Monday, July 28, 2014

Eight Fantastic Labor Day Getaways - Part One

Fireworks over Lake Tahoe make for a gorgeous Labor Day
Summer always seems to come and go so quickly - August is already in sight, with September not too far behind! If you're looking to plan your Labor Day vacation, now is the time to get started. A traditional weekend for travel, Labor Day sets the country abuzz with festivals, activities and all sorts of family-oriented fun to go out of summer in style. Are you in need of some ideas? Let us help!

South Lake Tahoe - Nevada

At Lake Tahoe's South Shore, things start to kick off on August 29th when the South Lake Tahoe Community Fair kicks off - carnival rides, craft booths, contests and fantastic garden displays ensure fun for everyone! Don't miss the opportunity to board one of South Shore's two Mississippi paddlewheeler boats and participate in the annual Great Lake Tahoe Sternwheeler Race on August 30th. If you prefer more culinary and artistic pursuits, the 31st plays host to the fifth annual Sample the Sierra festival. The region's best food and wine can be sampled here, while local goods (such as soap, honey and olive oil) as well as art, crafts and jewelry can be purchased. Wrap up your Labor Day experience with a charter cruise to watch the fireworks over the lake!

Virginia Beach - Virginia

From August 29th to the 31st, the American Music Festival, presented by Chevrolet rocks the shoreline with artists such as Hunter Hayes, Train and Creedence Clearwater Revisited performing. If you're seeking a more active vacation, don't miss the opportunity to participate in the Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon on August 31st. Options are diverse, ranging from an individual half-marathon to a two-person relay to a 5K, as well as a kick-off "Mile on the Sand" event on August 30th!

Miami - Florida

Miami has a reputation is an ideal party spot no matter what the day, and Labor Day is certainly no exception! Nikki Beach is home to the Labor Day Endless Summer Party on both September 1st and 2nd. With live music, entertainment and a wide assortment of food and drinks right alongside the ocean - you'll truly feel as though summer might never end. For a truly luxuriant experience, snag tickets to Rock the Yacht Labor Day Weekend Party Cruise. There's plenty of food, drinks, fun and even a live DJ on board one of Miami's most luxurious mega-yachts. 

Park City - Utah

Utah boasts a rich mining heritage, and Labor Day is more typically referred to as Miner's Day. The celebration kicks off with a pancake breakfast at City Park, and then the Funky 5K race, and eve-quirky "Running of the Balls" contest, where participants can adopt a ball for $5 and watch as thousands are race down main street (with prizes for the winner of course!). Plenty more events pack the city, including a BBQ lunch, races and contests for kids, live music and a softball tournament!

Check back next Monday for our final four Labor Day picks to kick off your vacation planning!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Top 5 Things to Do in August

As the summer season ends you can still sneak in some late summer fun at one of these August events. If you are renting a timeshare in the area check out these events:

1. Chicago Lollapalooza (August 1-3): Did you know this event started out as a traveling farewell to the band Jane's Addiction? Well now Chicago's Grant Park hosts Lollapalooza for a rollicking and muscial good time. Love food? Chow Town (food market) will be on hand and so will Green Street (the eco-centre) and for the little ones they can enjoy kidzapalooza.
Web: Chicago Lollapalooza

2. The Rhode Island International Film Festival (August 5-10): Providence, RI plays host to this film festival where directors, writers, and movie buffs (like you) can hang out together and rub elbows. Or you can go enjoy the shows and discover new voices in independent films.
Web: The Rhode Island International Film Festival

3. Made in Hawaii Festival (August 15-17): Head to Honolulu for the Made in Hawaii Festival. On display: arts, crafts, foods, books, gifts, fashions, plants and even cooking demos. You can call it your one-stop Christmas shop while you support local Hawaiian-made goods.
Web: Made in Hawaii Festival

4. Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (August 15-17): If you are in the Lyons, CO area don't miss the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival. Music is showcased on the main stage from morning until 10 pm each night. Food is offered by local vendors at the event. Take a blanket (the locals bring tarps) and enjoy the mellow sounds of Blue Grass in the Rocky Mountains and watch your kids play in the sandy beach next to the stage.
Web: Rocky Mountain Folks Festival

5. Nevada Burning Man (August 25 - September 1): For this event you will be in the middle-of-nowhere Nevada desert with over 50,000 eccentric people who travel to Burning Man to build a temporary city before sending it all up in flames. Sound like fun? The event is dedicated to community, art, and self-expression and involves a big party.
Web: Nevada Burning Man

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Achieve RedWeek Fame With Our First Ever Casting Call

How would you like be featured on the new RedWeek site and score some free photos in the process? The Great Vacation Casting Call is your chance! We're looking for a few groups or couples who are vacationing to a US resort in the next few months to become a part of our program. Selected participants will work with a professional photographer in an organized photo shoot, the content of which will appear on the newly redesigned RedWeek home page!

