Thursday, February 28, 2013

Timeshare Travel - Five Cafés in Paris That Would Make Picasso Proud – Part 2

In the age of the internet café and free Wi-Fi at Starbucks, I was wondering, where can you get that old school “I’ll take three hours to drink this artisan latté” experience?

We’re talking about the real deal of café culture, the kind of place you could picture Picasso kicking back to enjoy a charcuterie plate and afternoon glass (or bottle) of wine.

Plan a timeshare vacation to Paris, and enjoy her wonderful cafés. Our 2-Part look at the Top 5 Paris cafés concludes with a look at these three:

3. Au Rocher de Cancale.  
Famous French novelist Honoré de Balzac was a regular at the Paris café Au Rocher de Cancale, built in 1846 and popular with locals and foreigners alike ever since. Of all the vintage cafés in Paris, Au Rocher de Cancale has perhaps the most reliably festive vibe and endures as a delicious place to eat, drink or as Balzac did, people watch.

There is certainly no lack of diversity in Au Rocher’s patrons; on any given day you can find students, families and working professionals enjoying French salads, seafood and old school steins. Don’t think that this place is only good for an afternoon drink, Au Rocher de Cancale also offers tasty afternoon brunch perfected with liquor-filled chocolates.

4. Le Bar du Marché. 
Nothing says “perfect Parisian afternoon” like the sight of a street-corner café with a red-and-white striped awning, which is just what you’ll find at Le Bar du Marché. This café is known as the epicenter of the “bobo” phenomenon, the mix of classic French bohemian and bourgeoisie culture.

The atmosphere of the bar reflects this trend; the dim lighting and vintage jazz posters create a casual lounge vibe while an intellectual crowd fills the outdoor tables enjoying the simple bistro dining options. The Bar du Marché is by all means a hip option; make sure you’re wearing your trendiest smart/casual attire and in the mood for a croque-monsieur.

5. La Palette.
Paris is full of cafés claiming to have started the “café culture,” but few have the credibility of the iconic coffee houses of the Saint Germain. This famous neighborhood is home to many of Paris’ best-known cafés including La Palette, a favorite of Picasso, Cézanne, and Braque.

To this day the café attracts the elite of the creative world, from the students at the famous art school École des Beaux-Arts to Hollywood A-listers looking to relive art’s golden era. This café has truly withstood the test of time and is still popular among tourists and locals alike for its friendly bartenders, artsy atmosphere, and delicious coffee and food.

When you're looking for things to do in Paris, also check out Paris timeshare rentals.

Our guest author, Daniel Hogan, is a writer at Party Earth - a global media and entertainment company that publishes reviews and listings of the best social experiences around the world including: cafes in Paris, pubs in London, beaches in Ibiza, plazas in Rome, parks in New York, festivals and concerts everywhere, and more.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Timeshare Vacation Getaway – Explore Fascinating Mayan Ruins in Sunny Mexico

Getting tired of winter? Now is the perfect time to take a timeshare vacation to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The temps aren’t too hot yet, and you’ll beat the hurricane season by a few months.

If you’re thinking that this warm getaway is just to another pretty beach, think again. Yes, the fabulous soft white-sand beaches, and the dazzling turquoise waters for which the Caribbean is so famous, will all be yours. But, you’ll also be glad to know that there’s some exciting country to explore, as well.

The Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula are a treasure just waiting for you find, and some of the most famous ruins are just a stone’s throw from Cancun, and even right on the island of Cozumel.

Over 2000 years ago the Mayan civilization was not only thriving, but was also one of the most advanced ever to be on the earth. Long before Europe, Asia and even Egypt had figured out the secrets of mathematics and physics, the Mayans were making huge advances in these sciences.

The Mayans spread their remarkable civilization across a vast territory that included the present-day Yucatan Peninsula and extending through southeastern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. However, the most famous of its ruins are on the Yucatan Peninsula, making them easy for visitors to Mexico’s Caribbean coast to enjoy.

Chichen Itza (photos top and left) is by far the most popular Mayan archeological site on the Yucatan Peninsula and close to 1.5 million people visit it each year. It is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the unofficial “New 7 Wonders of the World.” By staying in Cancun it is just a 2-hour drive, and many tour buses are available.

The most easily recognized Chichen Itza ruin is the great Kukulkan Pyramid, also known as “El Castillo” (the castle). This temple to Kukulkan, a feathered serpant, stands 98 feet high, has nine terraces each 89.4 feet high, and is topped by a 20-foot high temple building.

While the pyramid is no longer open to the public for climbing, it is still an awe-inspiring site. Other archeological sites to visit at Chichen Itza include the huge Ball Court and an amazing observatory.

Just a 45 minute drive from Cancun is the Mayan ruin Tulum (see photo right). It is smaller than Chichen Itza, but has a breathtaking cliff top setting overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

On the island of Cozumel is another popular archeological site of the ancient Mayan culture. San Gervasio contains the temple built to honor the goddess Ix Chel (see photo below). A sacred place for Mayan women,, each, at least once in her lifetime, made a pilgrimage here to honor the goddess of fertility.

