues - Great Britain is the Place for a Timeshare Vacation

The extended weekend of June 2 – 5 is the official celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, marking Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years of continuous reign.  Plan a timeshare vacation in England during 2012. If you’ve missed being in London for the Queen’s Jubilee celebration events, there is still time this summer for the London 2012 Festival, and the London 2012 Olympics.

On Sunday, June 3, Queen Elizabeth II rode the Royal Barge leading the Jubilee Flotilla down the Thames River (see photo). Over 1000 vessels of all types joined in the waterborne pageant to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Meanwhile, events celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee continue. Today, June 4th, is the hugely anticipated BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace. The program of this once-in-a-lifetime concert is a cavalcade of some of the biggest musical stars of Great Britain, including Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, and Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle. ABC Television has the exclusive USA rights for rebroadcast of this Diamond Jubilee Concert, which you’ll be able to see on Tuesday, June 5, 9pm Eastern time/8pm Central time.

Also on Monday, June 4th, is the lighting of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons. A network of exactly 2,012 beacons will be lit by communities and individuals throughout the United Kingdom, as well as the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and the Commonwealth. At 10pm local time Queen Elizabeth herself will light the National Beacon outside Buckingham Palace.

Tuesday, June 5th, the final day of the Diamond Jubilee weekend, the celebrations will culminate in a day of events throughout London. A service at St. Paul’s Cathedral will be followed by two receptions which the Queen will attend. Later Queen Elizabeth will participate in a Jubilee lunch at Westminister Hall, and a Carriage Procession to Buckingham Palace which will be accompanied by military bands along the route, as well as a 60-gun salute. 

The day will end with a Balcony appearance, an RAF Flyover which will include WWII Spitfires and the Royal Air Force aerobatic team the Red Arrows, and a Feu de Joie (Fire of Joy) – a celebratory cascade of rifle fire given as a salute by the Queen’s Guard.

Check out Great Britain timeshare rentals and timeshare exchanges:

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Friday, June 01, 2012

The Secret to Enjoying a Business Trip – A Timeshare Rental

Business travel can be difficult – there’s no doubt about it. Leaving the family for days on end, spending nights in cramped hotel or motel rooms, trying to take care of work on a small table or spread across the bed, constantly eating meals out in restaurants and fast-food establishments.

Some business men and women know a secret that makes the business trip aspect of the job much more pleasant, if not downright enjoyable. The secret is – timeshare rentals.  And while timeshare rentals are typically used by vacationers, they are the perfect answer to great accommodations for a business trip.

Timeshare rentals can cost up to 50% less than a comparable hotel room, and often even less than a budget motel. And you get space – lots of it. The separate bedroom makes a night’s sleep much more relaxing. The living room gives you a place to put your feet up and enjoy some television, or a movie on the provided DVD.

The dining area gives you not only a place to eat so you’re not perched on the side of a bed, but also room to spread out and do your work. The full-sized kitchen allows you to eat home-cooked meals when you get tired of all of that café food. Pictured left is the Wyndham Resort at National Harbor in Washington, D.C., where timeshare rentals start at just $86/night.

Most timeshare rentals come attached to a resort. So not only do you have swimming pools and hot tubs to help you relax, but there are other activities available as well, including arcade game rooms and tennis, along with fitness rooms and spas. Pictured right is Marriott's Cypress Harbour in Orlando, FL, where timeshare rentals start at just $107/night.

While some timeshare owners own a specific week, and list their timeshare rental for the entire week, the number of days you stay in the timeshare rental is often negotiable. In addition, many timeshare owners are now members of a “vacation club,” which means that instead of owning a specific week, they own points which they can easily divide up. This gives you the opportunity to rent just 2 or 3 days at the timeshare, instead of the entire week.

Renting a timeshare from the owner is an easy process, and timeshare rentals are available all around the world, even including in the heart of large cities. While the city-based timeshare rentals don’t always have a full-sized kitchen, you do get a microwave, refrigerator, and dishes, along with the separate bedrooms and all of the extra relaxing space that we’ve spoken about. The Manhattan Club in downtown New York City (pictured left) has timeshare rentals starting at just $150/night.

Make your next business trip budget-friendly, relaxing – and enjoyable. Rent a timeshare!

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