Participants will also receive all the photos from the shoot in digital format for their own use, as well as a $50.00 photo printing certificate to put towards printing their favorites. Of course, don't forget the RedWeek fame - your photo will be displayed on the RedWeek homepage for our two million users to see! If you're thinking of entering but worry about privacy, we want to assure you that last names will not be used and details of your trip will not be shared.

To get started, please visit our application page. After submitting your application, we'll be in touch with you to work out all of the details. Also, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for frequent updates regarding The Great Vacation Casting Call!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Top 5 Amusement Parks

Adrenaline junkies will love to know about these amusement parks. Rent a nearby timeshare and take your family on a roller coaster hunt at one of these fun-filled adventure parks.

1. Cedar Point: Known as the roller coaster capital of the world Cedar Point (pictured) does not disappoint. If you are a roller coaster buff then this place is for you. The goal: ride every coaster in the park...twice.
Web: Cedar Point
Location: Sandusky, Ohio

2. Six Flags Magic Mountain: Six Flags is also known for its roller coasters. The most famous: The Green Lantern. If you are an adrenaline junkie this park is for you.
Web: Six Flags Magic Mountain
Location: Valencia, California

3. Hershey Park: Roller coasters and chocolate, what a combination. This park was created for the employees of the Hershey Chocolate factory. Today it's open to everyone and there is even a water park for those who want to cool off on warmer days.
Web: Hershey Park
Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania

4. Knott's Berry Farm: This is one of the oldest parks in the United States. Named by the original Knott's jam producers the park features thrill rides and water rides.
Web: Knott's Berry Farm
Location: Buena Park, California

5. Knoebels: Nostalgic types will adore this old fashioned amusement park. It's also super affordable for families. There are even a couple wooden coasters for those who want to ride the old school way.
Web: Knoebels
Location: Elysburg, Pennsylvania

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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Best-Kept Secret On RedWeek

Are you in the market for a new timeshare? Before beginning your search, let us introduce you to perhaps the best-kept secret on RedWeek: The Bargain Resales section. While most timeshare resales can be considered a "bargain" in comparison to purchases from the developer, the prices on these resales range from $0 to $10, giving a new meaning to "bargain"! The question remains, however, why are these resales so inexpensive, and what does that mean for buyers? Read on to learn more about our Bargain Resales section...

It's not uncommon for timeshare owners to need to back out of their timeshare due to lifestyle or financial difficulties. Oftentimes, timeshares might be purchased as spur-of-the-moment decisions that the owner might have been unprepared for. A sudden change in life can also prompt an owner to release their timeshare - the loss of a job, retirement or moving are all reasons we've seen cited. In these scenarios, the owner might be uninterested in recouping some of their investment - their goal is to unload the timeshare quickly.

Just because the listed price is $0 doesn't mean the resale is entirely free of costs - there will be maintenance fees, the major reason many owners need to sell. Maintenance fees are clearly listed on the at-a-glance description of each posting. While the prices of the Bargain Resales are alluring, you'll want to be sure the maintenance fees and the associated travel costs of the resort in question (think airfare, activities, dining and shopping) fit your budget.

Our Bargain Resales page is in a constant state of flux as new postings are added and sold postings are removed. Consistently desirable resorts have been known to pop up fast, and are typically sold within the mere span of a day. Expansive units are also very commonly spotted - 2 bedroom/2 bathroom units are abundant, and even 3 bedroom units crop up every so often. If you're on the hunt for a unit in a particularly desirable area, be sure to bookmark the page or subscribe to the RSS feed so you'll be the first to know!

The Bargain Resales page allows members to purchase their own timeshare for virtually zero initial investment. As with any timeshare purchase, however, just be sure that the prolonged fees are within your budget (timeshares are very rarely an "investment" purchase!) and you can save, quite literally, thousands!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Top 5 Places to Fly a Kite

There are only a few things needed to fly a kite. A large open space with no obstructions, a steady wind, and your favorite kite. On your next timeshare rental take along a kite (or buy a kite in the area) and launch it from one of these kite perfect places:

1. Chrissy Field Center: There is a always a brisk breeze at Chrissy Field. Downtown San Francisco features this scenic park next to the bay where kite flyers love to set sail with views of the Golden Gate Bridge offering the perfect backdrop.
Web: Chrissy Field Center
Location: San Francisco, CA