Beyond being the “sanctuary” of Ix Chel, this island was also a strategic location for the Mayans from both a commercial and political stand point. Cozumel was one of the most important ports-of-trade for Mayan seafarers, and was a major producer of honey for trade. Twenty-four Mayan archeological sites have so far been discovered scattered across the island of Cozumel.

Stay in a Cancun timeshare rental for as low as $57/night.

Cozumel timeshare rentals start at just $121/night.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Skiing in Italy

Dolomites, Italian Alps, submitted by Kurt H., Albuquerque, NM

The Dolomites are a part of the Alps in northeastern Italy. A tourist mecca, this area is known for its world-class skiing in winter, and mountain climbing, hiking, and hang-gliding in summer.

The “Maratona dles Dolomites”, an annual single-day bicycle race through spectacular scenery that covers seven mountain passes of the Dolomites, occurs in the first week of July.

Take a look at timeshare rentals in Europe, as well as timeshare exchanges available in many European countries.

Submit your photo to #TravelTuesday! Just send it via email to us at: learnmore (at) redweek (dot) com. Let us know your name, where you are from, and where the photo was taken.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Colorado Timeshare Vacation – Enjoy Winter Beauty

One of the best ways to see untouched and unspoiled winter beauty in Colorado is to ride the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gage Railroad. Plan a timeshare vacation in or around Durango, nestled in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of southeastern Colorado, for truly spectacular winter scenery.

During the winter months, due to the heavy snows that the San Juan Mountains experience which prevents the train going all the way to Silverton, the D&SNG offers a shortened, fascinating ride to Cascade Canyon. This trip takes you through the San Juan National Forest and along the Animas River in the comfort of heated coaches.

Cascade Canyon is a wonderful wilderness destination and therefore there are no stores or restaurants. However there are picnic tables along the Animas River, and a covered pavilion just steps away from the train – all a perfect luncheon setting where you can enjoy the spectacular beauty of the natural, scenic canyon.

Use your timeshare kitchen to pack a lunch, or enjoy the light lunch selections available onboard the D&SNG. Or you can pre-order a special boxed lunch from Durango's Red Lantern Catering company.

Besides seeing beautiful scenery, riding the train is just plain fun. This historic train has been in continuous operation for 128 years, carrying passengers behind vintage steam locomotives and in cars indigenous to the line. You'll relive the sights and sounds of yesteryear, from the clacking of the wheels and the gentle swaying of the cars, to blowing cinders and the sounds of the great steam whistle.

The Durango-Silverton trip is so exceptional it received a 5-Star award from the National Association of Travel Journalists and was named one of the top ten most exciting train journeys in the world by the Society of American Travel Writers.

Stay in a timeshare rental right in Durango, and just across from the D&SNG roundhouse, at the Wyndham Durango for just $114/night.

You can also enjoy a timeshare vacation at the Purgatory Resort, just 27 miles from Durango, which sits at the base of the Purgatory ski area with 72 trails and 38 miles of groomed slopes.

Or stay in a Wyndham Pagosa timeshare rental for a little as $85/night. You can still enjoy a D&SNG train ride as Pagosa Springs is less than a hour from Durango. And it’s just a quick drive from Pagosa Springs up to Wolf Creek for more great skiing.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Exciting Timeshare Vacation Ideas – Spotlight on the Top 3 Timeshare Rental Resorts

RedWeek’s February newsletter spotlighted the top 3 resorts on RedWeek’s 6th annual Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts list that has been published for 2013.

1. Disney's Beach Club Villas, Lake Buena Vista, FL. This perennially popular Disney resort climbs back to number one this year, after falling to just number two in 2012. Located within walking distance of Epcot, you can also choose complimentary bus rides or the fun complimentary boat ride to take you to all of the theme parks within Walt Disney World.

In addition, as a guest of Disney’s Beach Club Villas you have access to all the amenities of Disney’s Yacht Club and Disney’s Beach Club resorts located right next door.

Disney Beach Club Villas timeshare rentals start at $250/night. Resales start at $13,125.

RedWeek Reviewer: We had a wonderful stay here and we would definitely return to this resort as I can’t imagine a better resort in Disney.

2. Harborside Resort at Atlantis, Bahamas. This popular Caribbean resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, is consistently in the top 10 on our list, and secures the number two spot this year.

Relax and soak up the sun on the soft sand beach, or stay busy with the world's largest marine habitat, a Mayan Temple waterslide, an electrifying casino, international cuisine, exceptional facilities for sports and shopping, and salon and spa services.

Harborside Resort at Atlantis timeshare rentals start at just $179/night. Resales start at $75.

RedWeek Reviewer: Everything at Harborside is first-rate. The Atlantis property is fabulous. We can’t wait to go back. 

3. Disney’s Boardwalk Villas, Lake Buena Vista, FL. This Walt Disney World resort climbs from number 10 on the list last year, to number three this year. Built in the Eastern Seaboard boardwalk style of the 1930s, here you’ll be able to relish in the charm of Old Americana. Rent a surrey bike for a ride along the boardwalk, and enjoy tasting your way along the many boardwalk food stops.

You can also enjoy activities such as the 200-foot long Keister Coaster water slide, as well as fishing on the lake. Prepare your fresh catch in your timeshare kitchen. Complimentary bus and boat rides are available to take you to any of the theme parks in Walt Disney World.

Disney Boardwalk Villas timeshare rentals start at $130/night. Resales start at $14,300.

RedWeek Reviewer: I would highly recommend this resort to anyone. I have wanted to stay at other Disney resorts, but now I am not sure if I will ever plan anything but the Boardwalk. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Timeshare Travel - Five Cafés in Paris That Would Make Picasso Proud – Part 1

In the age of the internet café and free Wi-Fi at Starbucks, I was wondering, where can you get that old school “I’ll take three hours to drink this artisan latté” experience?

We’re talking about the real deal of café culture, the kind of place you could picture Picasso kicking back to enjoy a charcuterie plate and afternoon glass (or bottle) of wine. Obviously any café that could ever come close to offering this much intellectual swagger would be located in Paris.

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Paris while pondering the ideas of existentialism, or just want to get tipsy on a quaint side street with European hipsters, the City of Light has a café for you.

1. Rosa Bonheur.  Looking for a place to spend a quintessentially artsy French night out? Rosa Bonheur, named after the famous free-spirited, pants-wearing Parisian bohemian painter is a hot spot to while away a late night enjoying some delicious sangria in a carefree atmosphere.

The café originally opened in 2008, but has only recently gained popularity as a pretension-free hangout spot for hip families, fashionistas, art scenesters and local Parisian hipsters. You can get a bottle of wine for a reasonable price (15 euros!), and dance the night away in the charming wood-framed café or outside on the lawn.

Café Rosa Bonheur is located in the 19th Arrondissement and is accessible through the gates at 7 rue Botzaris.

2. Le Sans Souci.  Le Sans Souci is a charming dive bar and café located in the middle of the popular Pigalle section of Paris. The laid-back attitude at Le Sans Souci – which literally means “no worries” in French – makes it the prefect place to enjoy an affordable draft after a long day of exploring the city.

The crowd here is filled with 20-something professionals, international hipsters and drunken intellectuals who all have one thing in common; they love a tipsy chat in a quirky setting. Le Sans Souci is a popular destination so it’s recommended to get there early if you have your heart set on grabbing a seat indoors.

Next week we’ll look at three more of the most popular cafes in Paris in Part 2.

Plan your timeshare vacation with Paris timeshare rentals which start at just $143/night.

Our guest author, Daniel Hogan, is a writer at Party Earth - a global media and entertainment company that publishes reviews and listings of the best social experiences around the world including: the cafes in Paris, pubs in London, beaches in Ibiza, plazas in Rome, parks in New York, festivals and concerts everywhere, and more.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Timeshare Travel - February is Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and scattered all across the U.S. are museums, historic sites, and memorials dedicated to African Americans. Plan a timeshare vacation and find one near your destination to enjoy the remarkable achievements and learn the history of African Americans.

Below are 3 of the most popular museums where Black History Month is exhibited all year round.

1. The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) San Francisco, CA. This museum specifically documents the Afrcian diaspora. The word diaspora refers to people of African origin living outside the continent, particularly descendants of the Atlantic African slave trade.

MoAD also introduces visitors to the idea of the original African diaspora - the original movement of Homo Sapiens (from the earliest human remains found in Africa) - to eventually all inhabited regions.

The museum asks visitors "when did you first realize you were African?" The museum espouses the scientifically accepted idea of “panethnicity” wherein all humans have a common African origin. The museum focuses, among other things, on the African music, and its legacy in other musical forms. Its current main exhibition is the Kinsey Collection which offers an inspirational journey through five centuries of African American history, culture and heritage.

San Francisco timeshare rentals start at just $125/night.

2. National Great Blacks In Wax Museum, Baltimore, MD. The first and largest wax exhibit of African American history in the country, his museum is located in a renovated firehouse, a Victorian Mansion, and two former apartment dwellings that provide nearly 30,000 square feet of exhibit and office space.

The exhibits feature over 100 life-like wax figures and scenes, a full model slave ship exhibit which portrays the 400 year history of the Atlantic slave trade, an exhibit on the role of youth in making history, and a Maryland room highlighting the contributions of outstanding Marylanders to African American history.

Featuring special lighting, sound effects and animation you’ll see such national figures as Harriet Tubman, Billie Holiday, and Martin Luther King, Jr., bring history to life.

Stay in a budget-friendly Wyndham Old Town Alexandria timeshare rental just a hour from Baltimore for as low as $64/night.

3. Weeksville Heritage Center, Brooklyn, NY. Located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, this historic site was an important 19th century free black community whose residents established schools, churches and benevolent associations and were active in the abolitionist movement.