2. Clearwater Beach: This gorgeous park is peppered with kites in the Sand Key area just far enough away from the bustling beach. There is also an active kite club plus kite stores in the area. Get ready to set sail. Web: Clearwater Beach
Location: Tampa Bay, FL

3. Wildwoods: The New Jersey Shore is where sport kiting was born and it's also home to the annual International Kite Festival. The sandy beaches at Wildwoods feature just the right amount of room to get a running start to fly your favorite kite.
Web: Wildwoods
Location: Wildwood, NJ

4. Long Beach Peninsula: Washington State is a kite flying mecca. The Long Beach Peninsula features the American Kite Flying Museum and several kite stores. Consistent breezes in the coastal area offer 28 miles of beach front to go fly a kite.
Web: Long Beach Peninsula
Location: Long Beach, WA

5. South Padre Island: Head down to this Gulf Coast beach and you will be treated to seasoned local kite fliers with years of flying experience. The wide beaches offer the perfect place to send a kite aloft at South Padre Island (pictured).
Web: South Padre Island
Location: South Padres Island, TX

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Ten Packing Tips to Streamline Your Vacation

Packing shouldn't be a stressful endeavor but for many of us, it's just that. Let's face it... it's hard to fight the urge to cram your entire closet and dozens of incidentals in a single suitcase. We know - we've been there! That's why we're bringing you ten tips that are sure to make the packing process much more efficient so you can focus on the fun of your vacation - not playing "suitcase Tetris" with all those bits and pieces!

1. Roll your clothes instead of folding

This is a common tactic employed by the most seasoned travelers - rolling your clothes is superior to the standard fold. Not only do you save room, but the clothes are less likely to wrinkle and they tend to form a 'flatter' surface to stack other items on. The only exceptions are heavy fabrics such as denim and wool - these are far more likely to roll up to unwieldy sizes, and you'll want to stick with a fold here.

2. Invest in packing cubes

The name 'cube' is a bit misleading, since packing cubes resemble rectangular pouches are designed for portability and organization. Having dedicated cubes allows you to easily pull out the shirts bag, for example, without rifling through your suitcase. The packing cubes offered by Eagle Creek are favorites with seasoned vacationers.

3. Make ample use of Ziploc bags

Ziploc bags have proven their worth time and time again for many a traveler. Any material that might leak, ooze or explode in a rough flight should definitely be sealed away inside a bag. It'll protect your clothes, keep things cleaner and you'll be far less likely to lose that tube of toothpaste of bottle of sunblock among all of your things.

4. Downsize toiletries

Picking up some of must-bring items in smaller sizes saves you a great deal of space. Instead of bringing one shampoo bottle for the whole family, everyone can tuck one miniature bottle away in their suitcase for use as needed. Travel-size toiletries also have the benefit of being able to be immediately disposed of upon use, which can save you some much-needed space on the trip home. Can't find your favorites in miniature sizes? Buy some small plastic bottles and divvy them up yourself!

5. Coordinate your outfits around your shoes

This might sound like a tip straight out of a fashion magazine, but it really can help save some space while traveling. The absolute maximum amount of shoes you should carry is three, and prepare to wear your bulkiest pair while on the plane or in the car. Make sure any other pairs are fairly neutral and work with the clothes you bring. Also, remember that flip-flops can be picked up very inexpensively for a few dollars at drugstore or supermarket when you reach your destination.

6. Maximize space by utilizing your shoes

Believe it or not, quite a bit can be stashed away inside the sneakers you packed. Consider rolling up jewelry or accessories in socks and bundling them away in your shoes. Loose pairs of socks, underwear and smaller garments can also fit inside shoes. It's an unconventional tip, but many cunning vacationers have capitalized on that precious shoe space!

7. Bring along some tissue paper

Rolling your clothes with a piece of tissue paper added is a time-honored tradition to help avoid wrinkles in silkier, slinkier and thinner fabrics. Since it doesn't take up much room, it doesn't hurt to bring along a few extra pieces to help pad any fragile, breakable souvenirs you might find yourself bringing home.

8. Position heavy items wisely

Heavier items like shoes should be positioned near the wheels of your suitcase. This helps prevent the  suitcase from tipping over, and makes for a smoother roll through the airport, resort or wherever your vacation takes you. If you're carrying a backpack on a road trip or as a carryon, balance the weight but putting heavier items near the top and middle - it'll make the backpack feel a bit less heavy.

9. Use rubber bands to secure gadget cords

Let's face it - there's no way we can travel without all of our tech! Chargers, USB cables, headphones... Wind them into a circle and use a rubber band to cinch up the middle - it'll minimize mess and tangle and make picking out the cord you need much easier. For extra organization, consider stowing then all away in a small container like a spare glasses case.