Weeksville is a historic settlement of national significance and one of the few remaining historical sites of pre-Civil War African American communities. The Heritage Center, a 12,400 square-foot site site, comprising the historic Hunterfly Houses and an open grassy area, focuses on arts and crafts, literacy and historical preservation.

New York City timeshare rentals are available in mid-town Manhattan and start at just $143/night.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – The Magic of Winter Woods

Winter woods near Brussels, Belgium, submitted by A. DeCrits, Baltimore, MD.

Take a look at the many Europe timeshare rentals available for your next timeshare vacation.

Submit your photo to #TravelTuesday! Just send it via email to us at: learnmore (at) redweek (dot) com. Let us know your name, where you are from, and where the photo was taken.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Timeshare Travel – 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Presidents’ Day

Taking a timeshare vacation to Washington, D.C., is the premier way to celebrate Presidents’ Day.

Up until 1972 Abraham Lincoln was celebrated on his birthday – February 12; and George Washington was celebrated on his birthday – February 22, both days being national holidays. President Nixon combined the two holidays into one which he identified as Presidents’ Day – a day to honor all U.S. Presidents.

So this holiday is the time to wave the flag, and allow your patriotism to show. And where better to do that than in our Nation’s Capital?

Here are 5 fun activities:

1. Presidents’ Day Parade. (see top photo)  See the country’s largest Presidents' Day Parade in Old Town Alexandria through the streets where Washington once walked. After the parade be sure to spend some time exploring Old Town Alexandria, the historic Virginia town that was an important port during the colonial, revolutionary and Civil War periods.

2. Ford’s Theater Center. Here you can attend ranger talks, and performances of One Destiny, a one-act play about Abraham Lincoln and the events of the assassination. The Ford’s Theatre Museum and Center for Education and Leadership is a fascinating place to learn more about the Civil War era.

Be sure take some time out to listen to master storyteller Jon Spelman explain the many myths of Abraham Lincoln. And Members of the Ford’s Theatre Youth Leaders Ensemble give a dynamic performance of select Lincoln speeches.

2. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (see photo left). Madame Tussauds Washington DC houses a US Presidents Gallery which features wax figures of all 44 US Presidents.

The interactive attraction brings historical figures and events to life through wax figures that visitors can touch, see and hear. Here’s your chance to really feel what meeting these Presidents would have been like.

4. A Birthright Ball at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum.  Each year, the Saturday night before President’s Day, a Birthnight Ball is held at Gadby’s Tavern in Alexandria, Virginia. The ball is complete with toasts, dinner, a historical program and George Washington's favorite 18th century dances.

Gadsby's Tavern is one of the few 18th century taverns still in use in the United States. George Washington, John Adams, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson frequently attended dances, theatrical performances and meetings here.

5. Revolutionary War Reenactment (see photo right). February 17, 2013. The Fort Ward Museum also located in Alexandria, Virginia, stages “Historic Camp and Tactical Demonstrations” throughout the day including a Revolutionary War skirmish between the “Redcoats” and the Colonials.

Buy a timeshare at the Wyndham Old Time Alexandria or Wyndham Vacation Resort at National Harbor, and you’ll always have a perfect place to stay when visiting Washington, D.C. Or rent a timeshare starting at just $64/night.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Yellowstone - Spectacular Winter Timeshare Vacation

Do you have daffodils poking through the ground, or is it still winter at your house? While some of the very southern states are seeing signs of spring, much of the country is still deep in snow, including Yellowstone National Park.

For a wondrous winter timeshare vacation head to this captivating, other-worldly National Park that exists in the two states of Wyoming and Montana (with a smidgen in Idaho).

As fascinating as the geysers, steaming pools, and thundering falls are when you visit this remarkable National Park during the summer months, Yellowstone takes on a special enchantment when in winter cold and snow.

The steam shows up more brilliantly in the chilled air, many smaller falls are frozen in mid-flight, and the wildlife seems just a bit friskier.

An enticing way to explore Yellowstone in the winter is by joining a ranger-led program. Below are 5 of the most popular:

1. Mammoth Snowshoe Discovery. January 1 – March 2. Experience the winter beauty of Mammoth Hot Springs. Snowshoes are available for rent.

2. Geysers Galore. December 15 – March 15. Watch Old Faithful erupt while a ranger explains Yellowstone’s geologic past and present, what causes the Park’s geysers, and how they all tie into volcanoes and earthquakes.

3. West Yellowstone Snowshoe Walk. December 22 – March 9. This walk takes you along the Riverside Trail, where you’ll learn about Yellowstone’s fascinating ecology, and how winter changes it all.

4. Yellowstone’s Northern Range. December 24 – February 27. This is the premier area of the Park in which to watch wildlife. Learn how all forms of life interact here, and how Yellowstone’s ecology has changed since the re-introduction of the wolf. Cross-country ski trails are maintained through the winter.

5. Junior Ranger Program. For kids 5 years old and up. Hike, cross-country ski, or snowshoe a trail, attend ranger-led programs, and complete fun activities.

Timeshares for rent are available at the Worldmark West Yellowstone, just a block from Yellowstone’s Montana West Entrance.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day Timeshare Travel - 6 Fascinating Facts About the Louvre

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The Louvre Museum is the one of the most romantic art museums in the world. What more perfect combination for a Valentine’s Day getaway and a great reason to have a timeshare vacation to Paris.

The Louvre houses priceless artwork such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. But the Louvre has an intriguing history. See if you know these 7 fascinating facts:

1. A Museum for the People. The Musée du Louvre, as the Louvre Museum is known in Paris, had a unique beginning. It opened in 1793 on the one-year anniversary of the French Revolution’s imprisonment of King Louis XVI, with the intentions of it being a public museum. Until then art was held either by the crown or by the church, and unavailable for viewing by the normal population.

2. The Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa itself was obtained after the French Revolution when Versailles, where the painting had been brought by King Louis XIV, was looted by the leaders of the revolution.

3. Current Collection. Today over 100,000 pieces of artwork and artifacts are on exhibit, spanning the centuries between prehistory through the 1800s. A total of eight curatorial departments are housed in an exhibit area that covers 652,300 sq ft..

4. Surprise! A Royal Palace. And it is just that exhibit space that makes the Louvre more than an art museum. In actuality, the museum building itself is a piece of art. Many people do not realize that the Louvre Museum is actually a Royal Palace.

5. The Old Louvre. The Louvre Palace, or Palais du Louvre, was originally built during Medieval Times, and remnants of that construction can still be seen in the Louvre’s basement. “The Louvre” is the name given the fortress by King Phillip II in the 12th Century.

6. The New Louvre. The Louvre Palace today is a sprawling complex of wings on four levels, a result of century after century of remodels and add-ons, until King Louis XIV built Versailles and moved stock and barrel to the “country.”

Until then the Louvre Palace had been the active seat of French government, and the official residence of king and court. What better way for the French Revolution to make its statement of “for the people” than by turning the centuries-old symbol of monarchy rule into a public museum?

Visiting the Louvre and seeing world-famous priceless exhibits is a thrill for any tourist. Knowing that when you visit you are actually walking the halls of a Royal Palace can make the experience all that more exciting. 

Stay in a Paris timeshare rental for as little as $143/night. Buy a timeshare in Paris from the resale listings and you'll always have a romantic getaway waiting for you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Timeshare Travel: Surfing near Lisbon

Portugal in Central Europe has a warm, temperate climate which is a paradise for all those facing cold weather and very little sunlight during the winter. In addition, Lisbon, the capital city, boasts golden beaches with crystal clear water to present ideal conditions for lovers of surfing.

Whether it is board surfing, wind surfing or kite boarding, beaches in Lisbon provide a great place to all those nature lovers looking for a fun way to keep fit on vacation.

One unique feature of the morning climate here is a cool breeze that provides ideal surfing conditions. On top of this is the fact that there are different types of waves to attract surfers of all hues from novices to those who are real pros.

Because Portugal is situated west of Spain, the beaches near Lisbon get many swells presenting variety of wave sizes. Thus surfers and even novices find conditions that suit them. For beginners, there are many schools that offer packages for beginners to make them learn surfing.

Reaching beaches from your Lisbon timeshare is a very easy task as one can either take a taxi or get to these beaches through bus in under an hour.

Though there are many places that present perfect surfing conditions, special mention must be made of Ericeira and Guincho that are always crowded because of excellent facilities and conditions for surfing.
In these places, swells of 6 feet are common, but swells assume a size of 15 feet or more making it very exciting for experts.

Summers are good for the beginners with wave sizes of 3-5 feet making it easier for them. Ericeira is about 35km from Lisbon and is a seaside town that has Ribeira d'Ilhas Beach which is considered to be one of the best beaches in entire Europe, as far as surfing is concerned. In this small town, there are dozens of beaches with good surfing conditions.

One of these is Coxos Break point, which is ideal for the pros with very challenging surfing conditions. The town has Ericeira Surf Club that has been organizing surfing championships for the last 15 years. The club also operates a school where trained experts provide surfing lessons to those interested in learning surfing skills.

Guincho beach, which is just 5 km from Cascais town and falls within Lisbon district, is another popular surfing destination. There are tourists doing surfing, wind surfing, and kite surfing all year round on the beaches of this place. Winds coming from north make it ideal for windsurfing with swell sizes being just right for beginners.

Check out all European timeshare rentals, exchanges, and resales.
Our guest author, Jenny, is a stay at home mom who loves to read about variety of topics, and then shares her thoughts with others. She is a big fan of keeping fit exercises and healthy products, extremely happy with the raspberry ketones side effects. Jenny is currently living in London, but loves to travel, meet new people and visit different places.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras “throws” – beads draping a balcony in New Orleans’ French Quarter – submitted by R. Scott, California.