10. Pack a bottle of wrinkle releaser

For all your rolling and clever usage of tissue paper, there will always inevitably be that one difficult piece that just has to wrinkle. You can save the headache of messing around with ironing boards by stashing a bottle of spray wrinkle releaser among your toiletries. A spritz or two and a tug will help relax wrinkles in difficult garments, and leaves your clothes smelling fresh to help mask that musty 'suitcase odor'. Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a good place to start and is easy to find in most stores.

Of course, we're just scratching the surface! Every family tends to have a few tricks up their sleeve to save some space and make packing less of a pain. Do you have any time-honored tricks? Let us know below!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Make a Splash In Oahu - Hawaii's Hotspot for Water Activities

Oahu's reputation as Hawaii's hub for water sports is not to be taken lightly. While Oahu is regarded first and foremost as the surfing capitol of Hawaii (or the country, as many would claim!), the island's warm waters and pleasantly balmy weather have made it a haven for all sorts of aquatic pursuits. Have you being eying this tropical paradise for your next getaway? Read on to get the most out of those azure waves!

Waikiki Beach is considered one of the most popular beaches in the world, and is the premier spot for learning to surf. Multiple seaside booths allow for quick and dirty crash courses in wave-riding, while full-blown surf schools posted at the gentler breaks offer a multitude of classes. More experienced surfers will want to tackle the waves in Waimea Bay, Makaha Beach and the Banzai Pipeline at Ehukai Beach - home to dangerous, tournament-level waves!
Surfing isn't the only board sport popular in Oahu - recently, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) has soared in popularity. Harnessing a longer board and using a paddle to maneuver, stand-up paddle is generally practiced on calmer waters and is more focused on a scenic workout rather than tackling the biggest waves. North Shore is becoming the premier spot for stand-up paddler boarders. The ever-stunning backdrop and calmer summer waves are perfect for paddling.

If boating and sailing are more your style, Oahu has no shortage of opportunities. Plenty of private charter providers cover the coasts of Kewalo Basin and North Shore. A chartered catamaran or yacht lets you decide what to do - a leisurely evening sail complete with cocktails or an afternoon sail with the trade winds at your back. Additionally, Oahu is famed for whale watching tours. Take one of these tours to the sea in the winter months and prepare to stunned!

With warm waters and a host of exotic aquatic life, Oahu is a snorkeler's dream. Those seeking to check out what's under the waters will definitely want to visit the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve. This preserve right outside of Honolulu offers snorkeling tours and the rainbow coral, brilliantly shining fish and even sea turtles will captivate new and experienced snorkelers alike.

To many, kayaking brings to mind expeditions down rivers and atop tranquil lakes. Oahu offers a new take on a favorite activity; imagine kayaking your way to hidden coves and little-known islands. From Lanikai, consider kayaking out to the serene twin islands of Mokumanu and Mokulua. Lanikai's water is notoriously free of surf and boasts a crystalline, turquoise cast. The island's themselves are almost a mile out, and the beachy shores are ideal for swimming, picnicking or even just soaking up some sun.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Top 5 Outdoor Swimming Pools

There's nothing better than cooling off on summer vacation. On your next timeshare rental swim in a fabulous outdoor pool. The best part is all these outdoor pools are open to the public! Just don't forget to pack your suit.

1. Coral Gables Venetian Pool: This man-made, eight-foot deep lagoon designed in 1924 is drained every night and refilled with fresh spring water. The pool (pictured) is connected to a couple waterfalls with one reaching 25 feet high. A great place to cool off on vacation.
Web: Coral Gables Venetian Pool
Location: Coral Gables, FL

2. Barton Springs Pool: The 1,000-foot-long Barton Springs was sacred to Native Americans for their healing powers. Today you can take a dip and rejuvenate or lounge pool side on the grassy hills shaded by ancient oak trees.
Web: Barton Springs Pool
Location: Austin, TX

3. The Big Pool: This pool is known for its size. The Big Pool holds 2.2 million gallons of water and is large enough for water-skiing. There are 50 Olympic swimming lanes, three waters slides, and a children's pool.
Web: The Big Pool
Location: Garden City, KS

4. Astoria Park Pool: This is the oldest and largest pool (at 330 feet in length!) in New York City. The Astoria Park Pool features a main pool, an Olympic diving pool and even a wading pool for wee ones.
Web: Astoria Park Pool
Location: Queens, NY

5. Rose Bowl Aquatics Center: There are two Olympic size pools at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. One is 50 meters long and the other is 25 yards long with depth up to 17 feet. There's even a 55,000 gallon warm water pool, several diving platforms, spring boards, and meter boards.
Web: Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
Location: Pasadena, CA

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Photo Credit: Coral Gables Blog