"Mardi Gras Throws" is what the industry terms the items tossed to the crowd from the parade floats. Besides the ever-popular bead necklaces, other things thrown include everything from toothbrushes to glitter-powder puffs.

Buy a timeshare resale directly from the owner, or stay in a New Orleans timeshare rental, for the best way to enjoy this wonderful city.

Submit your photo to #TravelTuesday! Just send it via email to us at: learnmore (at) redweek (dot) com. Let us know your name, where you are from, and where the photo was taken.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Timeshare Travel - Mardi Gras, New Orleans, and Streetcars

Tuesday, February 12, 2013, is the day this year that New Orleans will be pulling out all the stops and celebrating its over-the-top Mardi Gras. And a timeshare vacation will put you right in the middle of this grand party.

This carnival-type celebration was created by the Roman Catholic Church sometime in the mid 13th century as a time of merriment to proceed the strict 40-day Lenten period of penitence.

People from all over pour into New Orleans for the biggest Mardi Gras celebration in the world. Besides the  Mardi Gras parade - Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, and even boats on the Mississippi River will all be on your agenda as you enjoy the Big Easy.

One way to immerse yourself in this wonderful city is to explore it by streetcar.

The iconic play by Tennessee Williams, Streetcar Named Desire, brought the idea of the romance of New Orleans’ streetcars into the public mainstream, and today, a ride on one of these streetcars can be the highlight of any trip to New Orleans.

New Orleans was the second U.S. city (following San Francisco) to install streetcars. The St. Charles Avenue line, which opened in 1835, is the oldest street car line still in operation in the world today.

The New Orleans streetcar system runs several different lines, giving you an opportunity to ride and explore as much as you would like of this exceptional city.

1. St. Charles Avenue Line. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a ride on this 13-mile line will give you a true sense of the beauty of New Orleans as you are taken through the extraordinary Garden District, passing under live oak tree canopies, and along streets lined with great historic mansions.

The St. Charles Line uses fully restored original streetcars, complete with mahogany seats and clanging bells.

2. Riverfront Line. Just under 2 miles long, this line, built in 1988, was the first built in the city since 1926. It utilizes a streetcar built in 1923. The rest of this line’s cars were built by local craftsmen.

Take this line to the National World War II Museum, and Woldenberg Park where you can picnic with a view of the ships plying the Mississippi River.

3. Canal Street Line. This 4-mile line was refurbished and reopened in 2004 after a 40-year closure. No original cars existed, so again local craftsmen, with the support of local businesses, built the line’s streetcars. To get to the New Orleans Museum of Art, take a spur line off the main Canal Street trunk line.

The mystery, magic and beauty of New Orleans can be fully enjoyed by the simple experience of riding an enchanting New Orleans streetcar.

Besides enjoying the streetcar as an inexpensive way to tour the city, extend your travel budget by staying in a New Orleans timeshare rental.

And buying a timeshare on the resale market is a way of making sure you get back to the Crescent City often.

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Friday, February 08, 2013

Take a Disney Timeshare Vacation and Celebrate Chinese New Year 2013

It’s here again already – Chinese New Year. Or Lunar New Year as it is becoming more popularly known. And 2013 is the Year of the Snake.

Although many people cringe at the idea of a snake, take heart – people born in the Chinese horoscope Year of the Snake are said to be attractive and graceful people who are intuitive, introspective and refined.

The Lunar New Year 2013 will be celebrated all around the world on Sunday, February 10. While you could choose many different destinations where you could have a timeshare vacation and take part in the celebration, one of the best places is the Happiest Place on Earth – Disneyland.

This year the Happy Lunar New Year Celebration will be at Disney California Adventure Park, in the Pacific Wharf area, and is actually running from February 8 – 13. There will be dancers, musicians, martial arts demonstrations, and of course delicious food.

Take a picture of your little ones with Mulan and Mushu (see photo) before they lead a procession in Pacific Wharf followed by umbrella dancers clad in brightly colored costumes. Even Mickey and Minnie will be dressed in their Lunar New Year best.

In addition to entertainment, Disney California Adventure Park is decked out with festive decorations for this exciting celebration. Ornamental lanterns are woven throughout walkways, and bright banners and signs - presented in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese - wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year.

No New Year celebration would be complete without festive foods. Celebrate with specialty foods at the following locations:

• Lucky Fortune Cookery – pork spare riblets, chicken and vegetable pot stickers, edamame, ginger milk tea and almond cookies
• Boudin Bread Cart – "Year of the Snake" bread (see photo)
• Pacific Wharf Café – Chinese chicken salad, pork bao roll, almond cookies and ginger milk tea
• Rita's Baja Blenders – Tsing Tao Beer
• Pacific Palisades Coffee Cart – almond cookies and ginger milk tea
• San Francisco Cart – pork bao roll, almond cookies, ginger milk tea and contour beverages

Even the Downtown Disney District is in on the Lunar New Year celebration. The Downtown Disney District starts the party with DJs spinning world music mixed with contemporary dance favorites, and you're invited to join the fun on the dance floor. The celebration continues as traditional dance groups perform amazing multi-cultural dance routines — including the famous Dragon Dance.

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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Timeshare Vacation Destinations Across the Globe

Finding a kid friendly timeshare vacation destination can be the difference between a trip full of whining, screaming torture and one filled of laughter and memories that will last a life time. That’s why we've put this list together for you of the top five destinations that your little ones will enjoy

1. Costa Rica
The natural beauty and culture that surround this adventurous land is enough to bring out the kid in anybody. The country is packed with enormous volcanoes, sunny beaches, one-of-a-kind rainforests and some of the most exotic wild animals you’ll ever see.

Your children will not only be astounded with the natural sites, but also gain a look into the biodiversity that makes up this world.

2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
One of the most breathtaking sights in the world is the Grand Canyon National Park in Colorado. But it’s not just about the sites here - there are many free activities that help kids learn about nature in a fun and engaging way. For instance, the Junior Ranger program allows youngsters to go along with the park’s rangers and learn what they do to preserve National Parks.

The process involves completing assignments in their research booklet, then going back to have the research reviewed by actual park rangers. After being sworn in at a ceremony, your child will become an official Grand Canyon Junior Ranger Certificate, complete with badge and certificate. If that isn’t something they’ll want to run home and tell their friends about, we don’t know what it!

3. Italy
Probably the most family-friendly country in Europe thanks to the strong family values of the Italian people, the accommodations afforded children during their visit to Italy makes a world of difference. The historic value and beauty of Italy is sure to astound children as they marvel at the sheer scope and size of the statues and museums.

Plus, the kids will love the food. Pizzerias and trattorias are extremely accommodating to children, toddlers and babies.

4. Turks and Caico
Only about a 75-minute plane ride from Miami, the Turks & Caicos Islands boasts a 45,000 square-foot, state-of the- art water park and 12-miles of powder white sand beaches that are enhanced by clear turquoise waters.

Kids can enjoy custom-made, supervised programs for five different age levels at no extra charge as parents go off into the sunset to enjoy the perfect romantic backdrop of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

5. Orlando, Florida
Although home to Walt Disney World, the magnificent resort consisting of four parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando offers much more.

Kids also love Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon as well as Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. In short, this is the number one, best place to take your kids on holiday.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Timeshare Travel – It’s Whale Watching Time

Winter always offers a wonderful time for wildlife watching. Deer are often seen while skiing, and a hike through Yellowstone will give you some good views of moose congregating by steaming pools.

And February is prime whale-watching time.

You can head to Hawaii to see the humpback whale, but you don’t have to travel so far for a whale experience. You can enjoy spotting the migrating California gray whale from both Northern California and Southern California points.

As the National Park Service explains: “Engaging in the longest migration of any mammal, the California gray whale swims 10,000 miles each year, spending about one third of its life migrating from the cold, nutrient-rich waters of Alaska, to the warm, shallow lagoons of Baja California.

One of the best spots for seeing these incredible animals is from the shores of Point Reyes, California. Located just a half-hour drive from San Francisco, the Point Reyes National Seashore is maintained by the National Park Service.

Jutting 10 miles into the Pacific Ocean, the headlands of the Point Reyes Peninsula offer one of the finest spots to view the gray whale.

Take a quick look at what it’s like to spot a whale at Point Reyes:

From mid-December through the last of April the main road from Drake’s Beach is closed to traffic and shuttles are used to accommodate the large numbers of tourists who come to watch winter wildlife here. Besides the whales, other wildlife at Point Reyes includes small herds of elephant seals, and spawning salmon.

The rich, lush environment of Point Reyes depends heavily on the fog, for which the San Francisco Bay Area has always been known. But recent studies have indicated that, with the world warming up there has been a 30% reduction in fog during the past century in coastal California.

The National Park Service is putting innovative energy technologies to use at Point Reyes, to reduce the carbon “footprint.” For example, it has obtained four hybred and six electric vehicles, installed phohtovoltaic solar panels, instituted a “No Idling” program, and is using green technology in new construction.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Timeshare Travel #TravelTuesday – Pavia, Italy

The Ponte Coperto “Covered Bridge” over the Ticino River in Pavia, Italy, submitted by J. Hammond, Michigan.

Also known as the Ponte Vecchio Old Bridge, this is a brick and stone arch bridge that dates back to antiquity. The previous bridge, actually a replacement for a Roman construction, dated from 1354. It was heavily damaged by Allied action during WWII, requiring new construction in 1949.

This newer bridge has 5 arches compared to the 7 arches of the previous bridge. And, like its predecessor, it has a chapel.

Check out Italy timeshare rentals and timeshare resales.

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Monday, February 04, 2013 Announces 6th Annual Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts List

For the sixth year running, leading timeshare marketplace releases its list of Top 25 timeshare rental resorts. The Top 25 ranking is calculated using statistics from the site's more than 1.5 million registered users.

Back in the number one spot after falling to number two in 2012 is Disney’s Beach Club Villas in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Harborside Resort at Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas, secures second place after taking the top spot last year.

Another Disney resort, Boardwalk Villas, climbs this year from number 10 to number four.

The Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts:

1. Disney's Beach Club Villas - Lake Buena Vista, Florida (see photo)
2. Harborside Resort at Atlantis – Paradise Island, Bahamas
3. Disney’s BoardWalk Villas – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
4. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – Lahaina, Hawaii
5. Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club – Palm Beach, Aruba
6. The Manhattan Club – New York City, New York
7. Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club – Kapolei, Hawaii
8. Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club – Palm Beach, Aruba
9. Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Hilton Hawaiian Village – Honolulu, Hawaii
10. The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas – Lahaina, Hawaii
11. Costa Linda Beach Resort – Oranjestad, Aruba
12. Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas – Newport Coast, California
13. Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
14. Disney’s Old Key West Resort – Lake Buena Vista, Florida
15. Marriott’s Grande Ocean – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
16. Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club – Lahaina Villas – Lahaina, Hawaii
17. The Royal Sands – Cancun, Mexico
18. Marriott’s Ocean Pointe – Palm Beach Shores, Florida
19. Playa Linda Beach Resort – Palm Beach, Aruba
20. Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club – Koloa, Hawaii
21. Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
22. The Westin St. John – Virgin Grand Villas – St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
23. Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort – West Village – Kissimmee, Florida
24. Kaanapali Beach Club – Lahaina, Hawaii
25. The Galleon Resort – Key West, Florida

These rankings reflect the preferences of users; individual experiences with these resorts may differ from those reflected in these results. None of the resorts listed above are affiliated with All traveler ratings and reviews are available on

RedWeek® is a registered trademark of RedWeek, Inc. is a member-supported marketplace for timeshare rentals and resales. You can find reviews, ratings, prices, availability, full-service exchange, and complete resort descriptions for all timeshare resorts to make vacation selection easier. Boasting an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, RedWeek has more than 1.5 million registered users and includes 5,000 timeshare resorts worldwide.

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Friday, February 01, 2013

Plan a Timeshare Vacation to New Orleans – It’s Super Bowl XLVII!

It’s been a year, and millions of NFL football fans know what that means – Super Bowl Sunday!

On Sunday, February 3, 2013, Super Bowl XLVII will be played between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Superdome.

New Orleans is the perfect city to bring these two teams and their fans together for a fun winter getaway. It’s easy to find many activities to enjoy in the “Big Easy” while you wait for that Super Bowl XLVII starting kick-off.

New Orleans can be a budget-friendly timeshare vacation destination, starting with staying in a timeshare rental, then finding free places to see and things to do. Below are 7 of the top free things to do in New Orleans:

1. Tour Saint Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square
2. Visit the Historic New Orleans Collection where history has been preserved with seven “architectural treasures” in the French Quarter
3. Ride the Canal Street Ferry to Algiers Point and see the New Orleans skyline.
4. Venture into the "Cities of the Dead" for a self-guided day tour of a unique cemetery, especially St. Louis Cemetery #1, the closest one to the French Quarter.
5. Experience a cooking demonstration at the Crescent City Farmers Market (that you can then do yourself with your timeshare kitchen).
6. Watch the ships pass on the Mississippi River from Woldenberg Riverfront Park, and listen for the Steamboat Natchez’s calliope.
7. Tour the Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum.

When you head to the Superdome (officially now called the Mercedes-Benz Superdome), take a good look around at this remarkable football stadium, and appreciate its history.

1.The Superdome opened in 1975, and is currently the largest fixed domed structure in the world.

2.Home to the NFL New Orleans Saints, and Tulane University’s football games, the Superdome itself gained world-wide media attention when, in 2005, it housed thousands of New Orleans residents who were unable to evacuate the city during Hurricane Katrina.

3.During the hurricane the Superdome itself sustained damage, and was closed as a stadium for over a year. 

Now that you’re settling into your Super Bowl seats, here is some fun Super Bowl trivia with which to dazzle your seatmates:

1. The first two Super Bowls weren’t actually called the “Super Bowl.” They went by the less catchy “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.”

2. The name “Super Bowl” was inspired by the “Super Ball,” a popular children’s toy from Wham-O (the company responsible for the Frisbee and Silly String).

3. The majority of NFL teams, 18 of 32, have won a Super Bowl in the game’s 46-year history.

4. The San Francisco 49ers are the only team to remain undefeated after multiple Super Bowls. They are 5–0.

5. The Pittsburgh Steelers currently have the most Super Bowl victories, with 6. (That could change on Sunday!)

6. Super Bowl XLVII is the tenth held in New Orleans, which will tie Miami as the metropolitan area to host the most Super Bowls.

Check out the many New Orleans timeshare rentals available. For example, rent a timeshare at the Maison Pierre Lafitte, just across Canal Street from the French Quarter, for just $100/night.